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This book explains what mom s do wrong to cause their kids to end up disordered I mean gay and transgendered It was written in the 70 s So it was hard for me to take any of it very seriously and I am very confused why the average rating on this book is above 4 stars And let s say that I entertained the idea that maybe being gay is a disorder caused by bad mothering even then, this book is simply not well written And for the few interesting theories it proposes, it s 90% subjectivist nonsense The guy tries hard to explain things that Ayn Rand explains a million times better in Into to Objectivist Epistemology Because Subjective reality is silly and people who try to explain it sound like a mess When compared with the clarity and non contradiction of an objective reality that we perceive or fail to perceive.This book would be interesting and useful to people who want to study schizo people, not for people who want to understand what is normal AGAIN, IF YOU ARE A MOM WANTING TO RAISE A HEALTHY KID THIS BOOK IS NOT FOR YOU If I were a psychoanalyst who took Freud seriously and worked with schizo people, perhaps I would see the value in this book Or maybe this book is poorly written crap that most people can t understand and therefore give it a high rating His view of how babies see the world does not agree with what I know about child development Note sure if his ideas are old or just subjectivist.His view of how ideal parents should treat their teenagers I also cannot agree with Again, not sure if the problem is that his ideas are outdated or subjectivist.The few things I found interesting Patience is a form of fantasying, it is a dead end Play is a basic form of living, crucial to a happy life I hope this was a revolutionary idea at the time because this was not a revolutionary idea to me Playing only takes place when one is intrinsically motivated I am not sure this is actually accurate but interesting to think about Playing is the only thing that makes life worth livingIt was kind of interesting to read how a subjectivist sees human psychology But mostly I just felt bad for him them. It is only in being creative that the individual discovers the self. This is another fave of mine I could never give a good description of what this book is about cause my understanding it is always changing and lacking at times. Wonderful way of answering Freudian theories of creativityengaging essays on their own and also great for the lit classroom This is one of the most important books on the subject of psychotherapy I ve read Winnicott is a poet He writes in images and often with a lot of jargon that is thick and hard going However, when he makes a discovery, and he makes quite a few, it s like he s journeyed to the center of the Earth and come back to reveal what the foundation beneath the foundation of reality is all about As a therapist who has been practicing over twenty five years, he is probably my greatest inspiration His perspective turns on appreciation of the creativity and imagination that is part and parcel of psychological development He gives therapist a way to think about authenticity and spontaneity that pushes away from preconceived notions about what is normal or abnormal and towards what is inventive and creative in our lives as opposed to what is deadening or deadened Known, before making his reputation as a psychoanalyst, as an outgoing pediatrician who spoke regularly on radio and published essays to explicate childhood development In a time when theories that blamed mothers for problems their children were experiencing, Winnicott set out to reassure and support mothers this is a classic work Probably not of great interest to too many who are not in the therapy profession but, nonetheless, a groundbreaking work. Alison Bechdel in Annem Sen Misin grafik roman n okuduktan sonra listeye ald m, ba ka eyleri araya s k t rmaktan bir t rl f rsat bulamad m kitab nihayetinde okudum abuk okunan bir ritmi yok, fakat bu anlama zorlu undan ileri gelmiyor Sat r sat r hazmetme i lemi var Yava ama ok keyifli gitti Hem kendi an lar m, hem ba kalar n n anlatt klar birer birer haf zama geri geldi Ayr ca bir ok davran bi iminin gerisindeki mant anlamakta ok faydal oldu Bir ok kere okunabilir. While you can probably get parenting advice out of this, it doesn t appear to be have written with this purpose making it rather difficult to do so Skimmed and picked around than read read heavily in some parts than others, is the fairest to say.But considered a milestone work in children s and really people in general psychology by one of my favorite psychologists Mr D.W Winnicott.He along with Carl Rogers, Aaron Beck, and Carl Jung have had as much of an influence on my own psychological predilections, philosophy, and musings as anyone.While this book is about many aspects of development primarily on the importance of play and creativity the definitions, origins, and outworkings of play and creativity that is to say , my favorite quote from this book comes from a comment about being an individual in society The axiom is that since there is no society except as a structure brought about and maintained and constantly reconstructed by individuals, there is NO personal fulfillment without society, and NO society apart from the COLLECTIVE growth processes of the individuals that compose it D.W Winnicott PLAYING AND REALITY Thank you PBJ s Peace, Blessings, and Joyous Love to whoever reads this, MJK Psychotherapist Dr Judith Edwards has chosen to discuss Playing and Reality by Donald Winnicott on FiveBooks as one of the top five on her subject Child Psychotherapy, saying that Winnicott was the people s psychoanalyst, seeing mother and child as developing together within their relationship Winnicott s Playing and Reality, not published till after his death, is a fine and illuminating collection of his major thinking, important not only because of the work with children just pick any page and there is something to ponder, such as the therapeutic use of string, for instance, or why a teddy bear may be alternately loved and abused by its child owner but because of the way he shows how the transitional space which develops as the baby separates from the primary caretaker will later become the location for cultural experience The full interview is available here ^FREE DOWNLOAD ⇤ Playing and Reality ☠ What Are The Origins Of Creativity And How Can We Develop It Whether Within Ourselves Or In Others Not Only Does Playing And Reality Address These Questions, It Also Tackles Many That Surround The Fundamental Issue Of The Individual Self And Its Relationship With The Outside World In This Landmark Book Of Twentieth Century Psychology, Winnicott Shows The Reader How, Through The Attentive Nurturing Of Creativity From The Earliest Years, Every Individual Has The Opportunity To Enjoy A Rich And Rewarding Cultural Life Today, As The Hothousing And Testing Of Children Begins At An Ever Younger Age, Winnicott S Classic Text Is A Urgent And Topical Read Than Ever Before