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different to my usual read This is well written and includes what I would expect from a tale of marauding vikings Lots of blood, gore, raping and pillaging Copy given for honest review Let s face facts, the cover is f king beautiful and a huge drawcard But if I had to sum this book up in one word it would bedisappointing The book promises a dark Viking romance and just doesn t deliver What we get instead is a short story with some decent world building, some peripheral action, almost no sex, and 2 MC that have absolutely no chemistry on the page IMHO this book was just way too short for where the author wanted the story to go On the face of it Alv is an original and interesting character He s a medicine man s apprentice, brother to a beloved Viking warrior and son to a Viking jarl chief He hates fighting and is in a relationship with his male slave, Hedin His family doesn t really approve of this but let him be because his brother will be the one to rule and carry on the family name When we meet Alv, he seems very happy with the arrangement they have Roeland is a different story He was happily married and his wife expecting a child when the Vikings come and raid his town He mans up and protects his wife before he goes to rescue his younger sister, who is being sexually assaulted by Alv s brother Up to this point I was intrigued to go further The writing wasn t bad, it didn t really have an old world feel to it, definitely contemporary, but I could deal with that There was some violent things that happened on page but they weren t described in great depth But once Alv meets Roeland we get a shocking case of insta something here, on Alv s part anyway And Alv goes a little cray cray All of a sudden he gives Hedin the old heave ho and goes from level headed healer to a 15 year old girl, changing his mind every second paragraph and becoming super emotional very quickly And why the hell did he have to be so damned gorgeous Why did he cause Alv to burn with desire Weren t things difficult enough to handle All of the sudden, Alv hated Roeland for making him fall for him, hated him for putting him in a desperate situation there was no solution to What Roeland frowned and took a step back He was afraid Ha, he should be And then there s the time jumps FFS I need to read the words, people Don t sum up what happened for me, write it the fuck down Off page is one of my greatest pet peeves To be fair there s not a whole lot of it because it s a short story This whole book is supposed to be about them getting together With Roeland grieving I expected a slow burn, but for me the fire didn t even get lit Alv even took Hedin back in his bed at one point It made little sense for me that Alv would be willing to give up his whole existence for a man who didn t reciprocate his feelings Or that view spoiler Out of the blue Roeland would suddenly be down for a mutual handjob in the slave quarters in front of a heap of people And when he did admit to feelings it was too late for me to get on board and believe it hide spoiler @Free ô Torn Avenger å A DARK VIKING ROMANCEAs The Second Son Of A Viking Earl, Alv Gunnulfsen Wasn T Meant To Inherit A Throne Or Avenge A Murder But When His Brother Is Slain During A Raid And Their Father Dies Of Grief, Alv Is Expected To Take Command And Claim The Killer S Death In A World Of Ruthless Retaliation And Strict Social Codes, He Must Also Maneuver Cleverly To Protect A Troublesome Secret His Attraction For MenRoeland Van Dijk, A Wealthy Dutch Merchant Settled In Norway, Has Done The Unthinkable To Protect His Family Hacked Off The Head Of A Viking Rapist The Wrath Of The Blond Savages Will Cost Him His Freedom, And Possibly His Own Head Unless He S Willing To Accept The Love Of Another ManWarning Rape SceneView Book Trailer At By Thor, yes This book may have Trigger Warnings for some people The beginning sucked me right in that I didn t even realize I was already on Chapter 4 when I decided I needed to began taking notes.Roeland van Dijk and Alv Gunnulfsen are amazing characters Alv is the second son of Norse earl Gunnulf Haraldsen, so he s able to live how he wants His older brother Joar is next in line and also the village champion Life seems to be perfect for Alv until a war ship returns to deliver life altering newsJoar died a courageous warriorIn this moment both Roeland and Alv s lives will collide together in a series of tests and decisions both never thought they would have to make.Roeland is a second generation Dutch merchant settled in the peaceful creek of Bjorgvin on the coast of Norway When the Vikings raided his village he got his pregnant wife to safety then headed out to find his sister This is where his life will forever change starting an epic tale towards Alv Gunnulfsen, a Viking Roeland never expected to meet Alv raised his sword We re not savages Well, the ones that raided Bjorgvin are Were I stopped one of themI loved this book I will say its probably a little dark for some people, for me I enjoyed it, but wished it was a little darker being a Viking story This is a new author for me and I will definitely be reading.Plot 5Ending 5Character Development 5Heat 4.5I voluntarily and honestly reviewed this book without bias or persuasion from the author. 4.5 stars Gritty, dark and violent are just some of the ways I would describe the book I was skeptical in the beginning because dark romance is not my genre of choice, but I m glad I took a chance on this book I do love a good M M story but this is not your typical M M book Roeland is married to a woman and she is pregnant in the beginning of the book He loves her dearly and is excited about their first pregnancy Then everything changes when Vikings raid their village Roeland is in charge of protecting his sister and he doesn t know where she is during the raid He goes and searches for her while leaving his very pregnant wife behind, when he finds her he is in shock He finds a Viking raping his sister and proceeds to sever his head That set everything in motion Alv is a Viking from the village that the raiders came from He is the second son of the Viking earl and stands to inherit nothing so he goes into medicine and dabbles with his male slave The village has a don t ask don t tell policy when it comes to Alv It s discovered that his brother, the first son, has been murdered and his father dies of grief, Alv makes a vow to avenge this tragedy When Alv and Roeland s eyes meet there is an unexplained current of awareness that groes through Alv What will come of Alv choosing to spare Roeland s life This is a story about family, revenge and misplaced grief Once Alv finds out the real reason Roeland kills his brother he sympathizes with him, but that doesn t negate the vow he made to his mother Will Alv be able to step in his father s shoes Will Alv be exposed for his sexuality because it is expected for him to marry a woman and produce heirs I voluntarily read an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review If you re a fan of Vikings and like your MM romance, then this is a must read Be warned it s labelled a dark romance for a reason There s a fair amount of violence, grit, and tragedy, but then in Viking times, what do you expect From the first page, I was immersed in history, and I couldn t put this story down Utterly gripping storytelling, and so very emotional There were times where I couldn t see how this could possibly ever result in a happy outcome for the characters Suffice to say the reader is in for a hell of a rollercoaster ride. 3,5 would have been 4 if the story were longer with the romance developed.A bit short so it felt rushed sometimes but the story is great.Alv s life changed after his brother s death He s thrown in a life he didn t want at all Roeland just wanted to save his family Both lost a lot Everything is a mess but love can change everything.I will definitely read from Lea Bronsen Ebook won from The TBR Pile giveaway love Alv and Roe, both strong characters trying to survive and do the right thing it s not always easy i love historical stories, especially vikings, they brutal and sexy was very happy with this story and would love to read would def recommend Lea Bronsen. Before I start this review, I d like to take a moment and drool over that cover Wow The story is still very entertaining I like the push and pull between Alv and Roeland The sex is hot and romantic Overall, Torn Avenger is a good read with an interesting plot.FULL REVIEW Picture Norway anno 1013 I loved it from the first line.Roeland was working when he heard screaming and yelling and when he looked outside the Vikings were ravish all around He has to save his pregnant wife and his sister.When he finally finds his sister she is overpowered by a big figure who is between her legs.He has to save her.Alv lies in bed with his beautiful slave Hedin, when he hears a lot of commotion, a boat, his brother will finally be home from war.He is back but not in one piece and not alive As heir he would lead the people and now.Alv is not a warrior or a killer, he studies medicine, he is small and fragile with angelic features, but he has to find the killer of his brother..so there he goes.When he finds the man it isn t someone he expected, this is a kind family man, who will be soon devastated because there is a lot of blood and a crying baby hold by a young girl.Alv heart beats faster for the man in front of him, Alv is no killer he is a lover, only he has to take him home to the people He has to die When he finds out this man is a foreigner, Dutch, it getting complicating The Dutch have an impressive armyThat was a wonderful written story Dark, strong and unpredictable All personalities amazing put down It was like a movie before my eyes.It s about family honor, jealousy, manipulation, justice, love and kindness and two man who can t be togetheror can they.It has an intriguing plot, this all with raw and dark Norway anno 1013 as background, great done.Kindly received a copy from the author