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Three and a half stars A cute, quirky book with a Groundhog s Day theme that relies heavily on eighties pop culture, but the ending is a miss.Andie has spent the entire summer flirting with golden boy Colton at the local theater in Punxsutawney, PA Now it is the night before her first day of her senior year in a brand new school Andie isn t looking forward to being the new girl, but at least Colton is driving her to school and showing her around, and hopefully he will finally be her boyfriend The night before, Andie and her mom watch the classic film Pretty in Pink Andie falls asleep watching the movie, and wakes up rattled Then her first day turns into a disaster Then something inexplicable happens, Andie wakes up to find herself reliving the same day Maybe she can make her second first day of school better, but then it keeps happening Andie continually relives that first day of school over and over and over, but why What I Liked Pretty in Punxsutawney is a book that is supposed to appeal to teens, but in all honesty, I see this book appealing to the older crowd, those who grew up in the eighties watching the classic movies mentioned in the book It was fun to see the Ground Hog Day theme mashed with eighties movies A fun read What surprised me the most about this book was that the author tried to make a point about stereotypes and labels As Andie continues to relive the same day over and over, she starts to try on different looks and she attempts to fit in with different groups at school Over time, she learns to see beyond the stereotypes and labels to the people underneath, and she makes it her mission to see if she can get others to see that way too I enjoyed the commentary on looking beyond cliques, groups, stereotypes and labels Refreshing If you grew up in the eighties or if you are a fan of eighties teen movies, you get a nice dose of nostalgia with this one There are plenty of references to some classic teen eighties movies Blast from the past I enjoyed the whole Ground Hog Day theme It was entertaining to watch Andie constantly relive the same day, making new mistakes and learning new things each and every day I liked drawing comparisons to the original while reading There is a romance, and it was cute I liked seeing it unfold I loved seeing the teenagers interacting with the folks living in the retirement home The scenes with Tom s Meemaw were so fun I appreciated that Andie had two involved, supportive parents.And The Not So Much For me, the ending missed the mark I won t go into too many details to avoid spoilers, but I will say it was a big letdown There was all that buildup, and I kept wondering what would break the curse, and when it is broken, I was left perplexed What was the whole point I could see the curse being broken on the second to last day, but the day it finally broke Didn t make sense I also felt like the ending was too abrupt I was left curious about how everything played out for Andie after her last first day I finished feeling a little bit cheated I wanted to know if anything she did actually left an impression or made a change If you have never seen the original movie Ground Hog Day, this book may not make a lot of sense or appeal to you I would highly recommend seeing that movie before wading into this one You also might be a little lost without having seen Pretty in Pink since that was always an important part to this story The romance after all was said and done was lacking It was apparent rather early on who Andie should really be with, and I kept expecting buildup and swoony moments, but they just aren t there I didn t get all the feels I wanted I guess after all everything, I didn t like that the reason for Andie reliving the day over and over wasn t easy to pick out like in the movie Again, the ending was a miss in my opinion I was disappointed that the setting of Punxsutawney didn t play a role in the story In fact, there was really nothing, except one quick visit early on to see the famous groundhog that set the story in the small town Otherwise, the story felt like it was set in any town in the U.S.Pretty in Punxsutawney was a cute and quirky little read with plenty of eighties nostalgia and a fun Groundhog s Day theme I especially enjoyed that the author tried to make a point about labels, cliques and stereotypes Unfortunately, the ending was a disappointment as it was abrupt and it left too many questions hanging I also wish the romance had been detailed Still this was a fun book, if you are a fan of the Groundhog Day theme give this a go I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own, and I was not compensated for this review Posted Rainy Day Ramblings. In general, as a cis straight white guy in my late thirties, I enjoyed this one As someone who grew up with Groundhogs Day and Pretty in Pink, it was interesting to see a spin on those films The protagonist here is self aware to a degree and notes some of the cringey moments from PiP as cringey, which is good But the book itself isn t very diverse, and I d love to have seen a John Hughes like concept like this is address that particular 80s issue by applying today s perspectives on diversity to the book itself There are a number of social issues that I appreciated seeing here, but most of them would fit pretty perfectly in a book or movie written thirty years ago That may have been the point, but I d love to have seen this book transcend the concept I think there is a phenomenal set of bones buried in this largely by the numbers 80s in the 2010s retread.As a librarian, I see the market for this book But for the most part, that market isn t in my diverse high school library It s primarily for a segment of adults those who graduated high school in the late eighties to late nineties who currently read YA books for a variety of reasons, and tangentially for a few quirky high schoolers with parents my age or a little older who shared these films and the others noted in the book, like Breakfast Club or Ferris Bueller s Day Off with their children In other words, Andie s mom would totally buy this book And maybe Andie would, too And they d both enjoy it just fine I received this book from the publisher in the hope that I d write a review. [Read Pdf] ⚓ Pretty in Punxsutawney ⚇ A Groundhog Day Meets Pretty In Pink Mashup From Author Laurie Boyle Crompton, Pretty In Punxsutawney Tells The Tale Of A Girl Willing To Look Beneath The Surface To See People For Who They Really AreAndie Is The Type Of Girl Who Always Comes Up With The Perfect Thing To Say After It S Too Late To Say It She S Addicted To Romance Movies Okay, All Movies But Has Yet To Experience Her First Kiss After A Move To Punxsutawney, PA, For Her Senior Year, She Gets Caught In An Endless Loop Of Her First Day At Her New School, Reliving Those Hours Again And Again Convinced The Curse Will Be Broken When She Meets Her True Love, Andie Embarks On A Mission Infiltrating The Various Cliques To Find The One Boy Who Can Break The Spell What She Discovers Along The Way Is That People Who Seem Completely Different Can Often Share The Very Same Hopes, Dreams, And Hang Ups And That Even A Day That Has Been Lived Over And Over Can Be Filled With Unexpected Connections And Plenty Of Happy Endings Mini Review This is a cute book especially the references to movies from the 80 s I think the author did a wonderful job incorporating this into the story because it certainly made it interesting Aside from this the romance was cute, a little slow, but did the trick for the story. RTC for blog tour in January.Thank you to the publisher for my copy. Pretty in Punxsutawney is a contemporary young adult novel scheduled for release in early 2019 This is a fast read and although it is theoretically for teens I think that only younger readers 10, maybe who are aware of and fascinated in the 1980s films of John Hughes would be interested Primarily, I can see this appealing to readers who remember and love John Hughes films and want a read featuring a narrator who is hyperaware of them In other words, not teenagers Pretty in Punxsutawney did not work for me The over reliance on movies from three plus decades ago coupled with the fact that Andie is about as much of a teenager as I am I was a teen when the big Hughes films were out and the corny plot, down to the lessons learned box ticked, makes this one feel and read like a throwback away ya novel from the 1980s. PRETTY IN PUNXSUTAWNEY is a fun mix of 80s nostalgic movies, high school, and Groundhog Day a day that repeats over and over The characters are likable and the story is plenty entertaining, with plenty of movie references and a sweet ending An overall fun YA romance.The protagonist s Andie voice was spot on in this story I even had to laugh when she went full on teenager, with plenty of angst and tantrum throwing The high school cliques were also pretty much spot on, with everyone labeling everyone else and the usual manipulation and jealousies surrounding the hottest guys and the girls who are trying to snag them It was fun seeing how Andie s wardrobe influenced perceptions, as well as who she hung out with I also really enjoyed Andie s parents and seeing her find friends in all the different cliques at school I could almost tell from the start who she should be pursuing as a romantic interest, but it was still fun seeing it all play out There were some things a bit overdone and a little too pushy in the point the author was trying to make You also probably should have seen the 80s movies that play roles in this story to get some of the references Otherwise, this was a blast to read.In the end, was it what I wished for This story has cute, quirky, fun, and a little magic as the protagonist tries to figure out how to stop reliving her first day of school and wake up to the next one There are fun friendships and family relationships, as well as a sweet romance An entertaining story for contemporary YA readers who also love 80s movies or movies in general.Content CleanSource I received a complimentary copy from the publisher, which did not require a positive review nor affect it in any way. Pretty in Punxsutawney from Laurie Boyle Crompton and Blink YA Books is a highly entertaining YA novel Combining the quirks of Groundhog Day and Pretty in Pink, Andie relives the first day of her senior year in a new school again and again It s romantic and cute and fun as she searches for a place to belong and learns to look past appearances Definitely an enjoyable read for a YA fiction lover.I received a complimentary copy of this book and the opportunity to provide an honest review I was not required to write a positive review, and all the opinions I have expressed are my own. This book was a fun mix of Groundhog Day and classic teen rom coms, which kept a smile on my face from beginning to end.Things I Loved 80s teen movies own me, because I was actually a teen in the 80s So, obviously, I loved all the movie references and discussions that popped up in the story It was fun seeing how Andie would relive her day She learned new skills, did some body alterations, dropped truth bombs, made friends and enemies she took risks, because she knew the day would reset, and there were some really amusing and thoughtful moments in some of those days Andie grew a lot over the course of the book She learned quite a bit about herself and those around her, and she started seeing things and people through a new lens It was really great to see her using the experience to become a better version of herself There were some great themes explored about looking past the surface to see how we are the same and avoiding labels Andie s parents were maybe a little quirky, but they were present and supportive, and gave her space to explore who she wanted to be This was a light and fun story with a rom com feel, and I laughed and smiled a lot Yes, I had a lot of fun reading this, but there was one things I wish there had been of Tom I loved him, and would have liked to have seen a bit of him, especially at the end Overall A witty Groundhog esque story about looking beyond the labels, which was filled with friendships, many amusing antics, and an adorable romance ARC provided in exchange for an honest review BLOG INSTAGRAM TWITTER BLOGLOVIN FRIEND ME ON GOODREADS Reviews like this can also be found on my blog, Vicariously Voraciously ARC from Netgalley for a fair review.Movie loving Andie is fresh to Punxsutawney but has managed to encounter romance with her own meet cute When she finds herself reliving the first day of her new high school she immediately thinks she is living out her Ground Hog s Day so she can have the perfect day with the boy she likes She ends up breaking barriers with a number of people and learning that though they may seem cliche on the surface they reveal surprising personalities once given the chance to show them.The Story This book was perfect for me It hit all my needs for a light and just angsty enough ya contemporary Though entirely predictable, I enjoyed every minute As Andie is reliving each day, Laurie did a wonderful job making the story not feel like the same thing happening over and over even though it sort of was Just when I thought I was going to get tired of hearing how she adjusted each day, we started to get the shortened versions.Though it is honed as a Pretty in Pink meets Ground Hog s Day, John Hughes films play a big role throughout the entirety of the book with many references to other movies such as The Breakfast Club and 16 Candles There have been other times wen I thought an author was asserting their own likes for JH films or 80 s stuff, but Laurie does well by incorporating the appreciation for the decade through her mom, while still allowing her to have her own opinions and interests.I think this is a winner for anyone who loves light YA contemporary, and I personally cannot wait to discover of her books In fact this ended up being my favorite book for January, 2019 So freaking cute and left me feeling so good.The Characters As much as characters being classified into a JH cliche cache, I thoroughly enjoyed the exploration of people Major cliques were explored and while still keeping the traits that tend to separate the kids, the each had redeeming personalities that made them each stand out I don t think a lot of people really enjoy the whole clique groupings, but they exist for a reason, most people just want to find where they fit in I enjoyed how each character was able to break out of the invisible barrier that social standards and expectations set on them.My favorite was of course our Duckie character in reference to Pretty in Pink My favorite part was that despite how differently Andie acted that one person stayed true to the way they treated her It didn t change much from what she was wearing or acting.