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I am a big fan of the Regent s Pack series, but this one so far is my favorite All books center around a different couple, but I would advice to start with book 1, Bitten by Mistake , since most of the world building is explained in that one It also has a continuing storyline in the background.In the previous books, we ve had shifters pairing up with a human This time, we get two shifters getting it on and let me tell you I am a fan Alec and Mark set the pages on fire P I m going to fuck you hard and slow, get you right to the edge then I am going to finger you while I swallow your come Then I am going to fuck your mouth Both Alec and Mark were introduced in the previous books Alec is a Beta for the Regent s Pack, while Mark is part of P Pack This should make them enemiesonly they are not.Alec is known in his pack as the quiet, broody and even scary Beta There is a reason for this though and it s not who he really is Alec is still struggeling with events from the past, and the closer he gets to the anniversary of these events..the itchier he gets He needs a distraction And who would be better to distract himself with, than Mark, the very hot and cute member of the P pack, he saved recently It s just sex after all.Mark is still feeling off balance, after almost being attacked in book 2 He knows things are not as they should be within his pack, and his Alpha s behavior is making him and suspicious But Mark doesn t have any say, so he tries to just follow orders and take attention away from himself Deciding to have a steamy night with their enemy s Beta, might not fall into that plan exactly.What should only have been a steamy encounter to releave stress, leads to much but it also leads to many complications.These two become closer with every intimate encounter, and a bond starts to form But how are they supposed to be together, when their Packs are enemies.Alec is extremely loyal to his Alpha, and he won t do anything to jeopardize his Pack Mark, may not want to follow his Alpha, but he isn t given a choice.These two were really awesome together They were HOT as hell, but there was this sweetness to them, that had me swooning I love how protective Alec was of Mark The suspence had me on the edge of my seat especially towards the end and I could not stop reading I can t wait to see what s next Highly recommended series My reviews are posted on DirtyBooksObsession [[ READ DOWNLOAD ]] ☔ Bitten By Desire ⇛ Two Lovers From Rival Packs Have They Come Together Only To Be Forced ApartAlec Knight, A Beta In The Regent S Park Pack, Guards His Heart Carefully Ghosts From His Past Keep Him Alone And Angry, Any Hope Of A Relationship Impossible While Guilt From The Pack Wars Still Haunts Him With The Anniversary Drawing Near, Alec Needs A Distraction As A Lowly Member Of The Primrose Hill Pack, Mark Appleton Isn T Used To Having His Alpha S Attention Lately He S Had Than His Fair Share, And Not For The Right Reasons Despite Growing Suspicions That All Is Not Well, Mark Tries Hard To Do Better, But Constant Criticism Leaves Him Desperate For A Stress OutletSex Is A Good Way For Shifters To Let Off Steam, And While Their Packs Attack Each Other With Accusations And Lies, Alec And Mark Work Out Their Frustrations In Bed Pillow Talk And Shared Secrets Lead To A Closeness Neither Was Expecting, But When Pack Relations Reach An All Time Low, Any Future For Them Seems Out Of The QuestionIf They Want To Be Together, They Ll Have To Go Against Their Alphas Wishes Except Alec Won T And Mark Can TApprox Words 4.5 HeartsI m going to reiterate again because I m a nag that way that this series should be read in order I skipped the first one and have pretty much caught up on Nathan and Jared but they feature heavily in this story, so again, don t be like me.Annabelle Jacobs delivers a strong, plot driven story in Bitten By Desire I can attest that this one is a bit of a rollercoaster ride I really don t want to spoil the story so I m going to shut up about it But it s SO GOOD A really weird thing is happening to me with these characters, though I usually am sorta in Mehsville about at least a few of the characters, but not this series Nope In this series I really like all the characters even the villainous ones that you re not supposed to like play their roles to the hilt I found myself smiling and getting a little verklempt at some of the scenes between these people at time and other times I found myself getting 16 different kinds of ragey at the bad dudes.The pack dynamics are the best The way the betas are portrayed, the way they feel about their unit members, the way they try to put them at ease when they sense their anxietyAnd Cam He s a particularly spectacular alpha Fair, honest and trustworthy he s good people I tell ya I have some serious heart eyes happening for him.Alec is portrayed as being cold but I disagree I think he s efficient and no nonsense, though he s not particularly interested in any romantic entanglements so maybe that s where the coldness lies He s a fantastic beta He s loyal, steadfast and would lay down his life for the good of the pack every day of the week and twice on Sundays, so that makes him pretty amazeballs in my book Mark seems to agree with me on the amazeballsness He s keen on the older R pack beta and would like nothing than to climb him like a tree The fly in the ointment is that his alpha, Newelldouchecanoe, has a grudge the size of Texas against Cam He s jelly if you ask me, but anywhatevers.With a whole lot of animosity betwixt the two packs it s not a great idea for Alec and Mark to be engaging in the boom boom, but what fun would that be A lil danger fucking never hurt anyone, ammiright This is the first shifter shifter pairing so they re a bit rough with some biting, rimming, marking territory a.k.a cum play and manhandling, but honestly I can t even believe I m about to say this, but the sex was I thought Tim and Seb were hotter Maybe I was disappointed by the lack of hate sex There was heat, it just didn t change my life However, as we all know I m a filthy perv and hotness is totally subjective anyway so read it and decide for yourself.Bottom line, I was waaaayyyyy captivated by the story arc and their relaysh Alec and Mark s connection and eventual bond was in the spotlight and it gave me feelings It builds over the narrative from stress relief to frequent scenting to possessive and growly to bonded mates I loved that there were no games and no back and forth They re both shifters and realize what s happening and at some point realize that they don t mind that they re headed to Lovesville and just let it happen It made my heart happy.I ve no idea if this is the end I hope not but I didn t get a sense of who might be the next coupling and I don t really know what to do with that other than shamelessly deploy some pathetic eyes in the hopes that the Regent s Park Pack will return Because I want to know what happens next.Recommend to shifter romance fans and those who like action in their stories An ARC was provided. 4 StarsTold in dual POV, 3rd person, it s the third installment in the Regent s Park Pack series and should be read in order Compare to the other two books in the series this one was less emotional and action Well, they told Alec has a reputation for being a cold hearted arsehole but the thing is I didn t see that in Alec Actually, he was pretty sweet It s well paced and a bit angsty Overall, I had a good time reading this and hope you enjoy it as well There has been something about this series that both excited and satisfied me, with this third and finalbook in the series being no exception to that rule.At the end of book two, Alec saved Mark from having his throat ripped out by an angry shifter from Alec s pack A near deadly ploy engineered by Mark s own evil alpha in an attempt to take over Alec s pack.After that event, both pack alphas reported the other to the Pack Council, so the majority of this book was what happened once the pack authorities got involved, while Alpha Newell continued to manipulate his own pack members to ensure a very unjustified innocent verdict The man was a complete slime ball, with no conscience and only his own delusions of greatness to guide him.But Mark had the potential to be the proverbial nail in Alpha Newell s coffin, so Newell pulled a lot of unsavory moves to ensure that Mark wouldn t bring about his downfall, including attempted murder Yes, fun times, but not for all.The story was well thought out and extremely entertaining, as Alec attempted to keep Mark safe, while also inadvertently increasing the danger in which Mark was placed Repeatedly They both knew their relationship was not the smartest of moves, but in Mark s not so wise words, fuck it I absolutely loved how integrated the MC s from the previous books were here, instead of only getting the requisite quick cameo once or twice Both Tim and Nathan, as the Regent pack doctor and Alec s pseudo nemesis, frequented this book quite a bit to assist with a bit of healing, both physical and emotional.If I had to come up with one shortcoming, I d say that the story, while packed full of danger and drama, did lack a bit in the time spent between Alec and Mark, with their relationship being much about them having sex and much less about them having heart to heart, getting to know you talks although, that surprisingly didn t detract from the book, in my case.The steamy bits were definitely on fire, with lots of biting, scratching, and smoldering looks hot enough to set the sheets ablaze.As with the previous books, the MC s did get their HEA , but we also see both of the bad guys, Newell and Wes, finally, thank God almighty, got what was coming to them, just not quite as fully as I would have hoped, having seen all of the truly devious things they d done.This story line had built up over the course of the three books, so these should most definitely be read in order for full enjoyment, which you can do for FREE with Kindle Unlimited membership.I d rate book 3 at a solid 4.25 stars and recommend this entire series to anyone who enjoys steamier shifter tales with a bit of intrigue My ARC copy of the book was provided by the author in exchange for a fair, unbiased review.See All My Latest Reads Review Quick Links I love this series They are full of action, hot sex with fangs and claws and great characters that won t let you sleep until you finish it.The only thing that bothered me were the dialogues They didn t completely work for me in this book, and Mark sometimes felt like he was 16 instead of 24, though I enjoyed it than Tim and Seb s book.Alec and Mark s chemistry was off the chart, unlike Tim and Seb that they bored the hell out of me And the main problem in the plot hooked me from the begging Falling for someone in the rival pack Big and bullying Alpha that will make your life impossible and will add the perfect amount of angst to the storyline Yes, please The story picks up just were Bitten by Design left it, so I advise you to read this series in order or it won t work Besides, Nathan and Jared are worth to be read first They are hot AF too 4 stars Recommended to those shifter lovers. 5 stars for this one This is one of my favourite shifter series and this book just blows book 1 2 out of the water, it s so so so so good You feel the Alec and Mark s connection straight away and their chemistry is off the charts, there are some really sweet moments too Alec is big softy and I love him Right up to the end I had no clue what was going to happen, it was real edge of the seat stuff, by far the best Annabelle Jacobs book to date. I love Annabelle Jacobs shifters but this one is most definitely my favourite in the Regent s Park Pack series.Finally we get Alec s story and what a headrush it is as he fights against falling for someone so inappropriate it s actually dangerous Mark is a delight, able to break through the icy cold exterior Alec has surrounded himself with since the devastating night 10 years earlier when his unit was wiped out.As Beta for the Regent s Pack he s earned respect but he s closed off until the irrepressible young shifter from the Primrose Hill Pack offers him a chance at something.The tensions in this one are ramped up high as the devious P pack alpha continues to plot against Alec s alpha Cam and things come to a head in a truly unexpected fashion.Without revealing too much, the epilogue is super sweet and, while it wraps up this present story arc, I hope it isn t the last visit to London s shifter packs as I really want to see Cam get a happy ending, hopefully with Gareth And I want Jason, Harry and Will to get theirs too not necessarily with each other thoughARC received from the author in return for an honest and unbiased review. At first I was likeAnd then I was like.And THEN I was like sigh I thought this series was impressive before this third book And afterward Totally swept away I was screeching, screaming and flailing as I inhaled it in one sitting Fortunately, long ago I gave up any embarrassment from my physical reactions to a phenomenal book I m than happy to make a fool of myself over a sensational story I ve been patiently awaiting this release Okay, okay, perhaps not so patiently as the release date approached My anticipation was great and my satisfaction greater.The second book ends with strong indications as to what could possibly happen next with my new favorite shifters and I was thrilled with the ill advised couple presented here Alec has been around since the beginning and we ve caught brief glimpses of the man underneath his rough and tough exterior For the most part, it hasn t been flattering He is harsh, cold and desperately misunderstood It s clear something significant happened to him Initially, we don t know the pivotal factor that forever changed him However, it is revealed and once he releases the skeletons in his closet, you can virtually see the weight lift from his shoulders and his soul He has been carrying a heavy burden, a burden that wasn t meant for him to shackle to himself And for the first time in his life, someone offers him a chance to love and be loved A future he never dared was possible And I just wanna hug him tight Then we have Mark I instantly took to our younger shifer Mark is from the rival pack and makes a showstopping appearance near the end of book two It s necessary to have this background information This is definitely not a stand alone I strongly encourage you to start from the beginning Jared and Nathan, along with Tim and Seb have important pieces of their stories that pave the pathway to Alec and Mark s story and continue to grace us with their presence happy dance I love it when a series not only continues but builds upon and grows as it continues The Regent Park family is expanding and I hope they keep going.and take us along.What s to like Creating a strong realm is critical in paranormal romance Jacobs delivers a fantastic world composed of everything I consider critical in shifter stories The distinctions and the merging of the human and the animal must be apparent I want to feel and know the wolf is lurking a hairbreadth away when the man is present I need a concrete hierarchy Alpha, beta, mate, pack I want the connections strong and steady I want some action and some heat, and most of all, I want emotions to rule the show Jacobs is dependable, especially when it comes to my high shifter expectations, and this is why her superior wolves remain on top What s to love Well, how long do we have Ha Quite simply, I loved all of it Sexy Alec with his grumpy wolf atude and broken heart has been emotionally off limits since he was a teen Overcome with guilt and regret, he sentenced himself to a lifetime of sorrow His Alpha would love for him to forgive himself, granting him a second chance to live again When a temptation teases Alec and he can t resist Mark and his bright all to seeing eyes, his protective shields begin to crack Mark is a member of their rival pack He s young and still finding his footing in his dual life Unfortunately, his Alpha is shady and he doesn t trust him But leaving packs isn t like moving to a new neighborhood And he doesn t have much only his best friend, cousin and a weakness for a forbidden Beta Besides, Alec has no interest in settling down He s the first to tell you, he s not mate material But what if, he just hasn t met the right man until now.Beware of Impressively intricate storyline driven by deeply emotional characters They have been beaten by monsters, of their past and present Their courage, loyalty, and bond will be tested And the ultimate price is on the line The final chapters are INTENSE Ohhh, the suspense is killer This book is for Regent Park Pack fans most likely had this baby marked on their calendar If you are not one of us, do yourself a favor and start at the beginning And I ll save you a seat at the fanclub I have no doubt this series will turn you into a shifter groupie.Now, I m going to go back to my werewolf daydreams.I think I see a widow who s not looking for love but love finds him anyway nudge nudge wink wink holds breath 4.5 stars Book UNfunk This is the third book in my Regent s Park Pack series Although each story focuses on a different couple, some elements of the background story continue throughout all three books and they should ideally be read in order.