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!DOWNLOAD E-PUB ♿ The Body in the Backyard ☨ Clarence Collin Is Pushing Up Daisies In Abe S Bed Of Zinnias When The Caustic Critic Of A TV Gardening Show Winds Up Murdered In Abe S Well Groomed Backyard, Both Abe And His Hunky But Irritating Neighbor Gregory Might Be On The Suspect List Abe Starts Amateur Sleuthing In Self Defenseand To Spend Time With Gregory When The Two Green Thumbs Look Into Their Neighborhood S Dirty Little Secrets, Who Knows What They Ll Dig Up A Cozy Gay Mystery , Words This was a mystery that kept me quessing until the very end Abe is a small, fussy, broken hearted man who moved to suburbs to recover his life after a divorce from a cheating ex He has gotten to know his neighbors through his gardening club and has taken great pride with is Zinnias He is a little distressed with his new neighbor, Gregory when he digs up his yard in pursuit of his permaculture ideals One cruel and snobby television gardening expert, s stunned and hurt gardening club, and one murdered gardening expert later Abe and Gregory s lives are turned upside down Drawn together, they go on the hunt for the murderer who dumped the body in Abe s Zinnias These two men are drawn closer together as they gather clues and try to decide who would have a motive for killing off this mean hearted, cruel manother than everyone that is As the reader tries to figure out who the murderer is by the clues that the two gather, one gets drawn into a world of treachery, flowers and good neighbors Excellent read. 4.25 starsA cozy mystery with a very sweet romance between two older men. I was in the mood for a cosy mystery and this was just what I wanted Great protagonists, a tight knit community with lots of gossip, touches of humor, and enough worry and personal issues to make the characters sympathetic I really hope Hollis Shiloh is planning of these. Abe is adorable The story is fabulously adorable, told from the single perspective of Abe, who discovers a dead body in his zinnias From there he does some very level headed detecting with his messy but cute neighbor, Gregory It is a good book, where the two play by the book and use their brains, gossip and a little investigating to figure out the whodunits It is a good laid back murder mystery with a good dash of flirting feel goods thrown in The one disappointment is the two main characters don t kiss until the last line a toss away and months into their relationship and we don t even get to witness the first kiss, which is a real shame Everything else was perfect but that one unsatisfying tidbit. I ve enjoyed Hollis Shiloh s books and this one was no exception I found this one to be different from what I thought it would be but still enjoyed it A quick murder mystery with a hint of romance between Abe and Gregory I love the building romance between the two and the reluctance at first from Abe because of how rough and different Gregory appears But, as is said in the book, first impressions can be wrong The good old gossip mill of a neighbourhood is what keeps these characters going and an eclectic bunch of neighbours they are, too They helped to fill out the story and embellished the mystery of who done it.I personally found this a bit hard to get through, a bit slow moving for me but think that it s still a well written book This is my first foray into this style genre so will have to try another before deciding if it s for me I received an ARC of this book in return for an honest review. Plodding murder mystery and slow building mm romance We hear every scattered thought of an insecure, neurotic, divorced gay man living in the suburbs He s eager for his zinnias to score well in the neighborhood competition, but instead finds a dead body in his yard He lusts after his messy neighbor and also a local gardener He and a neighbor investigate the murder in order to clear their names and rule out any of the people they like This leads to a friendship and possibly , as well as solving the case. Keep writing mysteries I really enjoyed this sweet cozy mystery I hope the author continues to write mysteriesthey are my favourite subjects, next to Shifters Steampunk Well done I really enjoyed this cozy murder mystery with a dead body in the zinnias nice to have a gay lead character who doubles as a gardener and an amateur detective