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If Lady Claire Albright had one wish, it would be to forget brooding, powerful Lord Flavian Monroe Then, on the brink of her come out, they accidently meet His ward is ill, and he begs her to use her knowledge of healing to help the girl But this patient is sick in a way that s far different from what Claire expected dangerously different.A very enjoyable read although it was intense at times but it drew me in from the start I particularly loved how Claire grew in confidence throughout the book I also loved appreciated the research that had gone into the book This is my encounter with the author but it certainly won t be my last My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read Thank you for the rollercoaster ride The poor woman She thought she was a rabbit but I think she wasof a cat she had to have a few lives I fell in love with this author when she wrote A Rogue in sheep s clothing Now this one More to come I hope There are many secrets in the home of Favian Bournemouth, Viscount Monroe as Lady Clare Albright slowly discovers I liked the way Clare s strength of character increased from a shy soul to one who believes in her own strength to confront her adversary Flavian was quite a complex character caused by his earlier experiences This was a engrossing read that was quite intense at times I received a copy and have voluntarily reviewed it All thoughts and opinions are my own. Lady Claire isthan startled when Viscount Flavian reappears back into her life after two years of pained silence He swears he sent word, but no letter ever came into her hands She s wary about welcoming him back into her life When she visits at his home and things began to go horrifically wrong, she wonders if there ssinister things at play than just broken hearts and memories of the past Flavian doesn t feel that he s right for Claire, although he wants nothingthan to be the man by her side Between his less than average mother, the secrets his estate holds, and his playful ward, he s unsure if the bright ray of sunshine that is lady Claire is enough to brighten his halls The fact is that his ward Arabella is too ill, even for Claire s skills as a healer, and he can t imagine drawing her into the figurative, and literal, mess But sometimes it takes a strong woman to make a man admit that he needsthan a prayer to keep things going The imagery in this book made it so you could smell the dried lavender and feel the silk slip through your fingers It s clear that Ahearn did her research, as the terms used and scenes painted are true to the times As a historian by degree, I appreciate that she took her due diligence while writing this book But the facts don t overpower the story where you ll laugh at the side characters like Mrs Gower, lust after Flavin, and root for Claire as she comes into her own as she navigates the cruel world around her The Secret Life of Lords is a must read for all historical romance fans The only thing that got me was the fact that this is book two in the series But no matter, reading out of line has never killed anyone Lady Claire Albright was the youngest of her siblings and was very shy She had met a man during a house party two years ago, and thought they had something But she did not hear from him for two years Lord Flavian Monroe, Viscount Monroe was sent to sea when he was eight years old He liked the Navy but he had been so young how could he make informed decisions.The story is complicated and with twists and turns, it keeps the tale interesting The young ward of Lord Monroe, is Spanish, sings like an angel and is lovely to look at, Arabella She is believed to be Mad The characters are amazing and live life to the fullest The descriptions are exciting There is suicide, war, death, fire, and so muchthat makes this book so special I have never read this author before but I am so glad I did The novel was great and look forward to .I received this ARC free and voluntarily reviewed it. If you enjoy Gothic style romance, this book will most likely be right up your alley The hero and heroine have a past with misunderstandings, but when they meet again, sparks fly Their lives become joined when she helps his ward, who is physically ill but also mentally unstable The hero wants the heroine back in his life but knows that everything in his world is topsy turvy He loves her and doesn t want his burdens to diminish her sparkle But can they deny their attraction What will this mentally unstable Ward do The author has an evocative way of describing items, settings, and emotions She ramps up the drama in several places, in perfect Gothic style The hero isn t as dark as most Gothic heroes, but the secrets he keeps and the circumstances that surround the entire novel are worthy of that genre The hero and the heroine have chemistry I liked that the heroine stood up for herself when she needed to she wasn t quite as strong in the beginning of the book, so it was lovely to see her grow into herself I love personal character arcs in romances like that The chaperone provided a dry, lovely comic relief This is the first book I ve read by this author, and I found the twists and the turns of the plot as well as the deftly defined characters to be fascinating to follow.I received a free copy of this book, but that did not affect my review.Read my other reviews at The Secret Life of Lords is a delightful read I usually do not read Regency novels but I am so glad I came across this book The attention to detail by Elf really deports you back in time and the lead characters, Lady Claire Albright and Viscount Flavian Monroe are beautifully written The character development is wonderful as pages give you an insight on how Claire becomescourageous and sheds light on her strength and determination Flavian gives me Edward Rochester vibes who is plagued by his own inner demons but is so sincere although stubborn The supporting characters really complement the overall plot of this book.I was drawn into this rollercoaster of longing, pain, hope and love and I sure did enjoy the ride A thank you to VoraciousReadersOnly for giving me a free review copy of this book via the author. Lord Flavian Monroe s ward, Arabella is very ill Lady Claire Albright is a healer She had tried to forget Lord Flavian for the past two years when he left and didn t contact her or send word to her He swears he did As Claire tries desperately to find a cure for Arabella, Flavian tries to deny any feelings he has for Claire The last thing he wants is to bring her closer and into the secrets he is trying to keep hidden A lovely story, good characters and well worth reading.I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author via Voracious Readers Only and freely give this review. (FREE DOWNLOAD) ⚡ The Secret Life of Lords (The Albright Sisters Book 2) ⚢ If Lady Claire Albright Had One Wish, It Would Be To Forget Brooding, Powerful Lord Flavian Monroe But Even After Two Years Of Bewildering Silence, She Yearns To Touch His Sinuous Arms And Feel His Calloused Hands Upon Her Cheeks Then, On The Brink Of Her Come Out, They Accidently Meet His Ward Is Ill, And He Begs Her To Use Her Knowledge Of Healing To Help The Girl But This Patient Is Sick In A Way That S Far Different From What Claire Expected Dangerously Different And, As She Struggles To Find A Cure, Flavian Resists Rekindling Their Love Is It The Ward S Illness That Keeps Him Cold And Distant, Or A Dark And Terrible Secret The Thought Of Claire In The Arms Of Another Man Is Unbearable, But In His Heart Flavian Knows He Mustn T Ask Her To Share The Consequences Of His Mistake Nor Should He Have Brought Her To His Home And Exposed Her To His Ward S Sickness Yet He Lacks The Strength To Send Her Away Each Time He Looks Into Claire S Eyes, The Urge To Feel Her Body Pressed Against His Consumes All Reason, And He Is Left Unable To Utter The Word, Goodbye I was given this book to review by Voracious readers and I thoroughly enjoyed it.The story line really played on my emotions, at times I felt nothing but absolute sympathy for Arabella and at others outrage Elf did an amazing job sucking you into the storyline and keeping you hooked Claire was a strong woman who knew exactly what she wanted but like the rest of us occastionally caved with need.This is the first book I have read by this Author but I will reading the rest for sure