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Best Poem among allKids Like Us , Once was a girl Here Lies My YouthOther seems to be less interesting but I really enjoyed them I can relate and think and all are truly a fine pieces I am glad that I read them PS Find this at Kobo Okay These were EPIC I do not read poetry very much, honestly, but I loved these I will be going back to reread these poems for sure.To Carry Me Through really reminded me of the After Forever album Invisible Circles with the child abuse themes , and some certain ReVamp songs the poems about anxiety In fact I listened to them while reading, which I would highly recommend doing I think what I liked best about these poems is that they came across as reading song lyrics I liked that Also, they didn t have thisannoying pretentious feel that I have come across in other free verse poetry ie., Out of the Dust, I didn t enjoy that book much They are real and you connect with them.I 100% recommend this poetry collection, even if you re not someone who likes reads poetry ordinarily They are so good 5 stars. @EBOOK õ To Carry Me Through é Bombay Bicycle Club Carry Me YouTube Buy The Album So Long, See You Tomorrow On ITunes OrOrder Limited Edition Box Sets, CD Or Vinyl Family Of The Year Carry Me Lyric Video Family Of The Year Carry Me Lyric Video Listen To Carry Me From The Self Titled Album Connect With Family Of The Year CARRY ME Carry Me Carry MeCarry Me Back To Old Virginny Wikipedia Carry Me Back To Old Virginny There S Where The Cotton And Corn And Taters Grow There S Where The Birds Warble Sweet In The Spring Time There S Where This Old Darkey S Heart Am Long D To Go CARRY ME CARRY Carry Me Carry Me Pr Webok AndersonPaak The Season Carry Me Lyrics The Season Carry Me Lyrics My Faith Is Buried Somewhere Underneath The Town Until It S Paid For Strawberry Season, My Sweetheart Is Coming Round I Hear It Rain And Pour How DidAs Far As My Feet Will Carry Me Wikipedia As Far As My Feet Will Carry Me German So Weit Die Fe Tragen Is Afilm About German World War II Prisoner Of War Clemens Forell S Escape From A Siberian Gulag In The Soviet Union Back To I Carry Your Heart With Me By Ee Cummings I Carry Your Heart With Me I Carry It In My Heart I Am Never Without It Anywhere I Go You Go, My Dear And Whatever Is Done By Only Me Is Your Doing, My Darling Calculator Which Horses Can Carry Me Use This Calculator To Work Out What Size Horse Is Suitable For Different Sized Riders User Friendly, Easy To Understand And Backed Up By The Latest Research List Of Animals That Can Carry Rabies Animals Both Wild And Domestic Animals Can Carry Rabies, And They May Be Able To Transmit The Disease Even Before It S Obvious That They Re Ill Animals Infected With Rabies Often Act Oddly A well written, concise, and moving collections of poems that didn t just scrape the surface I would readily recommend these to anyone. Okay, wow I m not religious myself, but this collection broke me I love the writing style of these poems, the way they flow into each other, the narrative tying them all together And to think that this was written by a teen like me Perhaps there really is hope in our broken world. 4.5 starsI really enjoyed the poems in this book While they were fun to read, a lot of them had a meaning that was very deep, yet something that I think a lot of people can relate to and have experienced in their life, even I have The poems were all well crafted and I appreciate the way that Oswald made them all connect and almost flow together in some way All in all, a great work of poetry that I would recommend. Well written set of poems Some made my eyes tear up and some made me smile I recommend to poetry lovers and non poetry lovers alike To Carry Me Through is by R.S Oswald This short book of poems was very good They felt very personal and powerful You could tell the author put a lot of thought into these, and that every poem included in the book meant a lot to her I really enjoyed reading them, even though poetry is something I rarely pick up My favorite out of all of them was Fall I do recommend this book, especially if you are a regular reader of poetry 4 stars out of 5 I received a free electronic copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. It hurts my heart to realize how many of us teens can relate to this, but yet we can, and I know we cankids like meEscape into fantasy.We read and we write,We find beauty in words on paper.And sometimes these imaginary peopleAre just as interesting as the real equivalent.The kids like meWant to save the world from war,But we can t even save ourselves from sadness.We cry a lot,Partly because of our shattered self worth,And partly because of the suffering massespg 17 I relate too much to that I haven t dealt with several of these situations, but I can definitely relate to the emotions portrayed in this piece Beautifully done, R.S Oswald, and girl, you re not alone You re beautiful inside and out, smart, and so very brave, just reading this gave me chills it s beautiful, I can see how much of your heart and soul you ve put into this and it s amazing 3 Most of these poems were very heartbreaking, but I know the author is writing from her point of view It s hard to know what to do in these hard situations, and although I haven t been through them, I can think and pray for people who have and are still in them My favourite poems were Sonnet and A Parting Verse The author writes very well sometimes poetry can be so well versed and beautiful Continuing to pray for you, Raevyn The Lord will help you get through these difficult trials Always rely on him and never forget that He is there for you to comfort and give cheer Recommended for young teenagers.