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2 stars Infelizmente esse livro n o funcionou pra mim.Queria ter adorado, mas n o rolou.O livro longo, divido em tr s partes, ent o voc praticamente conhece a vida TODA dos personagens desde a inf ncia at os dias atuais.As duas primeiras partes foram as mais dif ceis pra mim porque eu n o curto essa essa vibe de ainda estar na escola, primeiro amor E me irritou muito ver os dramas, as intrigas, as confus es e o vai e volta que essa fase geralmente traz ou relatada N o tenho paci ncia N o consegui me conectar com os personagens Angelina e Devin nessas partes, acho que pelo fato das atitudes dos dois me aborrecerem al m da conta.Eu tinha as minhas suspeitas sobre um certo acontecimento, e fiquei frustrada quando vi que estava certa e mais frustrada ainda pelos motivos, coisa que eu tamb m j imaginava.A terceira parte foi melhor, mas mesmo assim n o gostei do rumo que a hist ria tomou A escrita da autora muito boa e apesar de eu ter patinado em algumas p ginas, segui em frente porque queria saber qual seria o final Boa parte eu achei previs vel, e isso acabou tirando um pouco do brilho pra mim Inseparable uma hist ria emocional, uma pena que n o despertou tanta emo o em mim. Siobhan Davis fires on all the feels in her latest novel in which three childhood best friends promise to be Inseparable forever until a heartbreaking choice destroys their bond beyond repairSiobhan writes an emotionally naked story about a girl and her two neighbors, Devin and Ayden The three grew together and thought nothing could separate them until their senior year in high school when they started keeping secrets from each other and teenage drama ensues Angelina was harboring a crush on Devin, who in turn had started drinking, getting into trouble and sleeping around, simultaneously crushing Angelina s heart while Ayden, star quarterback with NFL possibilities, began to slowly pull away But a line is drawn when Devin humiliates Angelina forcing Ayden to side with her until their choices irrevocably tear them apart On that tragic night, Angelina not only lost her two best friends, she also lost herself to guilt and despair, a self torment without hope of getting out of Even as the plot falls into torment and tragedy, the lovers plight will hold you in thrall Of course, this begin a Siobh n Davis romance novel, all is not lost as she infuses her story with her own mix of drama and swoony love The hero and heroine s journey will haunt your dreams as book hangover overtakes you.Inseparable is standalone contemporary romance by Siobh n Davis It s an emotional and touching new adult, friends to lovers, love triangle Told from two points of view and has a happy ending I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author The excerpts are from that copy I am voluntarily reviewing this title reviews Stalk us on FaceBook As well as Twitter Pinterest Board for Book Teasers #E-PUB Ä Inseparable ⚟ A Gritty, Angsty, Friends To Lovers Standalone Romance From USA Today Bestselling Author Siobhan Davis A Childhood Promise An Unbreakable Bond One Tragic Event That Shatters EverythingIt All Started With The Boys Next Door Devin And Ayden Were My Best Friends We Were Practically Joined At The Hip Since Age Two When We Were Kids, We Thought We Were Invincible, Inseparable, That Nothing Or No One Could Come Between UsBut We Were WrongEverything Turned To Crap Our Senior Year Of High SchoolDevin Was Turning Into A Clone Of His Deadbeat Lowlife Father Fighting, Getting Wasted, And Screwing His Way Through Every Girl In Town I D Been Hiding A Secret Crush On Him For Years Afraid To Tell Him How I Felt In Case I Ruined Everything So, I Kept Quiet And Slowly Watched Him Self Destruct With A Constant Ache In My HeartWhere Devin Was All Brooding Darkness, Ayden Was The Shining Light Our Star Quarterback With The Bright Future Whom Everyone Loved But Something Wasn T Right He Was So Guarded, And He Wouldn T Let Me InWhen Devin Publicly Shamed Me, Ayden Took My Side, And Our Awesome Threesome Bond Was Severed The Split Was Devastating The Heartbreak InevitableAyden And I Moved On With Our Lives, But The Pain Never Lessened, And Devin Was Never Far From Our ThoughtsUntil It All Came To A Head In College, And One Eventful Night Changed EverythingNow, I Ve Lost The Two People Who Matter To Me Than Life Itself Nothing Will Ever Be The Same AgainA Standalone New Adult Contemporary Romance With A Happy Ending Only Suitable For Readers Aged Eighteen And Older Due To Mature Content And Possible Triggers SIGN UP To Be Notified When This Book Goes On Release I m going to keep this short as possible I truly disliked all three main characters in this book The H was a stupid guy who for the most lamest of reasons stayed away from the h He slept with her arch nemesis and stayed in a relationship with her because she blackmailed him He professed to dislike the H s enemy but obviously had no problems sleeping with her in the 6 7 weeks they were together The h was pathetic chasing after him but at least she eventually cut her losses Still what she turned into later after because of her selfish and self centred decision was disgusting She had no respect for herself to end up up selling herself and end up with an abusive man I don t even like the third guy even though he was marginally better then the main two He was in denial I get it but he was selfish and only thought of himself People who love angst will like this but I myself prefer characters who at least have a little likeability factor. Siobhan Davis quickly won me over with her Saven series, and since then I ve always been excited to pick up of her work She is one of the few authors I m willing to step outside of my comfort zone with When she moved from writings young adult science fiction to new adult contemporary, I was worried Fortunately, I had no reason to fear Thus, I told myself I was than happy to embark upon a journey of her first standalone novel I know some will argue the later Kennedy Boys novels are standalones, but I believe they work best if you ve worked your way through all the books in the series thus, Inseparable, being one hundred percent a standalone novel, is what I consider her first true standalone novel You do not need to have read any of her other work to enjoy this one.As I said, Siobhan Davis is an author whose development I m than happy to follow, even when things step outside of what I tend to enjoy I m not the biggest lover of short stories and novellas, but I find myself excited by news of those kinds of stories when Siobhan Davis promises us such a read I ve not been the biggest lover of some of her characters, and yet she s won me over through telling their individual stories Saving Brad being a prime example of such a change I m not the biggest lover of high school drama in stories, but I enjoyed such elements than I expected when they appeared in the early Kennedy Boy books Thus, even though there were certain things I knew about Inseparable that did not appeal to me, I was willing to take the dive.You see, love triangles I m not a fan Not at all A part of me threatens to shrivel up and die at the prospect They appear so often in romance, and I really don t understand why The ratio of love triangles in novels is so much higher than what I believe it to be in real life I admit to being slightly jaded being the unattractive person I am, I cannot grab the attention of a single male let alone two but such is a self pitying tangent nobody wishes to hear about but I prefer straightforward romance I love some good drama, but I often find I enjoy regular drama or the crazy exaggerated kind over drama related to multiple love interests I ll accept it in paranormal romance where reverse harem appears quite often than contemporary, but I m not big on such tales Yet, this was the first standalone novel by Siobhan Davis and I needed to know , I needed to read it.The prologue of this one instantly grabbed my attention It demonstrates how wonderful Siobhan is as a writer The writing was beautiful, the information enough to leave me wanting , and I was instantly pulled into the story Without a doubt, it was one of my favourite introductions to a book in a long time It was such a beautifully written piece, making it impossible to drag me away from the book.Then the book is split into three parts In part one we face one of the things I m not overly crazy about, having already mentioned it the high school drama It was interesting, it was a great set up for the story, but I wasn t crazy about it I accepted it in the Kyler arc of the Kennedy Boys because there was a lot of other stuff going on, yet I feel as though it was even stronger in this one Those who love high school drama will really enjoy part one of this story, but it wasn t quite for me Therefore, whilst I was intrigued, I wasn t won over Such a thing really saddened me As I ve said, I m a big fan of Siobhan s work I wanted to love this one, and part one left me with the fear I would not be enjoying this book as much as I would have liked It would be a nice solid three star rating, but it would not be the high I have experienced with her other books.Along came part two This is where my feelings towards the story started to change It moved from being a story I was interested in but not really loving, to being a book I was addicted to Things started to build up a lot in the second part of the story, and by the end of it my view had changed from it being a three star rating to a three point five or possibly four star rating The latter half of this part of the book really won me over I was lost to the story, needing I could not wait to dive into part three to see how everything came together.Fortunately, I was happy to devour this book in a single sitting I dove straight into part three to see how all the elements came together Without a doubt, the third part of the book was my favourite Everything came together so well There were big reveals for all the characters, and even though I had worked every one of them out, I loved the way in which they came out and played together The third part of the book was so emotionally charged, completely winning me over Thus, the book became a solid four star rating I may have tentative at first, I may have been worried in the early parts of the book, but it won me over in the end I honestly feared we had reached a literary device Siobhan Davis would not be able to win me over with, and yet she managed it.I know for a fact that many people will enjoy this book even than I did My prejudice against love triangles is to blame for the initial difficulty I had with this story In fact, I fear my dislike of love triangles clouded my view than it should have to the point where I was making parallels with other Siobhan Davis books and thinking it was too close to what has been written before, even though this book stands strong on its own It is due to this that I did not fall in love with the characters in the way I usually do in a Siobhan Davis read, but I know many people will fangirl like crazy over this one In fact, I have a feeling there will be many broken hearts and damp eyes by the time some people finish this story.Because, honestly, this book does deal with many heavy topics I could list them all, but to do such would be to give spoilers Just know this book deals with a lot of sensitive issues and I challenge any person not to be affected by something in this story It is hard hitting, the different aspects will speak to many people, and you ll soon be lost in the story As always, Siobhan Davis has done a wonderful job of bringing to light real life issue and making them known giving them the respect they deserve, making people stop and think, and leaving us with a heavy heart at the end.I m positive many people will go on to call this book their favourite Siobhan Davis read, and I can easily see why people will feel such a way This is gripping read, one that takes you on an emotional journey However, sadly, I cannot label this my favourite Siobhan Davis read I feel as though I m going to be in the minority with this view, I just do not want people to mistake my statement for a dislike of this book I did enjoy the story, I m so glad I read it, as can be seen by my four star rating, it simply is not my favourite Siobhan Davis read.There s no doubt, however, that I will continue to read Siobhan Davis She won me over in the end when I did not think I would be, proving how wonderful she is as a writer If you have yet to pick up a Siobhan Davis book, then picking up Inseparable is something you should do As her first real standalone novel, it stands up so well making it the perfect introduction to anyone new to her work and serving as a reminder of all she is capable of to her fans. Angelina, Devin and Ayden have been neighbors and best friends since they were little The three of them are different from each other Angelina is sweet, caring, smart, shy, innocent and loving Ayden is the protective, sporty, caring and nice guy Devin is the bad boy He doesn t have the best home situation and he likes to party They all had been inseparable Until recently, things are changing Ayden and Devin don t get along any and they don t want to tell Angelina why Angelina tries to make things right again, but it gets worse between Ayden and Devin One night changes everything and they are no longer inseparable.The book has three parts I liked the second and third part than the first one The first part was a little too long and I wasn t too happy with some things that happened, but I was intrigued enough by the characters and the story to continue There were a few twists and turns that I didn t see coming at all and they always kept me reading This book was mostly told from Angelina s point of view and this added to the mystery about what was going on inside Devin or Ayden s head.There definitely was cheating in this book This book has a love triangle in my opinion It was obvious that Angelina loved Devin, but then she also starts to feel something for Ayden She will be in a relationship with one of them and be still in love with the other man I do feel that Angelina s feelings were stronger for one of the guys and that she s with the right man in the end Angelina s way to her happily ever after won t be an easy one, but the HEA will be a beautiful one I adored the epilogue. FREE to read in Kindle Unlimited US UK CA AU local store out the trailer here If you know anything about Siobhan Davis, you know she is the Queen of Angst, the Princess of Perpetual Turmoil, the Goddess of If it can go wrong, it will, again and again, etc., etc She is also an amazing storyteller who can pull tears from a stone, fray nerves and cause readers to white knuckle their ways through many a scene Ms Davis may have outdone herself with INSEPARABLE not only because she nailed every one of my emotional buttons, but she did it over a span of a decade and was able to make me feel every one of those years, even if they weren t articulated on each page.Since the age of two, Devin, Ayden and Angelina were INSEPARABLE, the three Musketeers, the best of friends They were not prepared to grow up and find their worlds changing, becoming confusing, heart wrenching and joyful and complicated It was the complications of life that tore their bond apart and readers will feel every single event Betrayals of the most brutal kind, lies, secrets and romantic feelings will turn their threesome into a warped love triangle that none of them would come out of unscathed.Human frailty, the need for love, insecurities, immaturity and the hard lessons of life all become part of a tale of the complications of coming of age while not able to fully or maturely grasp what is happening I was mesmerized, appalled, angered and felt protective of these characters as they unintentionally tortured or were tortured by each other Lives will be forever changed and only true love will save those who give it freely and without reservations, those who learn to grow.I m not going to lie, Angelina, Devlin, and even Ayden each made me see red I wanted to shake them, wake them up, hold them and help them Siobhan Davis has done it, again, dished out a boatload of pain and turmoil, added flawed characters and made even the most angst filled soap operas seem tame, all while holding me a willing prisoner to every single page.I received a complimentary ARC edition from Siobhan Davis Expected Publication Date January 8, 2018Genre Dark RomanceFor Reviews More INSEPARABLE This is a gritty, angsty, friends to lovers standalone romance from USA Today bestselling author Siobhan Davis Each character have their own POV in this book This review will be as spoiler free as I can possibly make it because this book deserves to be read as it should be, go in prepared to have your world turned upside down, the highs and lows, the drama, first love and so much will come at you at full speed, you will not want to put this down once you start it The book is split up into three parts Part One Senior Year of High School 14 Part Two Freshman Year of College Part Three Almost 5 Years later This was a first time read for me by this author but after taking the plunge and jumping on this it won t be the last, if your wanting an angst filled, emotional rollercoaster of epic proportions then look no further than this book Inseparable It all started with the two boys next door, Devin and Ayden add Angelina to the mix and you have the three Musketeers the three of them have been inseparable childhood friends since the age of two years old and had such a strong undeniable bond that oozed off the pagesWe thought we were invincible, inseparable, that nothing or no one could come between usBut we were wrongWhen dealing with the college age all the angst and drama one could expect was plentiful in the first part of this book The second part is where everything changes when a tragedy rocks them to the core, nothing will ever be the same again, Nothing is permanent, and everything changes even when you don t want it to The why always in the forefront of their minds, then we hit the last part in the book and we see such a different side to Angelina, so broken and lost The dead girl with the dead heart But it takes a strong man to bring her back from the depths of despair that she d sunken to And answers that they were wanting for closure finally sets them free This was still an un put downable read, once started I was engrossed, the highs and lows, the heartbreak, the deceit, the love triangle that had me rooting for the other throughout, a heartbreaking account of true love of two souls connected like no other, kept me committed and engrossed until the end One day later and this book is still taking up residence in my mind, being an angst whore this ticked all my boxes, it had it all, the love triangle that had me in turmoil, the angst that I craved was present, the feels that came rushing at me chapter by chapter had me in my happy place enjoying the ride this author set me on I never wanted to get off. Title Inseperable Author Siobhan Davis Genre Contemporary Romance, New Adult, YA Publication Date January 18, 2018 This is my first Siobhan Davis book and I am shocked This book has been an unexpected good surprise I had highlighted so many quotes from this book, took so many notes to help write this review but let s be real here ok I can t I am emotionally drained This book has exhausted me to the core yet I have the greatest satisfaction having read this book.I feel like as if I have been through a journey right alongside these characters From young love to heartache, from facing uncertainty of growing up to heartbreak like as though your soul is ripped into millions of pieces To making sacrifices, to the emotional turmoil of self doubt,to the resilient loyalty, devotion and love This book has it all I love this book.This book is worth it all it s worth your time, energy and your tears.If I ever meet this author, I d drop down on my knees and thank her for writing this book Maybe I m feeling hormonal Like the BF would say hahaha but I can t get over this book.Cheers to Angst Cheers to Love Cheers to Hope Happy Reading For reviews and giveaways follow my blog at www.jemimajamir.com