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Re edited for coherency Okay This was a winner The H, a relatively well known artist, is out for revenge against the ob gyn he thinks caused his wife s death The doc was abusing drugs and pled out to spend time in a drug center so he seems to be out of the way The H settles on wrecking revenge on the doc s daughter Yeah, yeah.The h is very cool customer and pretty darn sassy For example, she has left London for Wales to get away from the hounding press One media hound creep in particular follows her so she pulls off the road and walks over and punctures the guy s tire Now that s a heroine I can work with The journalist is not as pleased over the results as the heroine is, and the H who was also stalking her steps in just in time to prevent the journalist from getting rough The H wants revenge, but he doesn t want to hurt her, he just wants to hurt her Instant physical attraction as the hero sounds pretty rough and yummy.The h meets up with the H later as she is out on a walk and walks across the farm he s working on It s his SIL s family, and he picked it so he could keep an eye out for the h More sexual tension Mistaking him for a regular worker, she offers him the job to paint her friend s nursery which amuses him no end When she finally sees the nursery and finds out he s actually an accomplished artist she is furious, and feels he has made a fool of her Passion explodes but is unfulfilled view spoiler when she gets the call that her dad has died Another deus ex machina moment brought to you by Mills Boon hide spoiler I did not think I would like a heroine with a boy haircut and not a virgin to boot I don t mind if they have been married before but promiscuity I don t like However I loved this revenge book he was so sorry and he was a sweet loving soul I could see myself falling for He was the right kind of hard and soft When he said they would never have kids but he loved her I just cried Why can t it always be this intense Great emotional development. So many good reviews, so I won t get into the plot I was surprised at how much I liked this This is revenge lite, but I wasn t expecting much from this author, so when the hero abruptly changes his revenge goals and just goes with the flow of liking the heroine, I wasn t too disappointed I think it s the heroine who saved this story She is open and warm and misunderstands things about the hero with the nicest possible spin I liked that she didn t freak when the hero s son threw up on her shoes and that she was open about what she wanted from the hero Some quibbles The hero s son was conveniently absent after the throwing up incident The heroine didn t seem the type to throw coffee at the hero s twin when she thought her guy was out with another woman especially with her track record with the press She got over Daddy s death mighty quick. Imagine falling in love with the daughter of the man you hold responsible for your wife s untimely death when you seek her out for revenge That s what happens in this book Weirdo that I am, I love the revenge theme in romance novels This one was done well, and luckily, the Josh came to his senses prior to when he and the heroine make love for the first time Unfortunately he doesn t come clean with her until too late It s made worse by the fact that Flora has trust issues from her father s downfall from drug addiction, the public exposure and the loss of her fiance when she refuses to turn her back on her father From that point on, Josh has to win her love and trust again For a short book, I think that it was well done watching Josh deal with this grief over losing his wife in childbirth, and coming to accept that it was just an accident He has to deal with issues about having another pregnant wife, for obvious reasons And he has to convince Flora that he wants her for real, and also the baby that he gets her pregnant with This book doesn t have as light a tone as most of Lawrence s books Scenes involving Liam, Josh s little boy, and his twin brother and sister in law help to lighten up things I am pretty sure that I read his brother Jake s story several years ago Now I need to find another copy of it to re read. [ KINDLE ] ⚓ A Seductive Revenge (Modern Romance S.) ☽ Josh Prentice Has A Broken Heart, And There S Only One Way To Mend It He Plans To Seduce Flora, And Then Jilt Her But He Doesn T Expect To Find It So Hard To Walk AwayLocked Into An Intensely Sensual Relationship, Both Josh And Flora Struggle To Keep Their Emotions In Check Josh Is Tormented By The Thought That He Could Lose Flora If She Discovers His True Identity And Flora Also Has A Burning Secret One That Will Bind Her To Josh Forever Pretended to be a tear jerker Turned out to be candy floss The hero has a dumb revenge plan He wants to hurt the doctor who treated his wife who died at childbirth So he decides to stalk the doctor s daughter and gilt her There by causing grief to the doctor.But as soon as he meets the girl in question, he realises his plan is stupid So now he stalks her in right earnest, no mal intentions And of course she falls for him big time.Both of them are fairly candid about how needy and desperate they are towards each other.Just when the story approaches the HEA, she gets to know of his original plan Just a bit of cajoling and begging and all is well again.Light and mushy tone throughout the story Good, breezy read 3 stars. The feistier the h, the better the book, and this one just oozed Flora s feistiness The initial few chapters were just hilarious And the revenge part could have been a bit revengeful, just to spice up the story. 3 Angst ridden StarsI want to talk about us There is no us, and never has been The premise ofA Seductive Revenge is based on the old proverb about the sins of the father being visited on the children.Josh Prentice lost his wife in childbirth leaving him a single parent to their son Liam He later finds out that her obstetrician was a drug user, and possible dealer Angry at the situation, and wanting revenge, he decides to get back at the doctor through the man s daughter, Flora What he didn t expect was that he would fall in love with her Unfortunately, he waits too long to tell her the truth about himself and his motives and loses her As he is attempting to win her back he learns that she is pregnant with his child.When I started this book I was looking for something light and fun This is a bit darker than I expected, but it still hooked me Josh s story and his pain in dealing with the loss of his wife were just heartbreaking His need for revenge, while a bit misplaced, was completely understandable I adored Liam, and his very first meeting with Flora was priceless Josh s brother Jake and his wife Nia were a bit of humor in an otherwise very serious storyline I enjoyed ofA Seductive Revenge and would recommend it to anyone looking for a bit bluer read It s in no way lighthearted or fun, but still aPretty Good ReadI must find the first book in the Prenticeseries Baby and the Boss That promises to be a bit upbeat. normal, nada del otro mundo. excellent book, but the endseriously seriously SERIOUSLY how the baby came to the world no comment a little too much for me but joshhe s so perfect.