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A sweet and intimate look into one brief memory of Richard Burton s childhood Surprisingly, the writing was excellent The simple sentences in this slim story reminded me often of how so many of my Christmas wishes as a child were never fulfilled, yet never made me feel dissatisfied about what I received At least I never got a new sister niece on Christmas eve. A decent, but very short book about Richard Burton It did mention a few things about his childhood Christmas experiences I wish the book would have been longer. A wonderful story beautifully told by a man I adore Alakuun luin kirjasta neen ittelleni Kokeilin, milt tuntuu pitk st aikaa lukea englanniksi neen Ennemmin oisin kirjasen lukenut ihan Suomeks Oli ihan ok kirjanen. [ DOWNLOAD KINDLE ] ♷ A Christmas Story ♉ Burton S Account Of A Memorable Christmas Eve In A Welsh Mining Village May Not Be A Classic, But Fans Of The Late Actor Will Appreciate The Intimate Albeit Brief Glimpse It Provides Of His Childhood The Narrator Recalls An Anxious Winter Night In Wales And Reveals An Intense Devotion To His Sister, Cis, Who Raised Him After Their Mother S Death On December , Puzzled By His Brother In Law S Haggard Appearance And Cis S Mysterious Failure To Come Downstairs, The Inquisitive Young Richard Concludes That His Sister Is Very Ill Sent Out Of The House In Distress, He Spends The Chilly Evening At A Bonfire With Several Miners, Wondering What Presents Santa Will Bring And Misinterpreting The Jumbled Philosophical Ranting Of His Inebriated Uncle When Allowed At Last To Return Home, He Is Relieved To Find His Sister Well And Is Only Slightly Impressed By Her New Baby Sally Burton, The Author S Widow, Offers Clarifying Biographical Information About Her Husband S Depression Era Origins In Wales, Where His Flair For Acting First Evinced Itself This Nostalgic Volume Of Only Pages Is Suitable For Gift Givers And Enthusiasts Of Traditional Christmas Fare In this short book, Richard Burton gives us a snippet of what his childhood in Wales was like Raised by his sister after his mother died when he was two, Burton selected a single Christmas night to illustrate the poverty and the peculiarity of surroundings, including some rather strange relatives, that was his life Fearing for his sister s well being, it is with great relief that the young Richard learns she is not sick An afterward written by Burton s widow sheds light on a somewhat sparse tale An interesting vignette. Quaint.