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This book is just not my cup of hot chocolate Mindy is a 17 year old skiing phenomenon when she breaks her leg during a downhill run As a result of pre surgery blood testing, Mindy and her parents discover that she has leukemia and ultimately are told that Mindy s mother is not her biological parent GASP I figured out without a doubt who Mindy s mother was on page 85 of 489 so that made it a long and tedious read for me By the time the how of Mindy s parentage is revealed, I just didn t care any I found Mindy to be unbelievable and her mother to be clich Fans of J.T Ellison will no doubt enjoy this book so I don t discourage anybody from reading it Being my first read by this author I went in blindly to her style and unfortunately found it not to my liking I was provided an ARC of this book by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 3.25 Mindy Wright is the latest, greatest downhill ski phenom She s just become the teenage champion and now has her sights squarely on the Olympics In such a dangerous sport, serious injuries are unavoidable So it was no real surprise when Mindy took a nasty spill But unbelievably, her skiing injuries are the least of her problems Specialty surgeons quickly discover she has a potentially fatal illness Now her most important race is against time, to do what s necessary to find a cure for her It s during this process that secrets and long hidden deeds are peeled back and exposed leaving one major question What s the higher priority Saving Mindy s life, or keeping secrets hidden from everyone.This is the second book I ve read by this author with the first Lie to Me, that I could not put down This one just didn t quite hold the intensity of her previous release, but still a solid, fun read It s a rapid pace, light reading, and if that s what you re looking for you ve got it You ll love this one Personally for me, I was just looking for something a bit on par with J.T Ellison s last book.A buddy read with Susanne Thank you to NetGalley, Harlequin MIRA and J.T Ellison for an ARC to read in exchange for an honest review. [Free Ebook] ♰ Tear Me Apart ⚑ The Follow Up To Her Critically Acclaimed Lie To Me, JT Ellison S Tear Me Apart Is The Powerful Story Of A Mother Willing To Do Anything To Protect Her Daughter Even As Their Carefully Constructed World Unravels Around ThemOne Moment Will Change Their Lives Forever Competitive Skier Mindy Wright Is A Superstar In The Making Until A Spectacular Downhill Crash Threatens Not Just Her Racing Career But Her Life During Surgery, Doctors Discover She S Suffering From A Severe Form Of Leukemia, And A Stem Cell Transplant Is Her Only Hope But When Her Parents Are Tested, A Frightening Truth Emerges Mindy Is Not Their DaughterWho Knows The Answers The Race To Save Mindy S Life Means Unraveling Years Of Lies Was She Accidentally Switched At Birth Or Is There Something Sinister At Play The Search For The Truth Will Tear A Family Apart And Someone Is Going To Deadly Extremes To Protect The Family S Deepest SecretsWith Vivid Movement Through Time, Tear Me Apart Examines The Impact Layer After Layer Of Lies And Betrayal Has On Two Families, The Secrets They Guard, And The Desperate Fight To Hide The Darkness Within This was my first book by J.T Ellison and it will not be my last I was seriously impressed with Ellison s writing and I have to admit, I have never had to look up so many words while reading a work of fiction so hey thanks for increasing my vocabulary, Ms Ellison When seventeen year old professional skier, Mindy, breaks her leg in a competition, a series of events unravel which will change the course of her and her family s life forever This is a dark, multi layered story that combines issues with mental and physical illness, and questions as to how far certain people will go for those they love I certainly appreciated the author s note where she mentions her inspiration and her support of suicide prevention This is an important topic that is addressed within these pages And I have to say Kat the dog was probably my favorite character in the whole book This was a buddy read with my fellow 6bookbesties Mackenzie and Berit Thank you to MIRA and Harlequin for my advance copy This book is available today After loving Lie to Me last year I knew that I had to pick up a copy of Tear Me Apart by J.T Ellison and give it a read Now after Tear Me Apart I might as well add J.T Ellison to my short list of authors to just grab no questions asked.Mindy is an up and coming skier that the media is calling the next Lindsey Vonn who is in the process of trying out for the Olympic team when disaster strikes At the last gate Mindy crashes and breaks her leg and is rushed to surgery where doctors find that she has a rare form of leukemia.Now of course Mindy s parents will do whatever they can to help their daughter with her battle against cancer so they rush to get tested to become donors When neither parent or her aunt are a match it looks as if Mindy may have been switched at birth but Lauren, Mindy s mother is extremely against looking into the past.The story is told from multiple points of view across the book through separate sections Each section has the readers peeling back and layers of the story as you work to uncover years worth of secrets and lies The story is very easy to follow though even with the different POVs and times and from the opening pages I was completely hooked on the story and needed to know how it turn out Definitely a thriller I d recommend checking out.I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.For reviews please visit 3 StarsMindy Wright is teenage sensation An Olympic hopeful Downhill Skier The world is her oyster that is until she break a leg on her last run down the mountain and loses the race That not even the worst of it when undergoing testing at the hospital, it is discovered that Mindy has a rare form of Leukemia and needs a stem cell transplant When her parents are tested, a secret comes out Neither are a match Lauren, Mindy s mother has known all along and yet she has never told anyone Not her husband Jasper, or her sister Juliet The question is why And who are Mindy s parents Dun dun dun Lauren Wright has a lot to hide Her secrets however, are nothing, in comparison to her desire for her daughter to succeed and no one will get in the way of what she wants most Tear Me Apart by J.T Ellison is a wild and crazy fast paced mystery suspense The underlying storyline is quite intriguing and it held my interest However, there were several tangential storylines which I felt were a bit unnecessary and took away from the mystery This is the second book I have read by J.T Ellison, with Lie To Me being the first As I enjoyed both novels, these will definitely not be my last This was a buddy read with Kaceey So happy that we read this one together Thank you to NetGalley, HARLEQUIN MIRA and J.T Ellison for an ARC of this novel in exchange for an honest review Published on NetGalley and Goodreads on 8.14.18. 3.5 StarsI really didn t want to read this book You know, very slow stories with almost 500 pages aren t my cup of tea but then I thought what if I listen to the audio So I tried it and really enjoyed the audio It has 6 performers Yes, exactly SIX.PERFORMERS And that was why I didn t get bored The narration was really good The disappointment part was the ending, as usual I guessed it from the start and was hoping that I m wrong but unfortunately, I was right It was so obvious Told in multiple POV, both in 1st and 3rd person It s a standalone novel, really slow paced with short chapters and a predictable ending, alternating between past and present Overall, I enjoyed listening to the audio and hope you like it as well I ve read a few J.T Ellison books over the last two years When Tear Me Apart came out, I quickly added it to my TBR and looked forward to getting it scheduled in the queue After reading lots of light cozy mysteries, I needed a stronger thriller or suspense last week and moved Tear Me Apart up on my list I enjoyed the book a lot and walked away with tons of mixed emotions, ultimately settling on a solid 4 stars.Mindy Wright is a 17 year old competitive skier who is likely about to join the US Olympic Team An accident on the slopes derails those hopes but also reveals she has leukemia The rest of the book is an explosion of lies and secrets all culminating in discovering 1 Mindy s real parents, 2 how she became adopted, 3 what happened to several young girls in a psychological institute, and 4 what is the relationship between parents and children versus sisters Since I don t want to give away too much about the plot, what you need to know is that this book will delve into how far a person will go to protect someone they love or something they desperately want.The book starts in complete discord and chaos in a good way Different characters lead the first few chapters We have perspective and POV from a few primary people in the book We don t know how everyone relates to each other until at least fifty percent into the book It s a suspenseful tale that draws you in not immediately, but with each unraveling layer of the onion It s a bit sweet, sometimes make you cry, but always leaves you with something to keep discovering Who s telling the truth Who s leaving out some info and embellishing other history It s confusing and all leads to a rather huge explosion.Let s start with the good Character, plot and writing are all solid They are well depicted and keep you interested Ellison chooses to only show Mindy s point of view in a handful of not very important scenes The focus is on her biological parents and her adopted parents, as well as other interested parties and one kind aunt How everyone fits together is intriguing, especially once you discover who s behind the letters Mindy finds in a locked closet in her house.Let s dance around the odd One character goes from completely in control to completely out of control I can support her slow unraveling history coming back from the dead the powers of psychosis taking over but it was way too far If you re crazy, you ll do some crazy stuff But I still don t understand why 17 years later you go off the rails in a spectacularly insane finish If the secret comes out, it does You could have kept a bunch hidden and just said here s who your parents were and this is how you came to live with us Also, we don t have nearly enough clarity on what was wrong with the bio mother to do the things she did I understand depression can make you do things you wouldn t normally do, or feel things you shouldn t feel, but the progression wasn t enough for me to completely believe it For those reasons, I couldn t give this 5 stars.I thought about dropping it to a 3 or a 3.5, but ultimately, I couldn t put the book down I found myself in constant attachment and wanting to know how did it happen Sometimes I poked holes in the explanations only to find those same holes being explored chapters later It s OBVIOUS the author went into extreme planning mode and truly wrote a complex thriller It just didn t complete the webbing for me I respect her talent and think because of my obsession to know what happened, I feel comfortable with 4 stars.Who else read it What did you think I will definitely read from this author She s a wonderful storyteller. 4.5 Intensely Engrossing Stars This book was no bunny slope, it was a black diamond run all the way This was a book that left you exhilarated and a little cold filled with twists and turns with many bumps along the way there were many high flying moments as well as some close crashes so strap on those skis fasten those goggles, and get ready for an intense ride down the slope with this book.Mindy Wright is a skiing prodigy on the brink of Olympic glory until a major crash, a broken leg,and an unforeseen diagnosis, changes everything while in the hospital with her broken leg Mindy is diagnosed with an aggressive form of leukemia in need of a bone marrow transplant both her parents are tested, and when not only are they not a match they are not genetically related to Mindy Mindy s perfect run at Life is now a perfect nightmare, and it isn t only her bone that is shattered how is this possible Was Mindy switched at birth Or is the answer dark and complicated than that How many secrets run through this family and what have they done to protect them Oh what a tangled web we weave and the untangling of this web was quite the thrilling ride I was probably suspicious of every single character in this book at one time or another with the exception of Mindy told from the perspective of multiple characters you really saw this scenario unfold from every angle I thought this was such an impactful way to tell the story it kept me completely engrossed until I reach the finish line secrets leading to lies, lies leading to secrets, nobody ever knowing who to believe and in the middle of this crazy storm a girl who is fighting for her life An engrossing book that will keep you turning those pages well after the ski lift closes with a ending that was both haunting and perfect.Absolutely recommend to fans of thrillers with complicated characters and a compelling plot this was definitely a gold medal read many thanks to Harlequin Mira for my copy of this brilliant book What a tangled web of lies J T Ellison has created The I read in this book, the shocked I became with the twisted trail of deception that was uncovered by a single incident Ellison is a favorite author of mine, and I noticed she liked to play with the reader a bit She doesn t mind having flawed characters In fact, Ellison s work thrives on flawed characters But her characters feel real because of that They feel like they make mistakes, they forgive those they shouldn t, they lie in ways that are understandable and even ways you can empathize with And then she hits you with those final twists and everything suddenly falls into place and you wonder how these characters got to this point This book was a fun, twisty read that I completely loved About the BookMindy Wright is a young star in the competitive skiing world, with a real shot at making the national team Mindy has two parents who adore her, Lauren and Jasper Wright They live in a gorgeous mountainside home, close to her training facility They homeschool her so she can compete and train to make the team And they love and support Mindy in every way.When Mindy takes a fall on her last qualifying run, her parent s are devastated Rushing Mindy to the hospital to have her broken leg fixed, they discover something shocking Mindy has cancer and needs a stem cell transfusion Desperate to help any way they can, Lauren and Jasper offer to be tested, only to discover something even shocking Mindy is not biologically related to them.With Mindy s life on the line, Lauren and Jasper will do anything they can to protect their daughter But what if their lies are the barrier to finding the match for Mindy Is it possible her parents know than they let on Or is this a terrible mix up with devastating consequences ReflectionI ve mentioned that J T Ellison is one of my favorite authors, and there is a reason for that Ellison does not ever take the easy road through her novels There is never a quick and easy twist, never a moment where a character gets off the hook, and she doesn t baby her characters We see her characters with all of their flaws, their lies, and their regrettable moments And they are ALL liars to an extent They lie to us, they lie to themselves, and sometimes they lie to eachother I think many authors struggle with falling in love with their characters And when that happens, it can be very difficult to show them with all of their good and bad traits Ellison takes the reverse approach Most of her characters seem awful at first, and then the you know them the human they become, and the rootable Her characters impression manage to an extreme degree hiding themselves from the reader, the other characters, and sometimes even from themselves.Lauren and Jasper are such fascinating characters You ll go in finding them boring a bit entitled and overbearing of Mindy But they love her so much, that its hard not to cheer them on And as each other them become real, I was drawn into the story Then we have a mysterious third narrator with a seriously dark story I was dying to know who this third narrator was and how she fits into the story She has her own cast of characters way back in time, and each one fascinated me Ellison uses this parallel story so effectively, laying out all of the pieces at just the right times.There are a lot of other great characters, but I don t want to spoil the ride so I ll keep them to myself Except to say that there is a pretty great dog in the book named Kat lol and she is so cute and loveable, even over text This is truly a story about the immense love of a mother and father for their daughter, and the horrifying secret that threatens to tear the family apart Those lies we tell for the greater good come back to haunt us And because we are all human, the lies tend to build Instead of living in our truths, we bury ourselves in the lies we ve created To save Mindy s life, a lot of lies need to be exposed What a twisted tale This was a buddy read with Melisa and Berit and we LOVED this book See my blog post here Many thanks to Harlequin MIRA and to J T Ellison for a copy of this book to review.