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!DOWNLOAD PDF ♱ The Hidden World of Birthdays and Relationships ♏ WHAT DOES YOUR BIRTHDAY SAY ABOUT YOU Did You Know That You Have Your Own Special Flower Gem Fragrance Do You Know Your Lucky Numbers The Name Of Your Guardian Angel The Best Day Of The Week To Ask For A Raise World Renowned Psychic Judith Turner Does, And She Reveals Them To You Combining Astrology, Psychology, And Extrasensory Insight, The Hidden World Of Birthdays Gives You The Keys To Unlock The Power Of Your PersonalityEach Person Has Qualities That Are All His Or Her Own, And Each Day Is As Special As The Person Born On It In The Hidden World Of Birthdays You Will Find Information On Gems The Jewels And Precious Stones That Will Bring You Luck, Power, And EncouragementColors The Hues And Shades That Give You Charm And Charisma When You Wear Them The Colors You Should Always Have Somewhere Around You The Colors That Will Enhance Your Confidence And Calm You When You Are TroubledWhat S Lucky Discover Your Lucky Numbers, Months, Day Of The Week, And Days Of The Month There S A Lucky Charm Just For You, And You Ll Find Out The Most Harmonious Astrological Signs For Partnerships And RelationshipsSpiritual Guides Your Star, Your Angel, Your Guardian Angel, And Your Spiritual Stone Can Be Powerful Tools In Managing Your Spiritual LifeAnd There S , Including A Very Special Section For Each Birthday Called Judith S Insight, Which Will Help You In Making The Best Life Choices And Shows You Not Just Who You Are, But Who You Are Capable Of Becoming