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In the best of the Courtney series novels to date, Smith weaves tales of South Africa, using his explosive cast of characters With the Second Word War in the recent past, South Africa moves into a new era, both of politics and racial clashes Half brothers Shasa Courtney and Manfred De La Rey both hold seats in Parliament, but sit on opposing sides The National Party has succeeded at the polls and holds a firm grip on power, seeking to legislate their permanent rule of the country, in which blacks will be subservient under apartheid When Shasa is lured from the opposition benches to the National Party, he is promised a cabinet post and serves effectively, as South Africa is shunned internationally for its antics Some may say Shasa has turned his back on his morals, though he would argue that there is a need to work within the system currently in place, trying to turn things around in whatever way he can The black population of the country will not wait for an outside saviour Moses Gama works within the military arm of the African National Congress ANC to bring about change, no matter the bloodshed As he rallies the troops, Gama commits the ultimate coup when he lures Shasa s wife, Tara, away from her husband and into his bed They conceive a son, which Tara has in secret, and Gama is able to use Tara as a pawn in his evolving plot to infiltrate the government When a major terrorist plot is foiled, Gama faces the ultimate price after a trial in the white courts Working together, Shasa and Manfred, whose connection has only just been revealed to one another, are able to limit any violence as they quell the ANC protests and keep South Africa strong In the latter portion of the novel, Shasa finally uncovers the White Sword, the man behind the murder of his grandfather, Garrick Courtney Manfred disappears from public life in a negotiated deal with his brother, living out his life on the farms while Shasa rises to new powers, representing the Republic of South Africa on the international scene Powerful in its plot advancements and ever developing characters, Smith does a masterful job at keeping the reader highly entertained throughout One reason that this novel vaults ahead of its predecessors is the thick plots related to the political and social developments within South Africa It is within the timeframe of this novel that the Smuts morals of governing are turned around and the National Party begins a brutal regime of ostracizing the black population Smith weaves historical truths within his fictional narrative, as South Africa becomes the abandoned child of the British Commonwealth and soon leaves the comforts of the nest to survive as a republic Smith is also keen on pushing the multi generational aspect of the story within this novel, honing the lives of both Manfred and Shasa s children, giving them their own lives and plots that develop throughout and will, hopefully, continue to expand as the series moves forward These rich storylines foster interest for the reader, as the torch is passed from Centaine to her grandchildren with great intrigue, and each grandchild chooses a life path of their own Smith leaves many threads dangling and must address them, but also makes sure to tie off a number of loose ends, all in the hopes of keeping the reader guessing about what will come next.Kudos, Mr Smith for taking the time to bring South Africa to life This is a series I have been looking for and you deliver it with such ease Like hate the review An ever growing collection of others appears at This is my first Wilbur Smith novel having grown up with them gracing the shelves my dad is a big fan without getting around to reading them myself good things the parents had a clear out and I was greatly impressed I wasn t sure about it at first as I didn t realise when the book was set I m missing the dust jacket so the traditional nature of the roles the men and women were playing was a little off putting Then the timing dawned on me and it began to fit together properly From then on I was swept away on the intrigues and conspiracies, business dealings and personal difficulties of all the characters, whether I liked them or not Smith weaves together the stories of his fictional characters with those from the real world really well, rather like Ken Follett who I have also been reading recently This combination makes for a realistic feel to the story and allows the reader to have a bit of familiarity with the people and events, drawing them in even I can t wait to start trawling through the others I have, might need to rest the arms first though Another fine novel from Wilbur Smith, and the next in the Courtney saga This is the biggest yet, but then Smith is tackling one of his meatiest subjects the apartheid era of South Africa in the 1950s Characters from the previous book reappear, now older and assured, with the next generation bringing their own grievances and problems to the mix The real story is always race, though, and Smith covers it in a conscientious way, exploring the faults and prejudices of both sides, charting real life events such as the Shapeville massacre with pin point accuracy, and never failing to impress, horrify and move the reader in equal measure.The story is written in an incredibly detailed way Even though it s very slow moving it s one of those books you struggle to put down because you never know what s around the corner The characters are very entertaining to read about, even though all of them are variously flawed and hateful in their own ways In terms of flaws, there s some mishandling of women it would be nice to find one for whom it isn t all about sex The ending is also a little rushed, especially given all the build up that s come previously Nonetheless this is gripping stuff, with the incredible character of Moses Gama a real stand out. I really liked this book There are so many stories going at once it can get a bit difficult to keep track of things, but it all ties together in the end. I am a great fan of Wilbur Smith, his stories are epic and you can t help but be swept away I liked Rage, its interesting to reflect on our situation today and the time in which this novel was written I d love to see an follow up book from the author set against the backdrop of the current situation in South Africa One thing about the book bothered me and that is the affair between Isabella Courtney and Lothar de la Rey aren t they related Of course they did not know, but both Centaine Courtney Malcomess and Manfred de la Rey knew Mmm, but perhaps this is part of the reason why Lothar broke it off.I was shocked by the murder of Moses Gama by his own nephew and the depths to which such radicalism stretches Oh the treacherous deceit of the act I felt that the end was rather rushed, but all in all I was satisfied to know the fate of all the characters in the book This book definitely enlightened me to see the struggle from both perspectives It also proves that it only takes a few instigators to make a tragedy The Sharpeville massacre is aptly and accurately described but than this, it adds the depth of feelings to it A good read, I would recommend it I would rate this book a 3.5 out of 5 This is a classic Wilbur Smith book and I enjoyed it very much I enjoyed it than the 3 stars would indicate The story always moves at a fast pace, the plot lines are always interesting and not always what you think, and he does a great job of making the reader feel like they are a part of South Africa and the culture The part of this book that I had a really hard time with is Smith s portrayal of women All of his books have sex scenes, but in this book, it seemed as if every female character was obsessed with sex The conservative religious women, upper class and lower class women, even progressive women, could think of nothing but sex I am not a prude or conservative at all, but the attitudes in the book that the menfolk simply dominate by being masculine and the women can barely contain themselves wore on me after a while I don t remember it being quite like this in the previous books I read by Smith There were always characters like this, but I remember female characters that had dimensions to them.With all of that said, I still really enjoyed the book. Wilbur Smith has been turning out novels since the 1960 s He has lived in most of the southern nations of Africa and experienced many of the turbulent times that he has written about Though he sometimes uses cliches ranging from broad shouldered heroes to sophisticated, intelligent, and evil villains his novels deliver one to Africa Rage begins in the late 40 s and concludes in the sixties with the struggle against apartheid in South Africa reaching violent levels The other books in this generational series are engrossing,but like all good recreational reads their intellectual content are minimal However in Rage Smith takes a hard look at his country and it s tragic past While not an intellectual masterpiece it reaches up to a little higher level than Smith s standard potboilers It s obvious that this book was personal for him Mandella was still in prison when this book was written and Apartheid was the law of the land in 1987 This book must have been a difficult venture for the author, but he accomplishes the task very well I strongly recommend not just this work, but all his novels They are exciting and just plain fun Give him a try next time you are at your local bookstore You won t be sorry. This book was an enjoyable read but the ending was really sort of rushed in my opinion The book tells a few different stories, all linked to one another in some way, and all the stories links through the struggle during apartheid in South Africa.We follow the Courtney s, who the book is all about, through their business ventures and the political adventure We follow the De La Rey s and Manfreds political rise.We follow the black struggle and their leader Moses Gama A few of the big names in African politics gets a mention, Mandela, Mbeki, Sisulu, Thambo just to name a few My favorite part of the book was when Gary, the least liked of Shasa s sons, shot his first lion, and from there on, starting to stand up for himself I do nominate him as my favorite character in the book All in all, a well written story, with a decent flow Well Done