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~READ EBOOK ♃ The Long-Distance Leader ☱ You Ve Always Prided Yourself On Being A Good Leader You Work Hard At It But Now You Have A Direct Report On The Other Side Of The Country And A Key Team On Another Continent Can You Really Motivate, Guide, And Inspire People When You Re Just An Image On A Screen You Can, And Remote Leadership Institute Co Founders Kevin Eikenberry And Wayne Turmel Show You How The Good News Is That The Fundamentals Of Leadership Remain The Same Eikenberry And Turmel S Three O Model Outcomes, Others, And Ourselves Applies Whether Your People Are Halfway Down The Hall Or Half A World Away Relevant Examples And Exercises Enable You To Make Sure Projects Stay On Track, That Productivity And Morale Are High, And That You Re Able To Build Powerful, Lasting Relationships With People Who May Be Doing Most Of Their Work While You Sleep The Authors Help You Maintain Your Sanity While Practicing What Has Become, In A Very Real Sense, Leadership Let s start a year of self improvement with an interesting topic how do you manage people when they are far away from you This book is simple and provides some clear insights It is sometimes addressing too much old school managers but the ideas are valid for an high tech user too.I may get deeper in some topics like the PIN technique and change the way I have 1to1s, for sure I will use some of the online tools that accompany the book everybody should have a DISC or similar profile hashtag thelongdistanceleader hashtag improve2019 The long distance leader The Long Distance Leader is a comprehensive guide to the challenges faced in leading remote teams and direct reports Authors Eikenberry and Turmel have done an excellent job in highlighting and explaining how managing remote teams isdifficult and challenging than leading a group of collocated team members More important, they provide a range of easy to implement techniques and processes to overcome these hurdles and minimize the difficulties caused by geography and time zones The book clearly shows how to enact the core principles of leadership with employees, colleagues, and direct reports spread across different workplaces and scattered across multiple time zones In the view of the authors, leadership comes first, location second With a focus on achieving desired outcomes at a distance and how to engage others who work remotely, The Long Distance Leader provides insights and tools for improving how anyone leads remote team members This is a very timely book asleaders, particularly first level leaders and supervisors, are being assigned to lead, motivate, coach, and develop remote team members Unfortunately, most are not given training in how to do so effectively and efficiently Thus, this book fulfills a major knowledge gap on a skill that an increasing number of leaders and managers will need to successfully deliver future results. This book explains how leading a remote team is the same and how it is different It gives relevant and useful tools and scenarios on how to engage your teammates, and turn the potential pitfalls of challenges into opportunities for growth and success It is easily digestible and is clearly authored by experts in their field The leadership insights are unparalleled and the applications around technology, choices, expectations, and communication between remote team members are true game changers I had high hopes for this book It is hard to find a good book that talks about leading a remote team Sadly, this isn t one either Basically, this book just says even though your team is remote, you still have to be a leader I was hoping for some discussion on how to handle normal leadership issues that are madedifficult in a remote work environment e.g communications, tardiness, performance issues, etc Oh well, the search continues As an executive coach and trainer, I constantly am asked how to engage teams and individuals that are remote It is a common challenge of leaders in today s global organizations The authors of this book provide timely and actionable insights While the book sometimes veers intogeneral leadership advicethan is necessary for the scope of this book, the book remains the finest book to date on this urgent topic. A good book with insights about applying leadership techniques and management methods to teams or individuals working remotely This is a timely book asof the workforce does not sit in the home location It includes some excellent tips about leading people and managing the workforce when people are working remotely Informative and fun to read or listen in my case I m thinking of purchasing the kindle version as well in order to re read it and keep better notes. Ironically picked up this book in an airport and I was about to board a plane to another state where part of my distributed teams works The title drew me in and a review of the page with the rules compelled me to buy it The content hits on common sense reminders of need for communication on a team but adjusting to that same team that is working in different locations Many of these aspects are just as true for team sitting in the same location Regardless of where one is located, people listen or process in different ways To get a message across or gather information, one has to know what methods work best for both parties Being remote reduces our normal information transactions as we are not able to process in person, visually seeing and sharing facial expressions and body language Visual methods like video conference calls or Skype can helps with that but still not the same Good advice throughout, especially if you have people that are not located next to you. Good, but kinda shallow Aimed at offline managers transitioning into the matrix