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A student of Doctor John Demartini writes a long book almost 300 pages on getting things done What s good about it Well, unlike similar books on compounding actions it is focused on execution via integration If you don t know what these terms mean, then you may enjoy this book.Just as the author of The One Thing features a execution question, so this book also features and execution question which many people may findmotivating and empowering because it emphasises falling in love with the process.This book attempts to evoke the coaching process whereby a client discovers through introspection, discussion, reflection, and exercises a state of clarity So doing the exercises may create clarity.Now for the downsides The author aims at self help junkies and thereby evokes a weariness in the message It feels long and dull I read many dull portions only lightly Other than the execution question, I feel like the book doesn t bring anything new to what has already been said in other books.I find the motivational and positive style dull I use the question, however So it is a somewhat good book. Not to bad A little rah rah hype train at times but still a couple of decent take away s I do think there are other books which have done a better job. The Good Tommy Baker does an excellent job compiling a number of very good resources and ideas together in an easy to follow and apply book The writing is easy to digest and is written in a straight forward manner This is the book for the person who knows they should be doing , but can t seem to close the distance between wishing and doing I was skeptical at first I ve read many similar books and listened to many similar podcasts After a while, all the content tends to merge into one big glop of sound bites and feel goods But, The 1% Rule is different It s clear, concise, and practical The Okay In as many aspects as it is different than other business self help books, it is essentially the same The ideas aren t terribly unique and the quotes aren t terribly original The title sounds scammy and the caption sounds gimmicky However, the content is powerful The principles are timeless The problems described are real.Overall 10 10 recommend It s a great read and it s hard to go wrong The 1% rule is both easy to understand and logical to implement I m going to start tonight If you like this book, I would recommend The One Thing by Gary Keller It has similar themes. I did fall in love with the processWell written, straight to the point This book lets you understand some basic principles that keeps you away from really achieving results. This book has been highly recommended to me by a very close friend of mine who has said to me and told me that this book is not one of those self help books that make you feel good about yourself and you read only once and eventually forget about its message, but is in fact one of those books that do make you feel good about yourself, but also have immense potential to change human lives and reader s outlook on his or her life I couldn t agreewith my friend s assessment, for as I was reading it, I got this sense, that this book has been written to transform and change human lives, to make people see that they are valuable, that they are worthy, and that they have endless and limitless amount of potential within them they ve no idea about because they spend their precious time doing things they shouldn t be doing and dedicating their precious time to pointless, unnecessary and worthless distractions, which prevent them from discovering and uncovering that potential they posses and thus inadvertently prevent themselves from making their hopes, their ideas, their aspirations, and their dreams, a reality This book indeed has immense potential to transform and change your life for the better, but you can only do that by following the ideas and principles behind the 1% Rule It would be totally unfair towards the author if I told you what the rule is about, but I ll say this If you ve ever felt lost, and if you ve ever wanted to be found, if you truly want to make your idea or your dream a reality, or if you re struggling in life and with your business venture, this book offers a lot of advice within the 1% rule for the likes of you, and you never know, you may as well learn valuable life changing lessons the author of this book has learned, and maybe apply them to your very own life. I can see why this book is so popular it s filled with simple, common sense, tips and rules that we need to be remembered of every day It s a light read, but can be very fruitful Try it I won this book for free through Goodreads Giveaways Thank to you Goodreads, Tommy Baker, and Archangel Ink for a copy of the book As always, an honest review The 1% Rule is all about the process of achieving your goals, your big dreams, the wildest possibilities First of all the author is very motivational, which you want in a business self help type book He truly inspired me to start makingpositive changes in my life But even better, most of the book centers around practical steps to make your big dreams a possibility I loved that he focused on breaking everything down into small daily steps to hold yourself accountable It will be different for each person, since each person s goal and process is unique The emphasis is on putting in the mundane, necessary hard work each day Over time the results will at least add up, if not compound on each other The process makes absolute sense yet many books don t focus on this I also appreciated the focus on doing what works for you and not worrying what other people think I also loved the little trick the author uses to keep motivated Makes complete sense and is incredibly helpful when you get in a slump Even with all these amazing aspects, at times it felt a bit much It s definitely a book for highly motivated people who will stop at nothing to make their dreams a reality I prefer, and actually require, a bitbalance and calmness in my life.However, I ve already implemented changes in my daily routine based on the author s suggestions in the book Keeping myself accountable and putting in consistent daily work towards my book blog And I ve already seen small improvements The 1% Rule is a self help book geared towards business that might actually help you get where you want to go. For me the book wasn t of too much value I already knew the things mentioned there.The book consists of 14 chapters In the first half of the book the author repeatedly says that what we perceive as success is not instant and is always a result of the hard boring long term resistance filled work and without it you have no chance of getting there It s a mistake to compare yourselves to the end result Instead it s better to get focused on small everyday things and get inspired by the greatest power perceived progress.He mentions that it s crucial to stop being afraid of unknown and see it as an exciting thing this holds back many people.The second part isabout practical steps As the first step he suggests putting a bold goal with a deadline of 90 days and completely focus on it.In the end there are some practical recommendations regarding sample goals you can set if you re out of ideas and some techniques to release stress Primal yell, full force sprint Author tries to add some interactivity by adding forms where you should write e.g your current energy level or some example from your life related what you just read Resume with some generalizing this book is primarily targeted for a classical American Dream achievers For Europeans it will look a little too tryhard For the rest of the world in may look a bit naive considering how dangerous the resistance you get on your way may be. Highly motivating, but very repetitiveBook started off slowly, the middle was good, but I struggled to finish it because of too much repetition It does reflect well that most people go through life aimlessly and fail to achieve anything. `Download Book ☔ The 1% Rule ☠ In A Highlight Reel, Microwave World We Re Led To Believe Success Is Right Around The Corner It S Not Working Not Only Is It Not Working With Our Ability To Achieve Our Goals, We Ve Never Been Frustrated, Stuck And Unfulfilled But What If There Was A Way To Shut Out The Noise, Fall In Love With The Process And Take One Step Forward Every Single Day Leading To An Undeniable Confidence As We Paint Our Life S Masterpiece Enter The % Rule A Daily System Designed To Help You Close The Gap Without The Crushing Pressure That Leads Most People Less Inspired, And Stuck The % Rule Was Designed To Answer Three Core Questions Why Do Some People Seem To Achieve Massive Success In Everything They Do, While Others Can T Even Get Out Of Their Own Way What Separates Those Who Get Excited And Inspired For A Season, A Quarter, A Month Or A Week And Those Who Are Consistently On Fire What Are The Core Principles, Mindsets, Habits And Rituals Of Those Who Execute Ruthlessly, And Those Who Sit On The Sidelines Pondering Through Exploring These Answers Over The Last Decade The Core Principles, Strategies And Proven Framework Of The % Rule Were Born And Are Now Yours Today If You Re Ready To Ditch The Highlight Reel Illusion If You Re Tired Of Sitting On The Sidelines Waiting If You Re Frustrated With The Noise You Ve Come To The Right Place