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@Free Pdf ¹ Audio Restoration with Izotope RX 7 × Music Pro Guides Audio Restoration With IZotope RX Teaches The Fundamentals Of Audio Restoration Using IZotope S RX Audio Editor Software Designed To Support Both Instructor Led Training And Independent Learning, This Course Book Covers All Aspects Of Using IZotope RX Standard And IZotope RX Advanced In This Course, Students Will Learn To Tackle Common Audio Restoration Challenges That Arise In Both Music Production And Audio Post Production Workflows The Included Hands On Exercises Will Help Students To Develop Essential Techniques That Can Be Used To Save Problematic Audio And Create Better Sounding Results In Less Time Topics Of Discussion Include A Brief History Of Audio Restoration, The Goals Of Audio Restoration, Common Audio Restoration Tools, Noise Reduction Basics, Learning To Read A Spectrogram, Visual Examples Of Noise, Software Installation And Authorization, Key Features Of The RX Audio Editor, Differences Between RX Standard And RX Advanced, Standalone Vs Plug In Operation, Voice Specific Restoration Modules, Spectral Noise Reduction Modules, Utility Modules, RX Advanced Modules, And The Encyclopedia Of Noise