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4 1 2 starsAs with the first book, the second book in this series is a great middle grade read It combines normal things that kids will relate to like brushing their teeth with fighting monsters and magic It creates a place where kids can see how hard making choices are NOT whether or not to brush your teeth but things like how discrimination and race make people funny And whether or not you just do what everyone wants you to or do what s right in your heart The relationships between the four main characters and the added new one is this book will keep kids interested, I know it did me The characters are complex and interesting They aren t perfect but they are easy to like These guys do have you thinking and that s an important quality for a middle grade book It s not predictable and it holds the reader in this world that has lots of issues I loved that even kids could make an impact on this world.The story moves quickly, again holding you in the story There is a lot of fighting with monsters, action that will draw in the boys and strong girls that will draw in the girls Certainly can t wait for book three 4.5 5 starsThis review and many can be found on my blog Feed Your Fiction AddictionI thought this second book was even better than the first This installment had all the adventurous and magical elements of the first book, but those aspects of the book were intensified I also found myself laughing , and the worldbuilding was stronger I thought the first book did a pretty good job of these things, but this second book definitely outshone it.But the thing that I loved most about this one was the social commentary The elves have been herded into Freestone and are pretty much under guard The humans look at them with suspicion partially just because they re different and partially because they believe the elves brought their city s destruction down on themselves In today s political and social climate, it s not hard to see some parallels there Plus, we learn that the elves themselves have a society that has been at war with itself and certain factions are looked down on and treated as second class citizens I will say that both the authors are white and I am too so it would be interesting to read the opinions of some POC readers, but I thought that they handled the plight of the elves very well and that the messages are positive Oh, and once again, the ending has a twist that will send our heroes down a completely new path for book three This series is a perfect blend of adventure and heartDisclosure I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review No other compensation was given and all opinions are my own Zed awoke early the next morning, still groggy from the night s celebrations His teeth ached from too much ambrosia Zed s mother would pop a kettle if she knew he d fallen asleep without brushing again, but dental hygiene didn t factor high among his concerns these days Just two nights agao, his bedtime routine had involved tugging Liza s arm out of the jaws of a monster I love how TWILIGHT OF THE ELVES combines the mundane and relatable like brushing teeth with magic and exciting adventures This compelling book is the perfect follow up to the first book in the series The characters are complex, filled with foibles, yet likable and overflowing with redeeming qualities The relationships are real and raw and thought provoking Themes of friendship, belonging, discrimination, romantic love, and identity make this a book that will resonate with all ages With a fast paced plot, mystery and magic, this book was incredibly fun to read Zed s need to get to know his father, the shadow who wants Brock to spy, the discriminations within the Elven race, the Queen s secret agenda and , make this book filled with intrigue Many questions are left unresolved and I can t wait to read the next book in the series. Twilight of the Elves is an action packed, page turner that will keep you on the edge of your seats This is a wonderful fantasy adventure for young children if read aloud, and perfect for slightly older children looking to delve into the fantasy genre.The story itself wonderful, with perfect pacing I highly recommend Twilight of the Elves Considering the ending, I can t wait for book three. [ BOOK ] ☯ Twilight of the Elves (The Adventurers Guild #2) ♶ I Should Probably Start At The Beginning,Zed Wrote,when Things First Went WrongZed, Brock, And Their Friends May Have Saved Freestone From Destruction, But The Fight Against The Dangers Is Far From Over No One Knows What To Expect Next From The Dark Power That Forced The Elves To Abandon Their City And The Influx Of Elf Refugees In Freestone Strains Resources And Brews Resentment Among The Townspeople Things Have Shifted Between Best Friends Zed And Brock, As Well, With Their Friendship Crumbling Under The Weight Of The Secrets They Re Keeping From Each OtherWhen Tensions Reach An All Time High, Queen Me Shala, Leader Of The Elves, Approaches The Adventurers Guild With A Mission She Wants A Small Group Of Adventurers To Go Behind The King S Back On A Covert Mission To Save Her City, And Zed, Brock, Liza, Jett, Micah, And Their Elven Friend Fel Join The Quest To Face A Powerful Form Of Magic Thought To Be Extinct, The Adventurers Will Have To Learn How To Rely On Each Other And Fight Harder Than Ever BeforeDon T Miss This Second Installment Of Zack Loran Clark And Nicholas Eliopulos S Adventurers Guild Trilogy, Where The Stakes Are Raised, The Action Is Breathless, And The Dangers Will Stop Even The Bravest Of Hearts Twilight of the Elves Adventurer s Guild 2 by Zack Clark and Nick Eliopulos, 384 pages Disney, NOVEMBER 2018 17 Language G Mature Content G Violence PG lots of fighting undead creatures EL, MS ADVISABLEAfter the elves fled the evil necromancer who raised their dead and destroyed their city, they have uneasily settled into the former marketplace in Freestone Zed, Brock, and the others have saved Freestone once, now the elves want them to save Llethanyl, too But things are complicated now that they aren t just trying to find their place within the Adventurer s Guild Zed and Brock are both keeping dark secrets from each other These secrets may not only destroy their friendship, but also the world The journey to Llethanyl will be filled with danger, but between grit, luck, and skill, the Adventurer s may have a chance.Kids who have read the first book will enjoy this one just as much The action alone will keep young readers coming back for The author pair has a good chance to become as beloved as Brandon Mull In the future, however, I think they need to spare a little time for character development while there is a bit, it is pretty shallow They also need to stop setting up the next book at the end of the last one If the writing is strong enough, you don t need to shove your story arc in your readers faces They will come back for because you gave them a strong, complete story to love Rant over.Cindy, Middle School Librarianhttps kissthebook.blogspot.com 2018 Zed, Brock, Liza, Micah, and Jett are back to survive dangers and deceptions Spoiler Alert At the end of the first book in the series the elves arrived to report that their city had fallen The town of Freestone allowed the refugees inside its walls, but the situation is uneasy and that is putting it mildly The Rangers of the elves have taken shelter with the Adventurers Guild and their youngest member, Fel, has joined the five friends in their training When a party is sent to scout a possible return to the elven city of Llethanyl, the youngsters find themselves outside the safety of Freestone and in the wilderness where Dangers could be behind every bush or stone Besides the creatures who try to kill them ranging from shapeshifting things with really large teeth to deadly spores and even banshees , there are also plenty of intrigue and cross purposes to ruin everyone s day The shadowy figure who wants Brock to discover secrets, Zed s desire to learn about his elven father, the prejudices within the elven party against some of their own people, the elven queen s true agendaall of these push and pull at the characters and influence their actions And within this fantasy setting, there are still everyday themes of friendship, family, belonging, identity, prejudice, and the stirrings of teenage romance as the adventurers make their way toward Llethanyl.Readers who enjoyed the first outing and have been waiting for the next installment in the series will be glad to reunite with the characters they know and to learn about the newcomers Those who are just discovering the Adventurers Guild can jump in and give this a try, and then they will probably want to go back and read about how this crew got their start once they reach the end of the book Highly recommended for middle grade readers who enjoy fantasy adventure I read an e book provided by the publisher through NetGalley. The first book in this series was one of my favorites from last year, but unfortunately this second one just did not work for me.In the first book, we learned about the setting Some fantasy world or future Earth , where Dangers monsters have taken over Almost all people humans, elves, dwarves have been killed by the Dangers, just a few cities are left, protected by walls, men, and magic.In this second book, the main characters from the first book set out to try to save one of the cities lost to Dangers.Right from the beginning, I had problems with this book I m sure as an author, it s hard to balance how much recapping to do in a series do you add enough recap to bring people who haven t reread the earlier books up to speed Or do you write for some future reader who is reading all the books one after another Unfortunately the authors used the latter choice, and so I spent most of the book going Wait, who was that again Why is he here Is this a new character or just one I forgot.I never hated this book, but from early on, I was bored with it not helped at all by not knowing remembering who most of the characters are I could have reread the first book, so maybe that issue is on me Because I had enjoyed the first one, I stuck with this one a lot longer than I usually would have, finally giving up at the 84% mark.When the third book comes out assuming there is one , maybe I ll reread the first two before I check it out. With a series title like The Adventurers Guild, I jumped into this world expecting a fantasy adventure, and the author duo delivers The world building is one of my favorite parts of this series, and this time the focus is on the elves I enjoyed learning about elvish culture and discovering new Dangers outside the walls.The squad provides enjoyable friendship dynamics appropriate for their age group I know that they rely upon each other and will fight for each other, but like any kids, they also get on each others nerves and enjoy making fun of each other Especially Micah He s hilarious and one of my favorite characters.The story alternates between Zed and Brock s POVs The two besties are still at odds with one another and unable to communicate because of their secrets Despite their mutual desire to come clean with one another, they don t know how to begin These secrets not only threaten their friendship but create additional conflicts that threaten the larger group.While the plot is formulaic, it does deliver the fantasy adventure that I expected jumping in Things to know are that the adults are active participants Much is left to the kids, but there are solid reasons why, and the adults still provide mentorship and have their opportunities to save the kids in turn The ending wraps up quickly once the villainous mastermind is revealed, but we are given some plot developments that give me hope and have me worried for the squad s future.INITIAL THOUGHTSEnjoyable read The ending has me anticipating what will happen next This is a fun story in the Adventurers Guild series.I love the group of kids who form the Adventurers Guild They are like a bunch of misfits because they don t really belong anywhere else There was a lot of tension between Zed and Brock, the two main characters, because they are both keeping secrets from one another The characters got a little confusing at times because there were so many new ones, such as the elves they travelled with, and some characters have similar names.I was reminded of Game of Thrones throughout this story There were different creatures and species, such as dragons The elves play an important role in this story The Adventurers Guild has to try and help the elves get rid of the Lich, which is causing all of their dead to spring to life and attack Their trek reminded me of when the characters in Game of Thrones go beyond the wall This story is like a kid friendly version of Game of Thrones.I really enjoyed this action packed story This is a great series I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.