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READ PDF ì Forever Summer ⚶ Setting The Warm, Relaxed Tone Befitting The Season, UK Food Goddess Lawson Nigella Bites Presents Her Newest Volume As An Ode To Summer, To Freshness, And, In Gray Weather, To A Time To Conjure Up The Sun, Some Light, A Lazy Feeling Of Having All The Wide Skied Time In The World To Sit Back And Eat Warmly With Friends Befitting A Book Of Simply Prepared Summer Dishes, Lawson Takes Her Inspiration From Such Warm Climes As Southern Europe, The Middle East And Southeast Asia For Starters, Lawson Offers Grilled Eggplant With Feta, Mint And Chilli, Where The Ingredients Are Rolled Inside The Thinly Sliced Eggplant, And Then Moves On To Flatbread Pizzas, Whose Dough Is Made With Za Atar, A Mixture Of Thyme, Sumac And Sesame Her Pastas And Salads Are Innovative And Wonderfully Fresh, Such As Linguine With Chilli, Crab And Watercress Watermelon, Feta And Black Olive Salad Or Shrimp And Black Rice Salad With Vietnamese Dressing Main Courses Include Keralan Fish Curry With Lemon Rice, As Well As Porchetta, Which Is Chopped Pork Shoulder Cooked With Fennel, Garlic And Rosemary And Sandwiched Within A Ciabatta Roll Winding Down The Meal, Lawson Serves Such Cooling Fare As Figs For A Thousand And One Nights, Which Are Broiled And Then Pulled Open Until They Look Like Young Birds Squawking To Be Fed Worms By Their Mommy Before They Are Drizzled With Rose Water, Orange Water And Sugar As Viewers Of Her Shows Will Notice, The Book S Photos Of Both Nigella And The Food Are Just As Cool And Luscious As The Recipes ThemselvesCopyright Reed Business Information, Inc I actually originally bought several of Nigella Lawson s books for the food photography, which is actually gorgeous, but ended up cooking some of the recipes I find this book to be fun, but not an entirely serious cooking tome Many of the recipes are very specific in their ingredients meaning you will likely have to go shopping in order to execute specific recipe But a great resource for special occasions or cooking for a dinner party My favorite savory recipe is the slow roasted Garlic Lemon Chicken which is incredibly easy to whip up always a crowd pleaser Nigella s recipes always come with a cute little back story, and her flavor profiles are excellent If you re looking to expand from the status quo of Monday Friday recipes this is a great place to expand your palate your spice rack Read this for the 2017 POPSUGAR Challenge prompt A Book with One of the Four Seasons in the Title 25 2 My parents have gone to Canada for three weeks, leaving me in charge of the house which means I get to clean when I want and cook what I want So in coincidental honour of what the meteorologists reckon is going to be a hotter than average autumn I m spending the three weeks cooking from Nigella Lawson s ode to summer cooking.Last night I made Sea Bass with Saffron, Sherry and Pinenuts I served it on a bed of rice to soak up the juices Although Mum and Dad made eww faces when I told them about it over Skype I thought it was very nice, a really good combination of sweet and salty, plus super easy and cheap I couldn t get sea bass so I switched it for basa which is a type of catfish and works well whenever I need a firm white fish and is only 11 per kilo All you have to do is soak some sultanas in the sherry, toast the pinenuts in a frying pan, set them aside, pour the sherry sultanas into the same pan bring to the boil and add the saffron, add the fish and cook for a couple of minutes turn and cook for another minute or so all depending on the size of your fillet and serve sprinkled with the pinenuts.Tonight I made Baked Ricotta which involved beating ricotta with eggs, salt and lemon juice until smooth and creamy and then gently frying it in an oiled frying pan before putting it under the grill till the top was set, kind of like a frittata I served that with garlic bread.26 2 Tonight I attempted the White Chocolate and Passionfruit Mousse It didn t quite set, which was probably my fault as I didn t read the label of the can of passionfruit pulp that I was using in place of six fresh passionfruits and so didn t realise that the pulp was in syrup which made it a lot runnier than it was supposed to have been It had almost four hours in the fridge and freezer and still wasn t set, although the fresh raspberries at the bottom of the bowl were frozen solid which made them difficult and painful to eat The large bowlfuls were well received despite the lack of solidity, so I would make this again, I would just make sure that I gave it longer in the fridge and used fresh passionfruit To be continued5 3 Last night I made the Thai Lettuce Cups for dinner and they were really yummy and amazingly quick and easy I used mince than was required because I couldn t be bothered saving 125 g from my 500 g pack for another time which would likely never come because 125 g of mince isn t enough to do anything with and 99% of recipes that I ve ever come across need mince in 500 g amounts 500, 1000, 1500, etc., so I wouldn t have even been able to add it to anything and omitted the chillies because I don t really like spicy food and I felt the flavourings of fish sauce and lime juice zest was enough, it didn t need chilli overpowering everything My main problem was my iceberg lettuce, the leaves were so tightly furled that it was impossible to extract a whole leaf In the end I had a large pile of lettuce leaves torn into palm sized pieces and I used a teaspoon to scoop the mince onto the lettuce before hurriedly shoving the lot in my mouth before I could lose any of the mince down the side of the couch It s a good thing I was eating alone except for my ravenous dogs , as I m sure it wasn t a pretty sight there were a few times when I literally had to poke the tail end of the lettuce leaf in my mouth because it was a bit too big, but if I had taken a bite out of it I would surely have ended up with it down my front So, no pretty eating, but it was definitely tasty and I m sure I ll make it again when my parents get home.Tonight I did a double header for my uncle and cousin s weekly Sunday night meal with me and my parents when they re here First I made Risi e Bisi for the main and followed it up with Gooseberry Fool due to a lack of gooseberries it became blackberry fool Risi e Bisi is according to Nigella a Venetian risotto soup Her version was made by frying frozen peas in butter and then pureeing them with some butter and parmesan cheese Then you fry a finely chopped onion in butter Nigella doesn t do diet cooking then add the Arborio rice and a few tablespoons of freshly chopped mint Then 1.5 litres of vegetable stock and the pea puree and simmer till the rice is cooked about 15 minutes Take it off the heat, add some parmesan and you re done It was fantastic and I can t wait to have it for dinner again, on Tuesday The blackberry fool was so simple you could hardly call it cooking All I did was gently fry the blackberries in some unsalted butter to soften them slightly and maple syrup the berries were very sour, barely edible without some kind of sweetener and I thought maple syrup was a bit interesting than plain sugar , then I strained the juices off otherwise I was concerned the fool would be way too runny, like a blackberry soup with little cream clouds floating on top and folded the berries into 300 ml of whipped cream I served large dollops in individual bowls drizzled with the juices To be continued11 3 Last night I made Gingery Duck with Red Onion and Orange Salad This was the first time I d cooked duck and I think it went moderately well Only moderately because of both my own inexperience with duck and what I see as the need for modification to the recipe, plus I forgot to add the ginger to the marinade that was supposed to make the duck gingery The flavour was fine even without the ginger , it was about the cooking and the fact that the marinade ingredients minced ginger, juice and rind of an orange and diced red onion get thrown out after they ve done their job I felt that was a waste of a perfectly good orange and onion so after I slightly over caramelised the duck by which I mean it was black on the outside, but still pink in the middle due to the recipe not giving a level that the pan was meant to be heated to as well as the sugar from the orange and onion I put the duck breasts on a plate to rest and put the marinade in the same pan and fried it until the onion was soft and the juice had reduced to a sauce I also skipped the raw onion and orange segments salad that the sliced breasts are meant to rest on as I don t like raw onion and all those oranges 4 in total was too much sugar for me I would definitely make this one again, but remember the ginger and only heat the pan to medium so I don t burn the skin To be continued13 3 Last night I made Rice Paper Rolls for dinner, with a few modifications as usual and a few suggestions on further modifications for next time The recipe says to mix together the herbs and liquid ingredients before adding the pre prepared noodles and cucumber batons, I would recommend not adding the cucumber to the rest of the ingredients as they are very hard to stir through Next time I make this I ll keep the cucumber separate and add one or two to each roll manually I would also say that while it s not necessary it s really nice to add some kind of meat to the rolls I used left over duck from the Gingery Duck recipe that I had made a few days earlier in some of the rolls and canned shrimp in the others I m really glad I had both of those ingredients to add to the rolls as they really made the meal I m not a particularly good rice paper roller so my rolls were messy and I kept losing bits but they were really tasty I also substituted the soy sauce dipping sauce for hoisin and that was a genius idea because soy would have been way too salty for my tastebuds.Tonight I made the Baked Pasta Shells Stuffed with Spinach and Ricotta for the main and the Mint Chocolate Mousse for dessert for Sunday night dinner with my uncle and cousin except it s actually Monday night because Aron, my cousin, couldn t make it to dinner last night so we pushed it to tonight Everything went fine but I do think some minor modifications could be made to the main First of all I was forced to make it cannelloni instead of pasta shells because for unknown reasons giant pasta shells are impossible to get in my area and instead of using uncooked cannelloni tubes which have never cooked through completely when I ve used them in the past I used Latina Fresh lasagne sheets that I rolled around a sausage of the filling Second, next time I make this I would use less spinach The recipe calls for 500 g of ricotta and 1 kg of frozen spinach, but that much spinach made the filling too spinach y for me and I thought it should be ricotta y I think 750 g of spinach to 750 g of ricotta would be a better ratio for me The chocolate mint mousse went very well, much better than the white chocolate mousse from two weeks ago proving that the problem was indeed that the passionfruit pulp from a can had too much syrup in it for the mousse to ever set I used a 70 30 ratio of milk chocolate to dark as I find pure dark too bitter and this only had two tablespoons of sugar added to it Since my supermarket doesn t sell mint chocolate except in the case of chocolate with a minty cream filling, which wouldn t have worked in this case I used peppermint essence, but it seems Queens brand is not what Lawson meant when she suggested a good quality product to use in place of mint chocolate as I had to add about ten times essence than the few drops she recommended in the recipe.That was actually my last recipe from this book for the moment as my parents get home in two days and I m pretty sure they re going to want to see some familiar faces lamb chops, panko crumbed fish, barbequed sausages, steak, Mum s roast chicken, my speciality and Mum s favourite because she s obsessed with pumpkin pumpkin risotto with pancetta and feta Of the ten recipes I made from this book I would cook all of them again with the modifications I mentioned and there are others that I didn t get around to that I would also like to try That s why I m giving this five stars I have all of Lawson s other books and this was the one I d cooked the least from, now it s on par with my other favourite Nigella Kitchen Recipes from the Heart of the Home.Oh and P.S a note on the weather for posterity, three weeks ago the meteorologists said it was going to be a hotter than average autumn, 14 days in our average daytime max has been 27.7C which is the third highest on record for this point in time and our average overnight minimum has been 16.8C which is the highest ever, so Forever Summer has practically been prophetic The only problem with forever summer is that we haven t had any rain since I started reading this and our last water bill for the period of Nov Feb was over a thousand dollars. Forever summer Forever delicious May be the best of her cookbooks Here are the recipes I ve tasted and the cookbook club cooks who made them.Molly Zucchini Fritters Feta, zucchini, fried, goodness Excellent.Gretchen Soba Noodles with Sesame Seeds Amazing seasoning G got the noodles perfect and I wanted to keep all the leftovers for myself Me Three fishes with Three Herb Salsa Capers and lemon and delicious fresh fishes It will smell up your kitchen something good but the taste is sooo worth it Sheela Chocolate Raspberry Pavlova Now I know why this is practically the national dessert of New Zealand crisp outside and chocolatey middle Nothing finer. So, I checked this out from the library, thinking I would find lots of fresh and delicious recipes, maybe even some that would impress my English grandmother Alas, most of the recipes were not only complicated, but the ingredients were not easily accessible where I live Maybe this cookbook is meant for United Kingdom cooks I don t know, but I was definitely disappointed and happy that I just borrowed it and didn t buy it Probably won t be in a hurry to check out any of her cookbooks.