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Good series This series is realy good, T.A White writes realy well and most of her series will have you hooked by the first book I did find it hard with the first book in this series but am glad I stayed with it as each of the books following are not only interesting but also has Laughe out loud moments. White is writing three series in parallel, and they re all worth reading One is set on another world, one is set in a post apocalyptic Earth, one in today s world plus vampires Each has a protagonist of relatively low rank or station, who is highly competent except at respecting the authority of her nominal superiors Destruction s Ascent is the most recent book in the Dragon Ridden series I believe it was the first of the three to appear it has rougher edges than the other two I enjoyed the book, but it lacked momentum The plot is structured around a search for kidnapped children, but it is mostly driven by Tate being rash, Tate being disobedient, or the people she s disobeying being arbitrary and condescending.The book was fun to read, but it didn t do much for the overall story We have a few revelations that might become relevant in future books we know a bit about the world in which Tate finds herself This series needs a trajectory. Pdf ⚐ Destructions Ascent (Dragon Ridden Chronicles, #3) ♷ When The Past Rises, The World Burns Newly Conscripted Into The Emperor S Dragon Corps, Tate Fisher Is Still Trying To Figure Out All That Her New Position Entails Along With An Elevation In Status Comes Dangerous Enemies Enemies Who Would Rather See The Dragons Fall Into Ruin Than Remain In Their Current Place Of Power When A Dragon Goes Missing, Followed By A Child Close To Her, Tate Is Forced To Confront The Hidden Agendas Of Those In The Highest Seats Of Authority Her Search For The Truth Takes Her Deeper Into The Maze Of Tunnels That Lie Beneath The City It S A Place Where Secrets Lurk And Dangers Abound There, She Ll Uncover A Plot Whose Origins Stretch All The Way Back To The Beginning Of This World One That Can Only End In The Destruction Of Everything She Knows And Loves The Key To Saving Her City Lies In Her Uncertain Past If Only She Could Remember What That Was DESTRUCTION S ASCENT is book three in the Dragon Ridden Chronicles by T.A White This entertaining fantasy series follows Tate Fisher, a young woman who was joined to a dragon When in human form, her dragon, Ilith, hangs out on her body as a moving tattoo Ilith can also talk in Tate s head Tate is slowly discovering about herself as the series progresses She came to herself maybe a year ago with no memories of her earlier life, and was working on a pirate ship Since then, she s been rather stumbling from situation to situation trying to figure out what she is and how to survive in the very political world she s been thrust into.Tate has her small band of cohorts, a bearcat named Night and his two cubs that she found when stranded in the tunnels below the city in book one Also an impetuous teenager named Dewdrop who she rescued, who in turn left his gang to follow Tate Tate has a growing friendship with Ryu, another Dragon Ridden who works for the emperor Ryu is teaching her a little bit about what being a Dragon Ridden means, but Ryu and those he works with are pretty much keeping Tate in the dark about herself and about the charged political situation around her This totally pisses me off Ryu, the emperor, and Tate s magics teacher can just all go F off, in my opinion If they told her about what is going on, she wouldn t make nearly so many stupid mistakes that get her and everyone else in hot water Tate has been placed in the Emperor s Dragon Corps, and she s struggling to quickly learn the things that others has been taught over the course of years Tate s character is not cut out for buckling down and quietly working, so it s pretty funny to watch her struggle to comply, but at the same time I want to shake her superiors until their teeth rattle for their treatment of her While Tate can be pretty annoying, no one seems to be cutting her any slack Tate is very impetuous She s foolhardy and no one tells her anything about the dangers around her So she gets into a lot of trouble A LOT It can get a bit exhausting, but she manages to just pull things out in the end, with some help from her friends and her erstwhile allies The pace of action keeps the book rollicking along Tate stumbles across a mystery and continues to follow the threads of said mystery, even against the explicit orders of her superiors It turns out that she is justified in her actions, discovering a missing dragon and a bunch of missing children I love how she manages to help save the day.I received an ARC copy from the author in exchange for an unbiased review I stumbled across White s work from a book blog review a couple of months ago, and have been greedily working my way though her backlist These Dragon Ridden Chronicles remind me a lot of Michelle Sagara s Chronicles of Elantra series A clueless heroine with untold power bumbling around in a magical world of many kinds of creatures, working as a foot solder, getting into all kinds of mishaps and managing to solve or save things nonetheless This series is fun and engrossing I just finished the ARC of DESTRUCTION S ASCENT, and I m SO excited by the story and relationship advancement This series is my favorite from one of my favorite authors, so my expectations are high And well met I m already slathering for book 4 Without spoilers, I can say that we get plenty of Tate and Ryu time, hints from previous books are now spelled out and confirmed, all your favorite characters are here, and we learn so much about everyone The writing is SO good Sharp, clever, humorous and exciting. Note I received an ARC This series was the first to hook me into T.A white s literature world Her style of writing is unique and her heroine, Tate, is breathe of fresh air with her witty sense of humor and strong moral This third book does not disappoint as we continue to learn about who Tate is as she slowly regains her memories My favorite part is the DRAGONS They are amazing I keep rereading their scenes over and over I wish we knew And not to spoil, but the bantering and chemistry of Ryu and Tate continues on Buuut of course Mrs White, keeps us hooked with a small reveal and mystery to come in the upcoming books Definitely give this book a read I wish the next one was out already Saccharine and childish I DNF The main character plucked my last nerve about halfway through and the last editing error put me over the top The mysterious history, the war that was and is supposed to restart , the dialogue, the Nancy Drew adventures are too much for me.I hope that Tate finds her past, that her friends live happily ever after and she hooks up with Lord Ryu For my part I m going to try something different Still might work for a lot of people, just not me. Can t finish Won t look at the author again Ugh I finished, and probably skimmed most of it to get to the end Pretty good, would read , continue the series Love, look forward to books of this author One of my all time favorite books.Wow Read it I really don t need to say Except, give me book four please Now. 2.5 stars.The mystery in the story is what made this installment interesting I liked that we learned about all the MCs and saw relationship development between the heroine and her friend, Ryu I still didn t like how he continued to boss her around, but there wasn t too much of the questionable manipulation going on. Still Adore ItI m still loving this series Things are revealed in bits and pieces, but this book finally confirms a few things about Tate and her origins I still want to know how she and Ilith became bonded and why Tate slept and for so long at that.We also get to see Ryu open up and Tate become open about how she feels about him and why she keeps a wall between them He is slowly wiggling his way into her heart, though.We meet some new characters , learn about Dewdrop s past and get a big surprise at the end Plus Christopher is still running around With him and this new big bad on the loose, I wonder what is up next for Tate and her family.