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In moments of pain, we seek revenge Ami Ayalon In the fifth and last full length installment in the Metahuman Files, Alpha Team and I geared up for the last stand, for the revenge of their archnemesis being about to happen Well, I had the easy job here I just had to roll up my sleeves and dust off the voodoo doll I was sure I would need again this time because dread was hanging in the air right from the start and Hailey Turner always makes good on her promise to put not only her heroes through the wringer, but also her readers But how can you forestall a threat when someone is involved who can see the future Who already knows every possible outcome and who has nothing left to lose Who holds all the cards and whose own endgame is uncharted territory Jamie, who has always been a tower of strength quite literally when it comes to keeping his cool in his position as leader of Alpha Team, but whose image had taken a low blow after what happened in the previous book and who is caught between a rock and a hard place due to his position as a Metahuman having his orders and the damage this causes to his family s reputation will find out the hard way what it means to risk everything He and his team have to give their all to eliminate the threat and save not only themselves and each other, but also the lives of hundreds of innocent people But at what cost Yeah, and this is pretty much all you will get from me regarding the storyline I m sorry, but I have to be extra vague here in order not to spoil anything And now let the fangirling begin Hands down for me the author hit it out of the ballpark again She has an imagination that has no equal and what I love the most she made me see it Feel it I experienced each and every scene as if I would be a part of it Taking part in it, like phasing with Sean through a building A weird feeling, I can tell you There was never a dull or boring moment She makes me see the world she built up here as clear as day and what could I want The whole team captured my heart from the beginning and each book is like going back to the fold, so of course it s no wonder I suffered vicariously with all of them I cried my heart out, wanted to punch Jamie s father in the face and laughed about Alexei s comments Needless to say, I cursed the author from halfway around the world for putting me through the emotional wringer Again Dear Hailey, I hope you felt every pinprick in that voodoo doll At one point I had some serious doubts about a HEA, but trust her to indemnify for everything in the end and make it hurt so good They were his family his Alpha Team forever and always That would never change As for me, In the Requiem is pretty balanced as to action, swoon worthy moments and ice bath requiring sex scenes Umm, speaking of sex scenes I have to clarify one thing for those who have seen my first status update which I made deliberately cryptic and whom I might have given a panic attack both Jamie and Kyle and Alexei and Sean are exclusive, there is no threesome in case you are still wondering The setup is similar to In the Blood, meaning that you get alternating POV s of Jamie, Kyle, Alexei and Sean which only contributes once again to the thrill of the story I was over the moon to see Alexei and Sean happy again after all they have been through in the last book Granted, I knew they would be since they got their recovery time in Out of the Ashes, but seeing them still going strong meant everything to me So, in case I haven t made myself clear enough here and in all my reviews for the whole series, I m happy to say it again this series is and always will be one of my all time favorites I m in a bit of a wistful mood now, so much so that even the author s note at the end of the book made me cry It is always hard for me to say goodbye when one of my favorite series comes to an end, but I m happy to say that it won t be permanent since there are novellas to come in this universe And I swear to God, if one of them is not about Liam, I will have to dust off my voodoo doll again, so consider yourself warned, Hailey Highly recommended for all die hard and soon to be fans of this seriesARC generously provided to me by the author in exchange for an honest review Thank you (((READ PDF))) ⇖ In the Requiem (Metahuman Files, #5) ↝ Never Let Go Weighed Down By Scandal, Captain Jamie Callahan Must Choose Between Saving His Family S Reputation And His Father S Political Aspirations, Or Taking Down The Enemy Once And For All Choosing One Over The Other Will Have Lasting Repercussions He Can T Escape Whatever Path Jamie Ultimately Picks, Staff Sergeant Kyle Brannigan Will Be Right By His Side To Face The Consequences Kyle Knows In A Situation Like This The Only Way Out Is Through Together They Can Make It To The Other Side, But Surviving That Journey Will Take Everything They Have One Last Chance Agent Sean Delaney Is Learning What It Means To Be Part Of Alpha Team Through Trial By Fire He Wouldn T Change It For The World, Nor Would He Give Up The Life He S Building With Staff Sergeant Alexei Dvorkin But Their Time Together Is Threatened By Outside Forces They Can T Outrun Having Put The Nightmare Of Boston Behind Him, Alexei Is Focused On Keeping His Family Safe, But He Can T Have Eyes On Everyone Alexei Knows He Can T Ignore The Danger On The Horizon, And When It Strikes, He Is Unprepared For The Tragedy It Leaves In Its Wake Risking It All The Odds Are Stacked Ever Higher Against Alpha Team, And Outmaneuvering A Precog Is A Daunting, Almost Impossible Task Jamie Knows Something Has To Give, And When It Does, It Just Might Break Him The Way Nothing Else In His Life Ever Could In The Requiem Is A K Word Steamy Gay Sci Fi Military Romance With A Mostly HEA And Concludes This Main Plot Arc Of The Series There Is Military Violence Within The Story That Might Not Be Suitable For Everyone, As Well As Explicit Intimate Scenes Not Suitable For Readers Under The Age Of This Is A Direct Sequel To In The Blood And Out Of The Ashes Reading The Previous Books In This Series Would Be Helpful In Enjoying This One I can t believe we have reached the end of this amazing series I have been a huge Hailey fan, ever since I opened book one and she introduced me to the world of sci fia world I promised myself I would never enjoy reading about Guess I was wrongShocker I know, but it does happen at times Now let me start by saying, that you will need to read these books in order, because they have a continuing storylineYep, even I did it and we all know how much I love reading shit out of order P If you haven t started this series yet, you should definitely give it a go Just make sure you start with In the Wreckage I can honestly say that this author is the bomb when it comes to worldbuilding I am not gonna go into the whole plot of the series, I am just gonna try and lure you all in with the promise of hot, sexy, mutated alpha men, some delicious steam, friendship and family, humor, heartbreak, suspense and action All rolled into one awesome series This is the fifth book in the series, and if you thought she would take it easier on her readers, because it s the last novel.you were wrong Boy does she love fucking with her readers They still love her anyways though I don t want to go into the storyline of this one too much though, because that would spoiler it for those who are anxiously waiting to read this one I am definitely of the opinion that these books should be read spoilerfree So you are not getting much from meI am sad to say goodbye to this series, and I am gonna miss Jamie and Kyle Alexei Sean and all the other wonderful members of the team And I hope know there might still be some novella s on the way.maybe I am also very excited to see what Hailey has in store for us next I know she is planning on doing something completely different, but I don t mind begging her to at least consider writing Liam s story in the future I know she won t be able to resist those big cat eyes I highly recommend this series for those who love some action in their romanceor some romance in their action PMy reviews are posted on DirtyBooksObsessionFollow Us on It took me awhile to read this Not because it wasn t the utterly riveting and scorching thrill ride that I expect from Hailey Turner s Metahuman Files series It was all that, and But because life has been busy lately, and instead of reading in my spare time, I ve been watching A LOT of basketball.It is canon that Alpha Team likes basketball or, at the very least, fills out playoff brackets Hence my fangirling is completely justified GO CAVS When I finished In the Requiem, I felt sad Look, I KNOW that it makes sense to end a series on a high note Turner ended it on a high note But it doesn t mean that I m not sad that it is over, or that I won t miss these guys and gals.Here the members of Alpha Team comes face to face with the series Big Bads and the consequences of their own choices Turner deftly balances the jaw clenching and heart wrenching suspense with softer and sweeter moments showcasing the friendship and the loyalty between the team members as well as the love and the passion between Jamie and Kyle and Alexei and Sean The story, like the series, is all about the action Military maneuvers and political intrigue and anarchist plots remain prominent elements But it felt like Turner gave the couples quality time together, and it paid off Whereas Alexei and Sean were the previous passengers on the angst train, Jamie and Kyle take a ride here Yet Kyle s unwavering trust and understanding is the perfect salve to Jamie s guilt and frustration His submission to Jamie still makes for erotic and moving moments.The world presented here is still absorbing, a foreign yet entirely foreseeable Earth ravaged by climate change, relying on synthetic wood and engineered food and constant air conditioning in a permanent summer It is still compelling and repellent.Alexei and Sean are still my favorites.I still want a story for Katie and Matthew She is so strong for everyone and I want to see someone be strong for her.I m still sad that the series is ending, but I m comforted that there will be novellas.While the first installment of the series drew me in, I wasn t all in until the third I would encourage other readers who may feel similarly to have patience You are rewarded, and well A for effort, A for execution, A for Alpha Team 3 stars for the whole series and 3 stars for this last instalment Not a standalone this is a continuing series and this is the final act for this Metahuman military team in saving this futuristic world against an evil terrorist.It s fast paced, full of action and with both the main couples, ie Jamie Kyle and Alexei Sean my favorites book 3 In the Shadows was mostly focused on them, and oh boy, I got such a rush with that book I did have a great time with them as couples they are HOT But not enough for me to overlook all the action scenes I admit I skipped pages after a while , the inconsistencies of the plot that started in book2 and had been going on since then, and the ending so rushed tying up loose ends would have been nice instead of having to go through a supposed twist that everyone could see coming from miles away.Mixed review As mentioned, it s well written, the world building interested me a lot and the main characters are VERY sexy, each in their own way so much that I kept reading the whole series But it would have worked better for me if the efforts had been less focused on the action and on the plot Note please, dear authors, using some writing in a foreign language doesn t really add anything But if you do it, either make sure to write as properly as you would do in your native language or don t use a foreign language at all it becomes very distracting when errors keep popping up All the stars see them, all of them and then some I want to give this book than just the five stars here because it couldn t have been a perfect ending to this series if it tried.Any book which gives me both a hot flush and oh boy, the encounters in this one are especially volcanic and can turn me into an emotionally wrecked, limp as a tea towel pathetic mess, almost sobbing while raging at the author at the same time, is than a win in my book.Stories, and series like this one, are why I read They take me out of the everyday mundane normality into a world where it s completely believable that a member of the British Royal Family could be a secret metahuman ex SAS operative, where people can not only fly, but where they can phase themselves out of synch with their surroundings and be practically invulnerable.They re believable not only because of the incredible level of world building and scene setting which has gone into them, but because I want it to be real minus the evul Russian bravtva and unhinged terrorist groups that is I want there to be a team of superhumans all supporting themselves, their friends and their country.You won t find any plot details or spoilers in this review, In the Requiem requires complete story ignorance and even then, it s still an adrenaline filled ride which answers all the questions I had left for Alpha Team, their families and friends.Except for one Hailey please tell me we re going to get Liam Wessex s full story at some pointARC kindly provided by the author in return for an honest and unbiased review. This is definitely a worthy end to a fabulous series.What I loved Different POV from Jamie, Kyle, Alexei and Sean It really hit the spot and is very well done The balance between romance and action is just right It was sheer joy to see how the relationship between the men developed and matured Both couples are highly enjoyable to read However when it comes to heat Jamie and Kyle are tops Hailey Turner writes some of the best sex scenes in the genre The action part was simpler all in all Yes, there is a lot of jargon but it couldn t be any other way, these guys are a special unit with a military background after all, but I didn t feel overpowered by it at any time We do get a better explanation why Alexei s English is so rudimentary Still totally have a soft spot for that guy and his accent btw The ending is simply perfect The author gives us a very satisfying, long epilogue it is not called that, but it happens after the main events and deals with lots of little open questions Only thing I d like to know whether Richard eventually did get the presidency I know the day will come when I ll want to read this series back to back in one go If you haven t tried it yet treat yourself I just wish the author would just stop being so redundant in every book sigh It s a series not a standalone so I don t know why there are so many repeated explanations about previous situations, relationships, missions, etc Needless to say, I skipped so many pages, half of the book was just explanations about what happened in the previous books Meh Thank god for Alexei and Sean though I d love to read another book focused on their relationship. Earth 2286 This is a roaring, action packed, and a whopping sexual tale from our delicious Metahuman Defense Forces we have loved We see them maneuver through a Senate inquiry, the invasion of a Chateau on the Seine, including an exploding yacht , and later a massive attack on Washington D.C I like the tough hard core Marine Sniper, Kyle, Reaper , who is Marine Commander Jamie Apollo Callahan s sub partner Jamie is a strong, deeply devoted man, to his partner, family and country In their BDSM relationship, Jamie gives Kyle what he needs to escape the control he maintains as a Sniper Both men reap the benefits of their super sexy times Alexei Inferno and Sean Wraith are also hot, intense and sizzling wild in their bedroom We get to see their tender moments, engagement, and also the fierceness in battle In combat, the whole Metahuman team are ruthless, efficient, and deadly I have loved all of the super powers these men and women posses, and the terrific code names Lots of action in battle, with awesome weaponry, scrambling jets, gun fights, flames, phasing through walls, telepathy, self healing, espionage, planning and We see wonderful larger than life characters, in this Sci Fi world in the future.There are some bad guys who are killed, caught and dealt with, and some wrongs righted The writing is first class, with vivid descriptions of military uniforms, battle gear, and the dress uniforms, also.The Presnenskaya Bratva, Stanislav, Declan, the Sons of Adam, and terrorists have a well planned massive attack on D.C., where Kyle is kidnapped and used to make Jamie bend to their demands.Once again we see Katie Viper , Matthew, Donovan Tank , Rapier and Blaze from a Beta Team, Trevor Bones , Prince Liam is SAS Knight , pilot Annabelle Icarus and all fight side by side.There is a magnificently written surprise at the ending, and we are enthralled by the whole story, and of course the series, which has been amazing There will probably be a spin off series from this one I look forward to it There is a glossary of terms and names in the back end, so you can look up information I recommend this story and the series, because it s so well done ENJOY This was by far the most nerve wracking but in a good way book of the series It was thrilling, passionate and magnificent I loved it In the beginning I was sad that it would be over but by the time I finished it I could say with assurance that any books with this characters as MCs would have been overkill It ended so well and tied up all the loose ends and left nothing unresolved Both couples went through tough time and came out stronger and even in love than before I loved how Sean turned out so self confident but not in that nasty cocky way but in a way that makes you feel that he has your six Alexei really didn t change that much through the series it was the quiet moments with Sean that made me like him Jamie is an excellent captain and even better friend and lover and the choice he has to make here is not for faint hearted It made me respect the heck out of him So much strength and bravery in times of adversity just proved how worthy he is Kyle is the light of Jamie s life and in the end he gives him the absolution he so craves and it all turns out beautifully for them all I will always think fondly about my metahumans and I am sure I will revisit them again I just wish for Liam s story because I think he too deserves his happy ever after Wonderful series I highly recommend it I would tip my hat if I wore any but Ms Turner is a master writer Bravo