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I never knew who Michael Collins was, because like they said it was all about Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, so this was a very informative read for me The journey from West Point to pilot to astronaut was very interesting to read about It was written very simply so it would be easily understood by young readers I highly recommend this for young readers and people that have never heard of Michael Collins what an inspiration Thank you NetGalley for an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. [ FREE PDF ] ☪ Michael Collins ⚇ On July , , A Gemini Rocket Lifted Off From Kennedy Space Center In Florida Previous Launches Had Focused On Getting Astronauts Into Space, Docking Two Spacecraft, And Even Walking In Space, But This Mission Was Different ApolloWas Designed To Land Two Astronauts On The Moon And Then Bring Them Back To Earth Four Days Later, Two Astronauts, Neal Armstrong And Buzz Aldrin, Did Walk On The Moon But Did You Know That There Were Actually Three Astronauts Aboard The Rocket On JulyMichael Collins Didn T Get To Walk On The Moon, But His Contribution Is Just As Important As Armstrong And Aldrin SPrior To Joining NASA, Collins Was In The Air Force And Flew Fighter Jets After Joining NASA, He Made Two Trips Into Space, Performing One Of The First EVAs Or Extravehicular Activities In Other Words, Walking In Space As Well As Making That Trip To The MoonCollins Continued To Contribute Even After Leaving The Space Program He Took A Job In The State Department And Even Served As Director Of The National Air Space Museum And As Undersecretary Of The Smithsonian Institution In Washington, DCHe May Not Have Walked On The Moon, But He S One Of Only Twenty Four People To Travel There In Fact, Without Michael Collins, That First Moon Landing Might Never Have Happened