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Whenever I recommend this book I can t help but really mean it from a literary standpoint, and a spiritual standpoint Aidan takes quite a journey through many places Along the way he encounters a lot of challenges that change him fundamentally I like how real Lawhead makes this journey for him He is taken to the edge and then beyond to discover who he is So often in our own lives we have a crisis of identity and Lawhead shows this in detail My favorite part is at the end when Aidan realizes everything happens for a purpose and that God was with him all the time Often we have epiphanies like that where things are clear for the first time The best and most important ones are when they come from God He draws us in, shakes up our world, changes us, and it it all alright. This story is about an irish monk, Aidan, who is chosen to embark on a journey to bring the Book of Kells to the Emporer of Byzantium Constantinople It has a pretty classic storyline in terms of the personal growth and trials that the main character goes through to fulfill his quest If you enjoy historical fiction you won t be disappointed by this book It s got plenty of action, conspiracy, and intrigue to make it a page turner and it s enjoyably rich in culture Be aware though or be grateful, depending on how you look at it that there is little to nothing in the way of romance or sex Of course, there doesn t have to be because the plot stands on its own in making this book a great read My only reason for giving the book 4 stars rather than 5 is because I felt consistently frustrated by Aidan s capricious emotions One minute he s a devout monk and the next minute he s an atheist One minute he s a genuine, reasoning fellow and the next he s a vengeful cutthroat I realize that this is intended to demonstrate the change and growth that Aidan goes through over time, but I felt that the emotions of and between the characters lacked authenticity and I didn t feel really connected to or invested in them as much as I should have for a book like this That is my main criticism and yet it did not deter me from enjoying this book immensely. @READ E-PUB ì Byzantium ⚢ Although Born To Rule, Aidan Lives As A Scribe In A Remote Irish Monastery On The Far, Wild Edge Of Christendom Secure In Work, Contemplation, And Dreams Of The Wider World, A Miracle Bursts Into Aidan S Quiet Life He Is Chosen To Accompany A Small Band Of Monks On A Quest To The Farthest Eastern Reaches Of The Known World, To The Fabled City Of Byzantium, Where They Are To Present A Beautiful And Costly Hand Illuminated Manuscript, The Book Of Kells, To The Emperor Of All ChristendomThus Begins An Expedition By Sea And Over Land, As Aidan Becomes, By Turns, A Warrior And A Sailor, A Slave And A Spy, A Viking And A Saracen, And Finally, A Man He Sees Of The World Than Most Men Of His Time, Becoming An Ambassador To Kings And An Inmate Of Byzantium S Fabled Golden Court And Finally This Valiant Irish Monk Faces The Greatest Trial That Can Confront Any Man In Any Age Commanding His Own Destiny A Magnificent Epic Of Sweep, Grandeur, And Heroism, Byzantium Is Certain To Secure Stephen R Lawhead S Place As One Of The Leading Historical Novelists Of Our Time I have had to spend some time deciding how to describe why I didn t like this book other than just writing that I found it boring.It is not the kind of book that you would imagine as boring, once you get though the first 20 chapters, it never stops moving you through people and places From sea wolves to emperors, forest to desert and country to city, there is always another place to be and people to meet.Alot of the story seemed implausible and did there really have to be so much praying What I finally came up with as a reason.is that I felt like I was being talked at, instead of entertained I wasn t drawn into the story but was rather left on the outside being preached at by an Irish monk telling me his fantastical life story so I would convert.It was okay but I feel like I ve lost time that I could have used to read something better. cant really give it a mark as i could go no further than 30pg s but there tells a tale Too much of the White Christ for this pagan with the way it was going, no way could I endure for another 600 pg s, delivery of the book of Kells was clue enough in the summary so should have swerved, Never mind. This novel tells the story of Aidan, a tenth century Irish monk who takes part in an expedition to bring the Book of Kells to the emperor in Byzantium Before his small group of traveling companions reach the coast of France, however, they are attacked by Vikings and Aidan is carried off alone The remainder of the book chronicles his adventures Aidan is by turns a slave, interpreter to a king, ambassador of the emperor, suitor to an Arab lady, and again a slave His journey brings him to distant lands and then back home, and along the way Aidan loses and then rediscovers his faith This novel is truly wonderful. This is story of Aidan, the Irish monk, descendant of a royal house When he starts he is little than a boy, still very much naive and trusting Totally unprepared for the world His family send him off as a little boy to a convent because it was seen as a good omen for his line to have a holy man as king s adviser Somewhere along the line, it all got wrong, and his family was killed That left him as a just another monk, a scribe Apart from that, he has one unique quality, he s a seer and has prophetic dreams This book starts very slowly and we get familiar with Aidan himself and the monastery daily routine.One day he founds out that there is going to be a pilgrimage to Byzantium and he does his very best to be worthy and gets selected From there, his adventure starts From there action keeps rolling and we exchange one picturesque landscape for the other quickly And things keep happening, some of them over the top than other, some quite outrages All center around Aidan SPOILERS So we start the pilgrimage, survive heavy storm, get shipwrecked, attacked by vikings, almost killed, attacked again, captured, sold to slavery, attacked again, resold, go on another journey, meet the emperor, go on a yet another journey.get attacked again..sold to slavery..again END And somewhere along the line all those picturesque landscapes that keep changing and all those things happening merge into one long repetitive drag And then it drags on and on I found that to be the biggest fault of this book Aside from that this is a interesting well written book.One other thing that you should be prepared for when opening this is that the main character is a monk and there is a lot of praying Its all about God this and God that and if something is working its solely because of Gods favorAidan is very self righteous and narrow minded and has a derogatory view on other people s Gods And a major condescending attitude Is also really preachy and holier than God s piss pot I found that very off putting There was one part when Aidan tries to convince Vikings that christian God is viable, it was hilarious I realize he s a medieval monk, but still, I didn t like it The barbarians were much open minded. Docked one star for a page or two of Christian apologetics at the end The problems of theodicy are not resolved quite so readily as that unfortunately, theodicy is the first person narrator s big spiritual problem.Byzantium is in every other way a five star read, and diligently researched as to historical background I spotted one or two trivial anachronisms, but the big stuff checks out Somewhere in the middle of the ninth century, Aidan the Irish monk travels to the other end of the mediaeval world Samarra in Mesopotamia by way of the capital of what is left of the Roman Empire the city of Constantinople, also known as Byzantium He starts out as one of a company of monks sent to accompany the Book of Kells to Byzantium, where it is to be presented to the Emperor, Basil I But things get complicated, and when he finally does end up in the imperial capital it is as a slave to the king of a tribe of Vikings And that s just the beginning of a very long story It s action and intrigue and excitement all the way, and very hard to put down.I learnt while reading the book that Stephen Lawhead, whom I had never heard of before, is a Christian author I m not terribly sure what that means, except that it in my experience it usually means a book full of preaching, salutary moral examples and sadistic punishments visited upon the ungodly Seriously, there s none of that here, only that disappointing bit of theology at the end Despite my own sturdy irreligiosity, I was able to read the whole book with unsullied enjoyment I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good old fashioned adventure story or realistic and well researched historical novels. Generally a fantasist, Lawhead also writes historical fiction quite well The title here is a little misleading, as it s about the destination than the story itself Aidan is a blueblood, who chooses the role of a scribe in an Irish monastery over a role of power Adventure though soon awaits, as he and a group of monks are given a mission to journey to the mystical East s capital, Byzantium, to present a valuable manuscript, The Book of Kells, to the Emperor himself The story suits a fantasy writer as it revolves around the journey itself, an overly familiar trope in the fantasy genre Aidan, naturally, develops over the journey, meeting all manner of exotic people and finds himself in the process It s a nice novel, told in first person, for the most part not overly dramatic or eventful, nevertheless, it s a good read. I came within a whisker of giving this 5 stars I loved the journey for so much of the book that when it started to get boring for me, 200 pages from the end, I was bitterly disappointed I wanted this to be my first 5 star historical fiction of the year Still, it is a strong 4 star book and while the last 200 pages held some boredom for me, it was not all that way, only some of it.All that aside, onto the book itself.Man, I really got off on this book for 600 pages As all those who know me well on Goodreads realise I am quite the little Viking fan Byzantium, despite the rather misleading title, was only small part Byzantium The majority was set amoung the Vikings in places other than Byzantium.The main character, Aidan an Irish monk, is abducted by Vikings during a raid in the early part of the book and becomes their slave These Norsemen are enjoyable in all their childish, brutal, oafish glory They were thoroughly entertaining and funny, which is how I love my Northmen to be I found myself chuckling a lot in this book King Harald is a real character and there is even one scene with him and his men in their longboats which a buddy and I, whilst discussing the book, compared to a Monty Python skit It was some humorous moment that one.Lawhead, surprisingly, was a master of atmospheric writing I say surprised because my only other taste of him has been with the YA book, Hood Even in that book I could see hints of a good adult fiction writer, but the young adult themed storyline didn t appeal to me So, when I began Byzantium I was amazed that this author had it in him.It is a real shame that he got his fame from those YA books and not from his adult historical fiction books, because he deserves fame for both.I recommend this book to anyone who has experience with and likes historical fiction not YA HF, because it is a completely different kettle of fish to his YA offerings.