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If people say you're a conservative and you don't know why this is your book.

I suppose I'm a conservative because:

1) I don't think the federal government is supposed to do anything outside their enumerated constitutional powers.

2) I do believe we have a natural right to not only keep and bear arms, but to defend ourselves and our property in whatever manner we see fit.

3) I do not believe we have natural rights beyond those of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and that those rights are sacred. Our legal rights are specified in the Bill of Rights, if you want to change them amend the Constitution.

4) I believe in personal responsibility and individual freedom and liberty. You do want you want to do as long as you don't tread on my rights; and I'll do the same for you.

Now my ideology has a name. I'm a "Ted Nugent Conservative."

Thanks Ted!!!

Ted is a terrific storyteller and an engaging sage whether you agree with him or not. The interesting thing is that except for his obsession with eating animal flesh, when I present his ideas without attribution in debate with friends conservative or liberal they all usually agree with Ted!

BONUS: For my liberal friends you'll enjoy this book too and you'll laugh as much as I did!!! [[ Free ]] ☠ Ted, White & Blue: The Nugent Manifesto ⇞ Ted White WikipdiaTed White AlloCin Ted White Est Un Acteur, Cascadeur Dcouvrez Sa Biographie, Le Dtail De Sesans De Carrire Et Toute Son Actualit Ted White Home I Was Born January ,in A Small Town In Texas I Enlisted In The Marine Corps At The Age Ofand Joined The Fourth Marine Division After Finishing Boot Camp In San Diego My First Campaign Took Me To The Marshall Islands And After That I Returned To Maui On The Hawaiian Islands Ted White IMDb Ted White Was Born On January ,in Texas, USA He Is Known For His Work On Starman, Romancing The Stoneand Escape From New YorkSee Full Bio Les Livres De L Auteur Ted White DecitreRetrouvez Tous Les Livres De L Auteur Ted White Achetez Parmi Plus D Un Million De Livres Decitre Me Libraire En LignePHOTOS Mort D Aretha Franklin Retour Sur Les Hommes DeTed White Est Devenu Son Premier Mari Enalors Qu Aretha Avaitans Et Que Son Pre S Opposait Ce Mariage Le Couple Donnera Ensemble Naissance Au Troisime Enfant D Aretha, Ted, En What can I say? You will either disagree or agree with him. Odds are good if you fall in the conservative spectrum, you will like him better than if you are on the liberal side. He does have some common sense ideas, and he does seem to have thought them through. However, like a lot of hardcore libertarians, a sense of extreme individualism, often at the expense of others, is present. Things like taking personal responsibility, a good work ethic, and values are certainly things I can agree on. Pretty much cutting out things like safety nets under the hopes that the private sector and charities will take care of the most needy just are not true. All we have to do is look at the current environment to see that without regulation the haves will pretty much screw everyone else over. Nugent seems to miss that. But he is not totally black and white, which may be why some on both sides of the political spectrum can find some common points. If nothing else, the book did give me some things to think about, and that, for me, is always a good thing. Although I loved this booknot only because I'm a big NUGE fan, but because I feel it's importantI gave it three stars only because much of the material Nuge covers here has been handled not only on his blog over the years, but in many other conservative books.

As a plus, this is a really good read if you'd like a basic, cut the BSlook at issues that are important to every American (i.e. Ted really breaks things down into layman's terms, albeit with his fun take).

While this should be an eyeopener for those who have been blinded by the masses, those into the conservativelook on things WILL enjoy it for Ted's prose, but infowise, there may not be too much here you haven't already heard.
My little brother sent me this book on cd as a thank you for editing a paper for him... Ted's a bit 'wild' but he sure gives a mind alot to think about... I especially like Ted's idea that we don't all have to agree on every point but we need to keep the lines of discussion open... ya need to think like a rocker and a patriot and you get it! we could use alot more drug free, patriotic rock stars and celebrities in this old world!

Haven't quite finished the last of this cd.. crazy life eents.. funny and insightful, though. I can’t say I like his music but this book was a fun read. It’s the get off your butt America and do something instead of just standing around a complaining. Ted’s down to earth ways and understanding of the American mind set is pretty on target. He makes many well reasoned points and may start you thinking about what you can do in your own community to make a difference. The only question I had at the end of this book is why isn’t Ted the governor of some state or running for president; just can’t give up the ROCK and ROLL I guess. An absolute mustread for any true American patriot. As always, Ted is very forward about his thoughts, feelings and beliefs, and he sugarcoats nothing. He attacks anyone and everyone, but he does it with style.

It's a little hard to get used to the writing style at first, but once you are a couple of chapters in, it becomes a lot easier. I love what Ted Nugent stands for in many ways. I love his simple views on making change and letting the American people make decisions for themselves. I love the idea of less government. He is a gogetter and that made me want to get out there and make a change. People who are on the political fence need to read this book! Well, I finally finished it. Writing is not great, but it's the ideas that count. So if you read it, focus on the ideas. I actually found that the Nuge and I have a lot of the same political views. I disagree with a lot of Ted Nugents views, but wanted to know more about them so I could intelligently defend my disagreement. Regardless of what you personally believe, Ted Nugent has given a lot of thought to why he believes what he believes. Definitely an interesting read.