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@Read Epub ß Marvel Universe by Frank Miller Omnibus õ Frank Miller Took The Comics Industry By Storm, Rede Fining Iconic Characters, Obliterating Creative Boundaries And Inspiring A Generation Of Readers And Creators While Most Know Miller As The Man Who Remade Daredevil And Created Elektra, He Contributed His Talents To Many Marvel Titles And This Incomparable Omnibus Brings Those Stories Together In One Complete Collection From Miller S Fi Rst Marvel Work To His Extensive Array Of Covers And Rare Pinups, This Painstakingly Restored Collection Is The Millerphile S Be All And End All Featuring Miller S Iconoclastic Take On Spider Man, Captain America, Wolverine, The Thing, Doc Samson, Captain Marvel, Karma, Power Man And Iron Fist And Many COLLECTING PETER PARKER, THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER MAN MARVEL TWO IN ONE MARVEL SPOTLIGHT AMAZING SPIDER MAN ANNUAL MARVEL TEAM UP ANNUAL WOLVERINE MARVEL FANFARE MATERIAL FROM MARVEL PREVIEW MARVEL TEAM UP POWER MAN AND IRON FIST INCREDIBLE HULK ANNUAL OHOTMU The Frank Miller Omnibus was one of my most eagerly awaited books I hadn t read many of the stories collected in this volume and I wasn t interested in buying the various MMWs and EPICs collecting them It s a fascinating collection overall Neal Adams opens the collection with an anecdote about mentoring the creator with professional aspirations Adams pulls no punches and tells the young Miller that his work wasn t particularly good After receiving a modicum of tough love and guidance, Miller returned to Adams two weeks later to show what he d learned from the pro He was BETTER This arrangement an hour of unflinching tutoring by Adams, Miller leaving to perfect his craft, followed by a presentation by Miller of what d he learned continued until Miller sold his first story That story could be a metaphor for this collection It demonstrates the meteoric rise in craft of Frank Miller And it s amazing It s astonishing to realize that Miller went from drawing a serviceable Doc Samson back up in 1979 to producing the first Wolverine mini in 1982 It s inspirational.The collection also offers a fascinating education in regards to inking Not everyone works well with Miller Steve Mitchell, Bruce Patterson and Bob Wiacek overpower Miller s pencilling while Tom Palmer and Bob Mcleod enhance it Wiacek was the most obvious offender in my opinion after you read Amazing Spider Man Annual 14, which was inked by Palmer Miller s pencils and figures are given nuance by Palmer Wiacek seems to lose the sensitive figure work and layouts in MARVEL TEAM UP 100, which immediately follows AMAZING SPIDER MAN ANNUAL 14 in the collection The Wolverine mini is the highlight of the collection in both terms of art and story I haven t read the WOLVERINE mini since it was released 37 years ago.cripesit s scary to realize it s been that long AND that I m that OLD anywayI was pleasantly surprised at the power of this story Wow What a wonderful story with incredible layouts I was glad to re discover it.The collection includes a ton of ephemera including lots of covers, fill ins and in house material produced by Miller The covers in particular are fascinating as they demonstrate how Miller further develops his mastery of design and the tools of comic craft THAT SAID.The text on the inside cover states this Omnibus gathers together every page, every cover, every published piece of Miller s Marvel Universe work That s NOT entirely accurate.First, his ROM covers are noticeably absent Yeah, yeah, yeah.I KNOW.the rights issues related to ROM prevented their inclusion I wasn t really expecting them Their exclusion is entirely reasonable considering the inaccessibility of reprinting ROM material It s not a deal breaker for me But stilly knowthey re missing.Second I m perplexed by this one THE PHILISTINE story from BIZARRE ADVENTURES 31 is missing Possibly due to rights held by Writer Denny O Neal and Artist Frank Miller It s exclusion is mildly disappointing Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this Omnibus Its the right size and weight It lies flat with no gutter loss The reproduction is great The stories are good to fantastic Thank you for taking my money, Marvel. Collection of odds and ends from Miller s time at Marvel, plus the Wolvie mini series for paddingHey, it s Frank Miller so why not This is a thin Marvel Omnibus in the Marvel Universe by grouping ala John Byrne and Chris Claremont Basically this is collection of odds and ends from Miller that mostly hasn t been captured in other OHCs and Omnis Miller and Claremont s Wolverine mini series gets included here for maybe the fourth time from other omnis as padding It is brilliant as always with Logan s spiral and redemption with Mariko We also have his take on Spidey being blinded briefly, getting help from DD whom Miller would ultimately imprint his infamous gritty stamp on My favorite though is the Spidey annual with the Bend Sinister being brought on by Doctor Doom and Dormammu while Spider Man must free a pretty easily subdued Dr Strange, I hadn t read it since my initial purchase in 1980 Additionally there s weird Captain Marvel, Doc Sampson, Capt America one offs and a mega team up story written by Miller but drawn by the awful, derivative, Herb Trimpe In another Spidey annual it s always fun to see Miller do Doc Octopus though he seemed to be re using some of the action sequences in the long arm fights with the Punisher from his Daredevil Ock interaction There are a bunch of random Miller covers for a variety of titles in late 1979 1981 Finally Karma is introduced as Spidey tangles with the FF Completists like me will enjoy it I think, otherwise most of his main Marvel work is already collected in the Daredevil Companion, Electra omnis.