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The King of Bones and Ashes review.The Book of the Unwinding review.3.5 out of 5 stars I received this copy from the publisher via Netgalley in an exchange for an honest review.The Final Days of Magic was the most solid installment in the trilogy, which is a good way to end a story In my reviews of the previous books, I complained that the author appeared to skip important parts or explanations and it left the feeling of an incomplete story I m happy to report that seems to have been cleared up in this addition.Our three witches, Alice, Evangeline and Lisette have for the most part, gone their separate ways again Each trying to both heal but prepare for whatever the world throws at them next They don t have to wait long until they re tested by the dark force that wants back into their realm.This time the action felt much fleshed out and kept me entertained There were definitely some dark moments for some of the characters that provided a emotional connection However, the deaths of a couple of characters felt a little rushed and we were not given proper time to mourn them Overall, this series was entertaining and provided a great atmosphere with interesting characters It s hard not to love a story set in New Orleans with witches, but I ve seen it fail before The author clearly spent a lot of time researching history, the occult and magic and it really paid off. 2.5 stars The Final Days of Magic is my last shot at the New Orleans Witches series And I ve discovered that none of the characters matter very much to me Even if author J.D Horn writes another book in the series, I won t be following along I m disappointed to be leaving the series feeling this way But, so it is.The Marin family of witches is a hot mess Nicholas is a control freak, and his sister Fleur comes back to New Orleans to get her life together after splitting with her D.C based husband The newer generation isn t much better Alice is back from being held captive in both physical and metaphysical locations Lucy is teenager extraordinaire, who manipulates Fleur every chance she gets.The crux of the story remains the same as the first two books Magic is dying among the covens of New Orleans Nicholas seems poised to stop at nothing to bring it back And, of course, install himself as King of the Witches.Alongside the Marins, we have Evangeline Caissy, another witch who was previously in a relationship with Nicholas She owns a now iconic business in the French Quarter, a club with exotic dancers and plenty of tourists But her new relationship is tainted by her long dead love, Luc Marin And she s exploring her relationship with another coven of sorts It s comprised of her dead mother and aunts, who inhabited this world in the guise of giant crow like birds.Next we have the Perrault family, especially Lisette and Manon They have family connections to voodoo, and are trying to put their lives back together again after some tragedies in the second book.Our last main character is my favorite, Nathalie Boudreau, who is a chauffeur and psychic She s involved with everyone above, but also reconnecting with her family of origin North of the city I liked her burgeoning relationship with Alice, and also her struggle to manage her abilities.My conclusionsLook at that, it takes so many paragraphs just to explain the main characters I hardly have space to discuss the plot, which basically just comes down to witchy power struggles The variety of characters means the story has tentacles all over the place Honestly, it s hard to keep track even after three books with these folks.And, while I liked Evangeline, Nathalie, and Lisette, I didn t appreciate the male characters at all And no one gets enough time for me to truly fall in love with their story It all just felt fractured to me.Magic is also a central character and plot driver The question is whether its dark or light side is going to dominate New Orleans Different characters attempt to push it where they prefer And magic is having none of that Instead, it prefers to be in control.For the first half of the book, I thought Horn was turning story arc tradition on its head Of the three books, the craziest, most spectacular event seemed to live in the first book Authors usually hold the wildest wildness for a later book And then I realized I spoke too soon Horn pulls out all the crazy stops for his ending in The Final Days of Magic Wowza Still, I much prefer his Witching Savannah series The Witches of New Orleans books are all just so so for me.AcknowledgmentsMany thanks to NetGalley, 47North, and the author for a free digital ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review. The Final Days of Magic is part of a series that I recommend reading in order The best thing about this story is the atmospheric presence of New Orleans It s a city of ghosts and gothic cemeteries, and it s like you can feel that coming through It s a strange story and confusing and far fetched at times The writing is good and the characters are likeable but not but not loveable If you like witches and magic and New Orleans, this story is for you Thanks to NetGalley for an arc in exchange for an honest review. I requested this book from Netgalley without knowing that it s a part of a series But I m thankful I was given a chance to read and review it First of all, it is so much better, in fact, it is advisable to read the first two books before diving into this one Everything would be so much clear I planned to read the first two books but I got no time, thanks to my reading slump in the past month But anyway, by reading some spoiler reviews of the previous books, somehow I have a big picture of what went that led to the events in this book Also there is a comprehensive list of characters in the beginning of the book where everything about them and what happened were stated So yeah, I think it s okay for me to review this book.What I love the most about this book is the atmosphere It s so eerie and terrifying New Orleans is so alive on the page I m hooked from the beginning to the end of the book And the characters are really compelling and intriguing making the whole ride of reading this just Perfect Sure I have a bit of complaint regarding the inner monologues of most of the characters, but it s okay I m just not the kind of reader who enjoys much of internal monologues I love how everything is wrapped up in the story and I think I d love it if I ve read the previous books It just gave me all the feels.Overall, I can say that this will not be the last book I ll read from this authorI was given an e copy by the author and publisher via Netgalley This does not affect my opinion The Final Days of Magic is the third book in J.D Horn s series Witches of New Orleans It mixes Western Christian notions of witchcraft with a Voodoo Creole that feels very specific to New Orleans culture This is the final novel in the series and it is supposed to tie up the narrative arc I have been on a witchie book reading spree of late and I wanted to really like this book I really did But I just couldn t get into it.I finished the novel after really pushing myself through it and I felt relief it was over than anything else when I got to the last page For me, it wasn t that the writing was terrible or that the novel felt sexist or anything of the sort It simply felt mechanical It felt like the equivalent of writing by numbers and I could not get invested in the plot or the characters.The ending of the novel hints at a battle of witches those for the darkness and sacrificing witches and those against but even that fell flat Just as everything starts to heat up and witches are dying and fighting left right and centre the chapter ends and what is the next section of the novel An epilogue set long after the battle The let down was real.This hasn t been the worst book I ve read in 2019, but it is also not the best either Fantasy novels have to have good writing and plot development, otherwise just relying on the characters and the magic to take the plot somewhere will just not work.So, for Horn s last novel in this series, I have to give it a shrug What fantasy books are you loving at the moment As always, share the reading love.NOTE This novel was was accessed through Netgalley and 47 NORTH for review purposes. Thank you to netgalley and the publisher for the review copy in exchange for an honest reviewThe Final Days of Magic is already the third and final book of the Witches of New Orleans that was published over the span of a year and a half That is quite a quick publishing job The problem I have with this series still stands in the third book I m just not that invested in the characters In most cases I want to skip their inner monologues though I try not to There is just so often so very little of interest to find there It is just not good when a readers favorite character is the one that was absent for most of the book and not technically alive Daniel is in a way just the heart of the story and that shows when even though he isn t there any, he is so often referred to fondly It is a shame none of the other characters quite live up to that I will say that I was happy to see Alice and her brother Hugo bonding in this book It was nice to see how they were so different but still found ways to hang out together I also truly enjoyed seeing that Alice and Nathalie found each other I just wish that part had been expanded on Then again, the romance was never the focus of this book As for the story, I think this book is for the most part a worthy wrap up with how the trilogy was moving forward It was slow, setting up a lot of things for the final 25% There were a lot of interesting things but a lot of little strings were left to open One does not have to tie everything up but a bit would have been nice I also got kind of tired of the endless someone dies but gets resurrected, returns as a spirit thing this whole trilogy seems to have It just kind of gets old It made the whole impact at the end not as strong for me personally Overall this was a 3 star trilogy for me The writing in itself is fine, the story could be a lot tighter in places However if you do take to the characters then I can totally see people falling in love with it. .READ E-PUB ♫ The Final Days of Magic (Witches of New Orleans, #3) ♡ The War Between Witches Reaches Its Terrifying Climax In The Final Book In Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author JD Horn S Spellbinding Trilogy Once Caged In An Illusory Realm By Blood Relatives, Alice Marin Has Been Freed Into A World Where The Last Remnants Of Magic Are Quickly Passing Away Dissolving With Them Is The Unity Among Witches And Their Sanity Grappling With The Revelations Of Her True Parentage And Her Burgeoning Relationship With Nathalie Boudreau, A Psychic With Her Own Demons Alice And Her Allies, Both Living And Dead, Must Draw On Every Skill They Possess It S The Only Way To Defeat The Destructive Forces Borne Of The Horrifying History Of Alice S Own Family That Means Unlocking The Final Secrets Of The Book Of UnwindingNow, On The Longest Night Of The Year, The Streets Of New Orleans Will Become A Battleground As Alice And The Few She Can Trust Engage In A War Amid The Final Days Of Magic But The Revelations That Lie Ahead May Be Too Dark To Escape The atmosphere is still good, and the way this trilogy wraps up is somewhat satisfying though character death is always a tricky thing, and some living characters kind of drop by the wayside when all is said and done.This installment felt very slow compared to the first two There s a lot less horror, as well as less plot movement and of a kind of holding pattern that lasts until close to the end The sprawling cast of Book 2 contracted a bit, but never got any less confusing, with constant Wait, who is X again and What is Y s relationship to Z again moments that kicked me out of the story at times, despite the cast list at the beginning of my copy There were a few plot holes and loose threads that didn t quite come together Plus, the author borrow shamelessly from his own previous trilogy in terms of how the magical endgame is explained or not explained, depending on the level of your expectations.I enjoyed this entire series, but this book while not at all bad is probably the weakest of the three I received a Review Copy of this book via NetGalley I received a complimentary ARC copy of The Final Days of Magic Witches of New Orleans 3 by J.D Horn from NetGalley and 47North in order to read and give an honest review.The Final Days of Magic Witches of New Orleans 3 by J.D Horn is the third and final book in the series from Author J.D Horn I have read and reviewed both the first book, The King of Bones and Ashes Witches of New Orleans 1 and the second The Book of Unwinding Witches of New Orleans 2 With The Final Days of Magic, although I didn t enjoy this entry as much as the first two, I still found it to be a satisfying, albeit heartbreaking finale to the series.One thing is consistent throughout the Witches of New Orleans series is J.D Horn s ability to give us such strong, unique and multifaceted characters which the reader can connect with I love his ability to depict strong, flawed and resilient characters, especially the way his female characters come across His plots are imaginative and lean towards the dark end of the spectrum as far as paranormal In this book, as with the others, there are quite a few characters and I really appreciated the character list included at the beginning for a handy reference, especially since I read quite a bit and the previous book was about a year ago Another thing I have to commend J.D Horn for is that he brings New Orleans to life, he delves into the history and mysticism of the city and it becomes a character of its own.This book felt like it wrapped up most of the loose ends on the most part We followed Natalie, Alice, Lisette and Angeline all continuing to work through much of what happened in the previous book This book did do an amazing job tying together magic with mythology and the climax not only unique but very unexpected My only issues in this book are that the focus is constantly changing and it feels a bit wild and uncontrolled There also seemed to be a disconnect with Natalie for me this time aroundher storyline was a bit confusing for a lack of a better word.All in all a good series, unique in every sense I recommend the series as a whole, but I recommend definitely reading the first two books before this one, it wouldn t make a great standalone I recommend this to anyone looking for something that is rife with magic and mayhem 3 1 2 out of 5 stars Alice Marin has finally be freed from the illusory realm but the world she has been freed into is a world where the remnants of magic are passing away quickly With that happening it is also taking with it the unity of the witches and along with the unity along with their sanity She is fighting of finding out who her true parents are and a friend who is battling her own demons With the longest night of the year coming up fast Alice must figure out to defeat the destructive forces that haunt her family , Will she survive the night and will she survive the secrets that are too dark to be revealed The characters in this installment were written well but I felt that they just weren t as complex as the characters in the first two books Alice seems to be just hanging on sometimes by a thread She does come off just a little be na ve at the beginning but she does grow into the witch that she is suppose to be She does get stronger as the book goes on Natalie is kind a crazy her demons really drive her around the bend They are good characters I just think they need a little depth to them I was so excited to see the third book in the series I truly loved the first two books and was just excited to get it I sat down and started reading, I will say I couldn t really connect with the main characters in this installment I felt that they were just there going through the movements You sometimes feel lost while you were reading There were also times where I kind of skipped over the inner monologues I just felt that they didn t really need to be there I will say the second part of the book was better then the first part When they started battling and fighting to keep the magic It was going great and then it just stopped There were parts I truly loved in this book I mean there are parts that are slow but it really doesn t over shadow the rest of the story at all I strongly suggest that you read the first two book so you know that is going on and who all the characters are If you want a good witch series for your summer check them out.