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You know how sometimes you read a book and at the beginning, middle, end, and after, you just don t even know how you feel Did I hate this Like it Tolerate it This review will appear on my blog on May 13th, 2019 There is something to be said for laid back novels, such as Shadows You Left by Jude Sierra and Taylor Brooke, which offers up an intriguing plot and the potential for great character development, then delivers It is the sort of book that can keep a reader up at night with anticipation, urging them to continue until the end A whirlwind romance with teeth and truth, this book is a stunner.With that being said, this story revolves around two main characters Erik and River whose points of view alternate throughout Erik is a cage fighter and mediocre bartender, while River is a talented tattoo artist Right from the start, their lives converge, and the story begins Even from the opening though, it becomes apparent that while this is a romance, each character has his own separate life to sort out and live, too While it does indeed focus on their nascent relationship, importance is also placed on who they are outside of each other, including their friends or family Further, well executed prose and beautiful imagery populate this slice of life and love novel, which only engendered me to this narrative further Those aspects, coupled with a well constructed combination of fleshed out characters, and sub plots that had believable resolutions at the end, made this easily one of my favorite books of the year If the premise of two imperfect people navigating their separate worlds alongside their budding romance draws you, then the following love story might be for you It is not cotton candy, by any means, as it deals with darker topics, such as addiction, drug overdose, and substance abuse However, it is a novel that adds depth to the New Adult category and the romance genre in its execution.I rated this book 5 5 stars on Goodreads.Disclaimer I was given a free ARC of this by NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion. Taylor Brooke and Jude Sierra are a dream team Gorgeous prose, richly developed characters, and a captivating plot had me glued to the pages No matter what Erik and River have to work through, hope and healing is at the center of this story and I could not have loved it.CW addiction, codependency, casual drug use, alcoholism, violence cage fighting , grief, reference to death of a loved one, anxiety, panic attacks, reference to death by overdoseDisclosure I received an advanced copy from the authors. ARC courtesy of publisher in exchange for an honest review [ READ KINDLE ] ☪ Shadows You Left ♽ ERIKThe White Picket FenceThe Happily Ever AfterThat Life Was Never Meant For HimFor Years He S Been Bouncing From City To City From One Cage Fight To AnotherThat S His Outlet That S Pain Erik Can ControlBut In Seattle, Everything ChangedRiver S An ArtistHe S A Pretty BoyHe Does YogaSomeone So Soft Shouldn T Be Intrigued By Erik S Rough EdgesRIVERHis Life Was Quiet He Had A Simple RoutineDesigning Tattoos, Avoiding Drama Well, MostlyThen Erik Comes Along Scarred And Dangerous, Shrouded In MysteryA Mystery River Can T Resist Trying To SolveMaybe A Secret As Dark As His OwnNeither Of Them Expected A Relationship So Complicated, So IntenseNeither Of Them Expected Each OtherErik And River Are Both Trying To Escape A Shadowed PastBut The Thing About Shadows Is The Faster You Run, The Faster They Chase You It s so rough but so poetic at the same time.I suspected I m in for a treat when I received this book A tough to swallow but so worth it treat I was right only I didn t know how tough as well as how worth it would be.Mind the content warnings, dear readers also yay for content warnings though I m not surprised those two authors gave warnings for their book.I was not able to read Shadows You left in one go but I didn t want to do that anyway Instead I enjoyed it while taking reading breaks to just let everything sink in To let my mind work through the words and emotions To experience everything.Shadows You Left is no book you read for a nice distraction it is a book that makes you suffer and feel your own demons rise to the surface, but while it does make you feel your darker parts it takes you by the hand and leads you through everything back to safety.Last Words This is one of the heaviest books I have read in my life but it is heavy in the best of ways and I can t wait to go on this journey again.Disclaimer I received a free copy through the NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Thank you. Raw, deep, metaphoric That was this book 2 men learning to get through their past hurts and traumas so that they can be with the person they love Learning to love even with your and their baggage This book had you cheering for both MC s through their struggles and wanting so hard for them to make it on the other side so they would be together This is not a fluff book Both characters have to dig deep and open themselves up to the possibility of love And watching them is a struggle at times because you want to shake them both They both make mistakes but when dealing with the cards they had it s understandable And in the end it s a work in progress because this kind of work takes time and lots of healing The smexy scale is a fade into black style so beware of that I do wish it was written in because boy would that have been explosive, and not just because of the sex itself, but because some of the do you want to hurt parts would have been amazing to experience with them. dnf 72% I received an arc from the publisher via netgalley in exchange for a free and honest reviewI m super sad to be dnf ing this, and I very rarely dnf books this far in But I m so bored The thing about this book is that it has what I love about Taylor Brooke s books their great characters I ve read one other thing by Jude Sierra, which I dnf d too, and for the same reason I m dnf ing this boredom I find that I don t connect with Jude Sierra s plots, and as a whole I rarely like character driven romances Romance driven maybe, plot drive definitely, but character driven contemporaries in general is something I rarely enjoy. I foundShadows You Leftto be a rather slow read that took a while for me to really become engaged Content warnings include alcoholism, drug abuse, violence, emotional abuse and gaslighting, semi explicit sex on page that occasionally gets quite rough, anxiety, panic attack mentions of death through overdose, eating disorder, child abuse, cheating.I expected it to be quite dark and gritty, but for me it mostly wasn tShadows You Leftdeals with quite a few heavy topics, with both River and Erik bringing their own baggage and pasts they would rather keep buried deep But for me, the book was mostly about these two guys falling deeply in love, so fast and hard they barely recognize it and sure as heck don t acknowledge it at first Despite the rough edges of their lives, they go on wonderfully cute dates and so many scenes were absolutely adorable and outright fluffy I was fascinated by the way this book handled sex scenes because Erik and River have quite a lot of sex Yet I wouldn t label it erotica, given that the sex is often barely described The book doesn t shy away from explicity or details, but it usually focuses rather on how the characters feel during or after the fact, or focus on one specific moment, rather than going through the entire scene second by second It worked very well here, and I enjoyed this style.The writing style in general is very beautiful It s almost poetic at times, without becoming flowery or over the top, and I loved the acute, lyrical metaphors and describtions that were always right on point, leaving an ache from their precision but also inspiring awe from their beauty.Despite the writing, it took me a while to really get into it I was never bored, but the first 50% or so felt sort of aimless Only after about two thirds in I really got invested in Erik and River and wanted to read on about them at all costs not that reading ever was a chore it was always pleasant and flowed well even before that point, but it didn t leave me itching to read at first.Most of the darker themes of the book were a constant in the background I loved how they were all handled in the end, and how their not always resolution came to pass Here love or a relationship doesn t magically make everything sunshine and rainbows, and no false promises about never hurting another are made Instead common ground is found and fought for.I also liked how casually the character s queerness was handled Almost all characters are queer River is bi and Erik is demiromantic, and there are queer side characters.Speaking of, I also adored those.Both Erik and River have respective circles, siblings, friends, coworkers, who take up space in their lives and are than just a side sentence here and there They play big roles not just in their lives but for the plot as well I loved Desiree and Cheyenne especially, and Jadis and Pax intrigued me with what was hinted at of the things going on with them.Overall a very pleasant read that I enjoyed greatly I mean, it has pretty detailed discussion and describtions of dragon tattoos, and what s not to like about thatI received an ARC and reviewed honestly and voluntarily Excellent The characters in this M M contemporary romance are intriguing and captivating River and Eric are two broken souls who are rocked by their attraction to each other It is unexpected, intense, and swift They both have secrets and pasts they don t want to talk or think about and each has handled their pasts very differently They shouldn t work but they definitely do The chemistry between them jumps from the pages I enjoyed their story very much and would definitely recommend it to everyone.