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!Free ♁ Star Collector, Vol. 1 ☯ Fynn S Favorite Activities Are Skipping Class, Smoking, And Lying Around So When He S Told It S Time To Shape Up And Try Doing Something Else For A Change, He Has No Idea Where To Even StartThen, On A Nighttime Walk Around His Neighborhood, He Sees A Stranger With A Telescope Up On A Hill His Name Is Niko, And He Loves To Watch The Stars Intrigued, Flynn Decides To Find Out About This Nerdy Boy And What Could Be So Interesting About The Night Sky That He Loves So Much Sometimes I wonder if it s better reading a manga before watching a booktube video involving a manga Ashley from AshleyOutpaged read this and mentioned the insta love, saying it was just a okay read And..I have to agree The romance is sweet but happens so fast Also, there s a girl character I can t tell if she s genuine or just a fake friend for one of the love interest, so maybe answers will be given in volume 2 Possibly one of the fine works I found in Netgalley in these past weeks Thanks for the copy Can t wait to read from this authors. I received this from the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for my honest review.A very cute read, lovely artwork, just fell flat to me with the shallow depth of the internal struggle of our bad boy He gets dumped by his best friend who thinks he might be gay and he just goes huh maybe I am which is fine but it just felt like he never had any sort of internal questioning Bad boy falls for a sweet nerd, they re cute adorable, and sweet nerd has a mysterious background. I received an ARC from the publisher through NetGalley to write and honest reviewHow far should we go To the stars NerdEven though I am a manga beginner barely started to read this genre during Christmas break and fell in love completely with it I do can recognize asap when a manga is going to be cute and fun And when I have something cute with fun in the same sentence, I am all in Star Collector is the story of an outcast high school boy who meets this astrology lover boy one night on a mountain hill He finds himself curious about the boys personality and obsession with the stars, and continues to accompany him to gaze at the sky during the nights Later on, he soon finds himself feeling something new.BL Shounen ai is one of my favorite types of manga the type I ve read most so far and when I saw the cover and synopsis of this one, I couldn t resist to request it on NetGalley I find romance between boys intimate and real and honest, and I enjoy how the characters grow It was a short volume, but for the simple fact that it was so enjoyable it could have been read in a sitting But, at the same time, you crave to just take it hold on to it a little bit longer to savor the soft butterflies in your tummy when you think of the cuteness of the story The latter was a really easy one slice of life, school, and star gazing and the plot was one that kept you wanting to see when THAT was going to happen The art was REALLY beautiful and, if I am honest, the first thing that caught my attention The characters were really interesting and I enjoyed reading about them though I have the feeling I will learn about them in the next volume.This first volume includes the first five chapters of the story, which was originally written in German The second volume will include the last five chapters of the story, and it will be released soon this year Yes, I liked it THAT much that I did some research, lol If I had to point out something that might have been a small flaw it would have been the pacing It was a bit to fast, though if you actually keep up with the art and images, you would notice that a bit of time passes in which the main characters spend time with each other But even despite the pacing being a bit pushed forward, I think the story develops lovely and it is one that makes you smile Can t wait to get back to these two guys in the next volume If you re into BL manga, I truly recommend you this adorable story that you will love And if you re new into manga and are interested in exploring the Shounen ai world, then this manga is a good cute place to start I received this comic from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.I just can t resist books with cute covers, and this one, a manga styled comic, was right there with cute covers I wanted to know about this duo, would they be together Would there be romance It all starts when Fynn s girlfriend breaks up with him, and he is left flummoxed about the whys and hows As he contemplates things he meets up with the cute Niko who gets angry at Fynn for smoking when he is looking for stars Fynn reacts like how most smokers do, though I also could see his side Generally this is his spot, his space to calm down and have a smoke I can imagine he isn t amused that someone just pops up and goes complaining.But from that moment Fynn is hooked, he needs to find out about Niko, especially after getting a tiny telescope from Niko And I was also hooked I loved seeing Fynn go to school which is apparently a rare event and searching for Niko It was adorable to see these two get together, to see the sparks light up between them.However, I did think the pace was a bit fast I mean, Fynn just got dumped by his girlfriend, and he is already drooling over the next person as you could see that he was quickly interested in Niko in a different way than friendship Plus, that he was totally fine with kissing a dude Yes, he questioned things, but he was quick with accepting and it just felt weird and off Normally people don t just go Oh, I just kissed a dude, and I like it And then want I would have liked of that, it would have made the relationship that is blooming between Niko and Fynn a bit realistic.While I did like that he made things up with his ex girlfriend, I did feel sorry for the girl as it must also hurt her to see him just move so fast.I liked that we saw of Fynn s home situation, find out about him, and see why he is so stand off ish.There was also some drama, and yes, at times I was rolling my eyes at it all Come on guys, please.And the Perseids thing that Fynn got notoriously wrong also got on my nerves I did have a laugh though that Niko got it wrong once as well P Persieds.The art was just gorgeous I loved how the characters were drawn, there were so many details to them And then there are the backgrounds, dang Nice So all in all, I had fun reading this one, and I was shipping these two together I loved the stargazing aspect to it, and how Fynn also started liking it I will definitely have to check out the next volume in this series to see how their relationship goes on.Review first posted at To see reviews check out MI Book Reviews.I got an ARC of this book.I got this book, because boy am I a fan of BL Get it Get it Moving on I really liked the idea that this was two guys around the same age, it seemed consensual, and it looked cute I wasn t let down with my expectations, but in execution.So the story follows a slacker boy falling in love with his first boy right after his girlfriend dumps him implying he is gay He goes gee whiz, maybe I am No conflict whatsoever I was a bit let down that the conflict was literally just a single panel set up and then it blew over very quickly I liked the boys flirting and getting to know each other, but there was very little substance The characters were really flat I could get behind that if I get a feeling that they will be fleshed out, but in this volume not a single character felt like they were even close to being a real character They were very two dimensional and there was no reason to really ship the romance I did because it was cute That was it There was no drive to see them happy No drive because they really belonged together It was just cute So I hope the series gets some depth to it, because this reads every much as a middle school romance series There is a hint of sex, but the characters and plots are so minimal that they would probably appeal to a younger audience than me If I see the second volume around, I will read it I will not be seeking it out I really don t have anything to say on the subject, but this looks like such a short review The book only took me 15 20 minutes to read while working So there really isn t much to go on. This is the first time I have read any Manga and this particular comic graphic appealed to me because of the fascinating description and I wanted to try something new that sounded entertaining.I am very glad I chose Star Collector because it was so enjoyable to read I think it was a great first choice for trying this genre because it had a straightforward story line, which made it no bother for me to master the Manga style which needs to be read from right to left For me, the story was tender and sweet and the artwork was absolutely gorgeous I could feel the characters emotions and each one had their own individuality and distinctiveness.I can t say much else on the quality of the artwork since I am not at all artistic but I did appreciate how the story progressed through the artwork as well as the dialogue.I will definitely be reading Volume 2 in this series to see how their relationship progresses.I would recommend this story to anyone who wants to try Manga and is after a quick and light hearted read Thank you to NetGalley and Diamond Book Distributors for the free copy of this novel and for giving me the opportunity to provide an honest review. Book Reaction Star Collector is a cute story of Fynn, who s kind of a bad boy, and Niko, who s a huge astronomy nerd Fynn s the type who shrugs the problems away, and prefers to sleep and smoke like a chimney instead of going to school in time He s on top of a hill late at night, smoking and doing nothing when he meets Niko, who rambles about stars and astronomy And for once, Fynn actually keeps coming back and finds something interesting, especially how mysterious Niko seems to be Fynn and Niko are both interesting characters and their interaction is fun to read about I was certainly charmed by it The art is incredible I loved the style and it captivated me, so I probably spends time staring at certain panels than actually reading further I especially loved Fynn s longer hair, so gorgeous Only slightly negative thing that I have to say is Zoe, who s Fynn s ex girlfriend and best friend her motives didn t really come through, which confused me a bit At times she seemed very supportive, but there was a bitter tone, and it seemed like she switched between supportive and snarky bitterness in a heartbeat.I m anticipating the next volume, because I need to know about Niko and see where the story is going I can certainly recommend you to check Star Collector out, it s such a cute storyA copy of this ebook was provided in return for an honest review