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Three lessons avoid contact with polonimum 210 never criticize the Russian FSB or Russian oligarchs work for the separation of wealth and power in the U.S as a cornerstone of democracy [[ DOWNLOAD PDF ]] ☠ The Terminal Spy: A True Story of Espionage, Betrayal and Murder ⇥ In A Page Turning Narrative That Reads Like A Thriller, An Award Winning Journalist Exposes The Troubling Truth Behind The World S First Act Of Nuclear TerrorismOn November Alexander Litvinenko Sipped Tea In London S Millennium Hotel Hours Later The Russian Migr And Former Intelligence Officer, Who Was Sharply Critical Of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Fell Ill And Within Days Was Rushed To The Hospital Fatally Poisoned By A Rare Radioactive Isotope Slipped Into His Drink, Litvinenko Issued A Dramatic Deathbed Statement Accusing Putin Himself Of Engineering His Murder Alan S Cowell, Then London Bureau Chief Of The New York Times, Who Covered The Story From Its Inception, Has Written The Definitive Story Of This Assassination And Of The Profound International Implications Of This First Act Of Nuclear TerrorismWho Was Alexander Litvinenko What Had Happened In Russia Since The End Of The Cold War To Make His Life There Untenable And In Severe Jeopardy Part murder mystery, part spy thriller, part nonfictional accounting of events I think that s the easiest way to sum up this book It was a fascinating read, to combine in with everything else I ve been reading on Russia this year.We open up with a three page brief introduction to a few dozen people who repeatedly show up in the investigation around Alexander Litvinenko s death, and then the first chapter starts up like this just might be a work of fiction Unfortunately, it s all too true.After we get past the beginning, though, it gets a bit weird The writing is a little disjointed at times, as the chronology is not written in a linear fashion It s 2006, and then it s 2000, and then it s sometime in the 1980 s, and then it s 2006 again, and then we re taking about Marie Curie the juxtaposition of past and present lends to some confusion about which events happened when, exactly And I say that having spent the last three months prior to reading this devouring other books on Russia and its politics leading up to and since the fall of the Soviet Union.Some of the, to borrow a phrase from British sci fi television, timey wimey business is, I think, perhaps a bit necessary to aid in understanding what may have led to certain events in the last days of Litvinenko, but I do think that there is probably a better way that it could have been done.I wish there were references, because I love nothing than an especially well sourced work, so I can go and read further into particular areas of interest However, I m not exactly worse off for lacking a few places to satisfy my urge to research.But, on a lighter note, perhaps one of the other important things to take is this Don t get poisoned with polonium 210 It won t end well. Choose audio version I believe Simon Vance could tell the story of my three years sorting mail at the Post Office and make it sound fascinating and compelling. Fascinating deep dive into the mystery behind the polonium 210 murder of Alexander Litvinenko The story of Putin s rise to power has disturbing echoes now. A fascinating look into the former Soviet spy apparatus And what happens if you try and walk away. Detailed history and background of Litvinenko, Lugovoy and Putin. The writing is melodramatic and disorganized but the story is killer It was written like a novel jumping all over in time It had fascinating background on the Russian oligarch Berezovsky, Vladimir Putin, and KGB agents The book continues on after the protagonist s death but the story of how police and scientists went searching all over London and even Germany for traces of polonium was fascinating. A fascinating true story of a murdered spy and the reasons that the Russian government might have killed him The story is convuluted, but the author and editor did not do any favors to the story in the way that they structured the book. When I saw the Shelf Awareness ad for Alan Cowell s The Terminal Spy, I only vaguely remembered the incident, and can t say that the implications of the issue were at the forefront of my mind Still, I found the premise interesting enough to want to read the book I must say that it in no way disappointed.The Terminal Spy, documenting the incident of an ex KGB, Russian migr s poisoning death in London, reads like the best espionage thriller, full of shadowy characters and murderous intrigue.The one thing that Cowell never lets us forget however is that this book is different from spy thrillers in one chilling aspect it s all real Every place, event, action and most of all, every person is real Alexander Litvinenko s story was, in the long run, about parents mourning a child, a wife mourning a husband, children mourning the loss of a father, to paraphrase Cowell.Cowell does a good job of outlining the history of all the key players related to the incident, including the poison itself He does the same for the political history of Russia prior to and leading up to the incident.While there was a lot of detail, I didn t find myself tired of it, but rather wanting to read further With one exception in a probable attempt to keep the main personage and what happened to him at the forefront of the reader s mind, Cowell has to find too many ways to refer to the day that Litvinenko was actually poisoned, and it did become redundant after about five or six references.Nevertheless, I would recommend this book to anyone who wanted to gain a deeper insight into the Litvinenko incident, as well as anyone who enjoys a well written, well researched, solid piece of journalism.