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!DOWNLOAD E-PUB ☾ Slam ☦ Bestselling Author Nick Hornby Delivers His First Novel For Young AdultsFor Year Old Sam, Life Is About To Get Extremely Complicated He And His Girlfriend Make That Ex Girlfriend Alicia Have Gotten Themselves Into A Bit Of Trouble Sam Is Suddenly Forced To Grow Up And Struggle With The Familiar Fears And Inclinations That Haunt Us AllNick Hornby S Poignant And Witty Novel Shows A Rare And Impressive Understanding Of Human Relationships And What It Really Means To Be A Man English author Nick Hornby has dutifully produced vox populi fiction about contemporary men struggling to grow up, cope, and accept responsibility for the better part of fifteen years Often these males are self absorbed, id driven, and change themselves for others Readers respond with great enthusiasm men read them as how to manuals His latest offering, Slam, follows the same formula but it s written in the sprawling vocabulary and context of a teenager.Hornby s writing style has always been conversational and loose, his characters lovable despite occasional actions, and his pages are often filled with pop culture hooks soccer fanatics in Fever Pitch, audiophiles in High Fidelity, a bachelor pad full of great stuff in About a Boy So it really isn t so great an ollie for Hornby to pen a young adult novel about a skateboarding teen forced to grow up painfully fast Slam tells the story of Tony Hawk obsessed Sam, an 18 year old art student who speaks directly to you as the reader, like you are his confidant or therapist, relating two years of his life since a life altering event in highly reasoned hindsight Sam lives with his single and dating 32 year old mother in middle class London, England When 16 year old Sam is forcefully introduced to the beautiful Alicia, they rush into a physical relationship Things are rocky and they are about to break up when she gets pregnant, just like Sam s mom did at their age The man boy seeks advice from the bedroom poster of skating legend Hawk, whose memoir Sam has read 50,000 times The imagined Hawk can only speak in Magic 8 Ball like passages relating to the issue, but it s the only solace the troubled young father to be can find Hornby s real accomplishment with this story is not necessarily wading through a heady subject matter or his deft incorporation of pop culture Many have written on the subject of being a teen parent, and many book houses produce young adult literature that make affinitive references to fashionable celebrities or items to endear the product to a targeted reader His ramble style and use of language make his work significant Many teen pregnancy stories in film, TV, and books can get heavy handed and serious, too much like the time your parents sat you down and reasoned with you to avoid youthful mistakes The YA label is a difficult genre to navigate it s can t be patronizing or proselytizing so having an author with a pop vernacular and conversational wit helps Typically, Hornby s characters come from deeper, adult backgrounds with emotional fractures In Slam, the narrative voice is younger and can only observe and deal with life matters from less than two decades of experience Hornby adapts well enough.Sam has the same wishes and desires of other teenage boys He wants to hang at the local skate park He wants to date normal girls He goes to the movies and to the Starbucks for a frappucino His friends aren t the ideal, but they are what they are It becomes a troubling part of the writing process however when Sam acts with the hesitant wisdom of a righteous older person He doesn t try drugs, he is hesitant about fooling around, and in general is wise beyond his years The pregnancy is portrayed as something forced upon him The material is much enjoyable when Hornby just lets it flow rather than preventing the characters from learning by experienced humanity.Two of the three Hornby novels turned into movies were re settled in America for better understanding of the material by audiences there So what hope do teens in America have to interpret life there It s the subtleties of detail and thought underneath the action that often make this author s writings pop, so much so that Slam may be a popular novel with his established adult fan base than new and younger readers. Wow, this book was ATROCIOUS It s like Nick Hornby sat down and thought of all the worst cliches about teen books and then decided he could write a teen novel The main character is a teenage skater who s so obsessed with Tony Hawk that he dialogues with the Tony Hawk poster above his bed on a nightly basis He asks the poster questions about life, and the poster responds with parts of Tony Hawk s autobiography that the kid has memorized from reading so many times I didn t buy it c mon, Tony HawK He was cool when I was a teen Now he s all washed up I heard from another librarian that the reason why Hornby used Hawk was because he once saw a READ poster featuring Tony Hawk who was holding one of Nick Hornby s books Also, later in the book, the Tony Hawk poster supposedly sends the main character into the future a couple times but only a few months or so into the future and the experience doesn t change the character at all It s thrown in there for absolutely NO good reason It was truly terrible, and if I wasn t a teen librarian, I would not have finished it All the teens I know who have read it also hated it, but apparently the critics have been giving it good reviews. So it just may be that Nick Hornby is overrated He did spark quite an interest and I m counting myself in this category, while everyone else was probably in the post Bridget Jones and Pre Stephanie Meyer stage About a Boy , though the movie surpasses book in myriad ways, was incredibly original The duality of both the man boy and boy man was absolute perfection.I have read only The Polysyllabic Spree , which was about the love of books pretty good, swift nonfiction to pass the time and his lesser novel, How to be Good , which does not belong in the category A Must It was quite terrible actually, to my recollection.This one is a simple story about a skater so Everyboy at least, version 2.0 , how he gets his g.f pregnant and how he isn t ready for such a responsibility Sure, it s fun to read some simpleton s thoughts like talking to my fifteen year old skater cousin The parents are too accepting, the novel too plot less, too simple, too short, too unimportant This is not at all his best, sure But its endearing, well imagined Mediocrity done well.P.S Just realized this is of a foray into YA Figures. young adult. I m a big Nick Hornby fan but this was crap Crapity crap crap crap probably didn t help that i was pregnant when i read it its main character is a teenage boy who gets his girlfriend pregnant and has a fit with his leg in the air then legs it It uses a very annoying bollocks plot thing as well, and i can t remember the proper term so you won t know what i mean unless you read it but i seriously don t recommend you do but if you choose to you can have my copy cause i stupidly bought mine a moment of boredom in tescos. Kein Sternerating, da dies eine Schulllekt re war There was a character in this book called Rubbish , which would have been an apt title for the whole mess. Re SlamTo Nick HornbyFrom Bonnie LumleySent September 30, 2009Hi Nick, Glad to hear you re back to writing adult fiction now I hate to say it, but I don t think writing young adult fiction is your strength Slam was a worthwhile experiment but you ve done better, and maybe could have done better here Maybe if you d written it from the POV of Sam s mum instead of 16 year old Sam, you d have been able to offer your readers a pleasing, polished novel No offence, but it seemed to me as if you d written Slam in one draft too much quantity too little quality Sure, I laughed exactly twelve times, actually Yes, I counted you know me But that s because you re naturally funny About a Boy was funnier, though, and it was well crafted with well developed characters In Slam, I thought you could have done without the stupid a word you used much too often by the way and yes, I counted friend, Rabbit And Sam s other friend, Rubbish, the one with intelligence but none of Rabbit s skateboarding skills what did they really add to the story For that matter, Sam s girlfriend, Alicia, came across as a device than as a real character Her single purpose seemed to be the vehicle to carry the subject about teenaged pregnancy She was having the baby no discussion with Sam, with his single mom, with her own parents Period Puns intended Anyway another word you used a LOT , I don t want to be totally negative, but really, the whole Tony Hawk poster as an adviser just didn t fly Sure, Sam read Tony s autobiography about a thousand times so he knew the answers Tony would give, but then to have Hawk whiz Sam into the future to see himself as a father of baby Rufus Roof It was a brave attempt to branch out, but it was another plodding plot device that ultimately didn t work at least, it didn t work for me I had to check the Internet to find information about Tony Hawk and to see if he really wrote an autobiography I suppose I was searching for something authentic I m not sure why, because the story was less about skateboarding than it was about Sam impregnating a girl and wanting to be a good dad, unlike his own father What really got me was the question and answer section at the end Sorry, but for me that was just a lazy way to tie everything up into a neat little package There are better books out there by authors who write for young adult readers You should leave that to them and stick to what you do best lad lit You also usually do a good job of getting inside your characters heads You did that a bit with Sam, but to be truthful, I never became emotionally engaged with Sam I didn t really care what happened, and I had to force myself to finish reading I had eleven pages to go and I fell asleep Seriously It appears as though, with Book Juliet, Naked , newly released, you have written a book that adults, both men and women, will enjoy If it s anything like your other adult books, then young adults will be part of your audience, too Isn t that a better way to go All the best,Bonnie Oh, and sorry to hear that Arsenal could only manage a draw yes, I checked And say hi to Gill for me Original Message From Nick HornbyTo Bonnie LumleyRe Slam Sent February 8, 2009 Hey Bonnie Thanks for your note last week about About a Boy glad you liked it I may use a couple of quotes on the back cover of the next edition Hope that s okay Anyway, have you had a chance to look at Slam It s my first attempt at young adult fiction Hope you don t think it s stupid or anything.Gotta go here, game starts in five The Gunners will be taking the piss out of the Spurs or Hotflashes, as we prefer to call them, and Truncated by Sender I am an enthusiastic fan of Nick Hornby, having read most of his fiction and non fiction books, with High Fidelity a clear favorite both the book and the movie He has demonstrated repeatedly that he is funny and smart and insightful Which makes writing the review of Slam all the difficult Is this the same guy who penned Fever Pitch and A Way Long Down Why is Slam such a trainwreck It s not the Y.A content, at least not on principle I admire John Green, Catherynne Valente and I had fun with Submarine all written from a teenager perspective I filled a notebook with quotes from High Fidelity, yet I struggled to come up with than two from Slam.The only explanation I can come up with is that Hornby tried deliberately to simplify his plotting and his prose, a dumbing down that feels condescending, even insulting towards young adults and their ability to enjoy better written books I also have the impression that the author let the message overwhelm the actual story, that he was interested in touching all bases on the subject of teenage pregancy than on creating believable characters The final impression at the end of the book is that I had read a pamphlet, a lecture on the dangers of premarital sex, delivered from a pulpit to a captive audience It seemed to me that there was an Important Lesson in Life on every single page, that Sam Jones, the protagonist, is not talking with his own voice, but he is one of those generic puppets that appear in promotional movies to explain what you can do and cannot do as a teenager with a girlfriend The moral of the story, the whole debate is reduced to a single item ABSTINENCEAaaagh I don t want a baby yet We d better not have sexI remember I had a similar reaction some years ago while watching Dawson s Creek these are not real teenagers, but what parents imagine and would like their children to act and to talk.Not everything is bad about the novel Hornby is still funny and easy to read, if you ignore the heavy handled moralizing A couple of secondary characters are up to his usual standards I particularly liked Sam s mother, who had him as a teenager herself, and is still trying to rebuilt the life that was derailed by her early parenthood view spoiler she gets pregnant at the same time as Sam s girlfriend, making for some very interesting family ties when her and Sam s children are born hide spoiler