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!Free Book ♫ The Lodger and Other Stories ☢ Since Her First Publication In , Svava Has Become One Of Iceland S Leading Contemporary Writers In Her Stories Plays And Novels She Has, With Wit, Humor And Discerning Eye, Analysed And Commented On The Emerge Of A Modern, Materialist Icelandic Society Which Has Grown So Rapidly In The Later Half Of The Twentieth Century She Is Especially Renowned For Employing An Imaginative Prose Style, Blending Detailed Descriptions Of Peoples Deepest Thoughts, Emotions And Actions With An Occasionally Startling And Exhilarating Magical Realism With Her Inventive And Stimulating Discourse She Critically And Incisively Explores The Obsessions Of This Newly Independent, Constantly Expanding Nation Consumerism, Status Symbols, Political And Social Conformity, The Role Of Women In An Age Of Economic And Individual Freedom, And, Not Least, The Meaning Of Language And Identity, Whether Of An Icelander In Iceland, Or Of An Immigrant In A New Country Svava Jakobsdottir S Prose Fiction Is One Of Modern Icelands Greatest Literary Achievements I can t really say that I liked it I mean they re good, but not my style, I guess, this magic realism in Icelandic literature It was so odd to read, I can t quiet put my finger on why that s so, maybe the detailed portray of everything when you actually have a feeling like nothing s happening.I ve read A woman with a mirror, Party under a stone wall and Kitchen to measure. A story for children was different interesting but different it tells a story of how a mother can give everything and then some for her children to the point of exaggeration Yet the children will receive and keep asking for and the mother will oblige Then after the children have grown up and have gone their separate ways they forget about her and and toss her aside The author portrays it as an exaggeration of a mother that doesn t refuse her children to the point of becoming their plaything to the point where dissect her and take out her brain and put it on display Yet when they grow up the refuse to visit her and turn her away when she goes and visits I think she gives this exaggerated imagery to convey a meaning of how warped the idea of being a mother is and how much freedom a child should have 154 Jakobsdottir s writings are political and social satires, feminist critiques, and askew looks at the affluent society of Late Capitalism Some are very brief, almost mere scenes While this volume is an interesting read there are so few contemporary Icelandic writers available in English, the power of the stories varied unevenly Only one, There are elements of the surreal and, especially in A Story for Children and Give Unto Each Other, the macabre My Brother s Story, deals with elves. This story uses magical realism in a way that distorts the normal function of the human body A mother literally gives up her brain and heart to her children she does so to help educate them and satisfy their curiosity I found this story refreshing but left me feeling sad for the mother She literally gives up her body for her children and in the end each child grows up and begins their own life They grow up and become busy and have little time to visit It reminds me of the empty nest syndrome that some parents experience after their children grow up One thing that stood out to me the most was how traditional the role of the mother was Perhaps she felt that her body wasn t hers and that s why she didn t think twice about giving up her brain and heart This story can be used to understand the loneliness a mother can experience and could serve as a way to think about keeping your own identity when becoming a mother Word count 174.