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This book is a historical fiction prequel to The Book of Mormon My mother and sister recommended this series to me and i m really enjoying it It is a good book to read no matter what religion you are It has a great story line that will get you reading every spare minute The twists and turns in the story are great The characters in the story will soon seem to be alive and it will be like you re in Jerusalem in 600 B.C.This is a fantastic book and I highly recommended it to everyone wanting to read a good book Thenext book is even better than the first so don t stop once you ve read all four. I loved this series It brought the people in the Book of Mormon alive I enjoyed learning that the climate of the times before Lehi left Jerusalem may have been like It took so long for the 4th book to come out that I thought David Woolley was never going to finish this series I m going to read this book over again so that I can remember what has happened before I read the 4th one.This is a great story This book is helpful to make what life was like before Lehi left to the Promised Land I didn t realize how corupted the Elders in the City Council of Jerusalem were It really opens your understanding of Jerusalem back in 601 B.C I loved the Documentation of each Chapter Lots to learn and very detailed I liked and have read all three David G Woolley the Author had gotten sick after Volume Three and he just now announced that Volume Four Day of Remembrance Volume IV will be out September 2008 and Volume Five Compass of God will be out September 2009, I loved being put back in time of the Book of Mormon Lots to Read.Donna I was given the first 2 books of this series and just found out that there is a third which I will have to read A historical novel with Bible and Book of Mormon characters Jeremiah, King Zedekiah, Mulek, Lehi and his family, Zoram, Laban in the story as well as fictional ones I liked reading the historical notes after the story to find out just what part were actually factual The series reminds me of The Work and the Glory. I love the Promised land series, I am very picky when it comes to fantasy books that follow doctrine David does such a wonderful job of it I have leared so much with these books that I had no idea of before This is the book that I chose for our book club last month, and so far everyone is raving about it. I enjoyed this book It was interesting and I learned a lot, too It helped me understand the conflicts and background of Jerusalem during the time of Lehi The characters really came to life for me Lehi s dimples and green eyes, Laman and Lemuel s motives, Sam I also better understood where Mulek came from I read long into the night and I was motivated to read the Book of Mormon again with my newly gained perspective. This is a great book I really enjoyed it It took longer to read then I thought just cause I was so busy with other things and read another book during it.It is a great fictional book tied in with actually events It made me have a deeper love for the Book of Mormon and whay it was like What amazing men Lehi and Nephi were Now it is on to book number 2. Wow I didn t know if I would like it after the first three chapter but I kept reading it and soon I fell in love with the characters Not as good as Gerald N Lund s historical fiction books but it is up their on my books I ve liked based on real events Good way to learn about history I think. (DOWNLOAD) õ Pillar of Fire (The Promised Land, Vol 1) · Set InBC The Novel Centers On A Brusque, Unsavory Character FromNephi, Laban, Who Has Come Into Possession Of Hebrew Ancient Texts Brass Plates And A Mystical Sword Symbolizing Jewish Lineage After The War With Babylon, Laban Has Risen To Captain Of The Guard And Has Ambitions To Become King Of Israel Opposing Him Are Lehi And Uriah, Leaders Of A Sect Who Prophesy The Coming Of A Messiah Woolley Interweaves Biblical, Mormon, And Fictional Characters In This Sprawling Though Effective Tale, Of Great Appeal To Mormon Readers But Likely To Seem Obscure To Non Mormons I have read listened to this book before I really liked it, of course I liked listening to it better thanr eading it but the narrator can by annoying.It really helped to bring the Book of Mormon to life for me, even though it is a fictionalized novel.