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For those who needs revival in their relationship not just with the opposite sex but with God as well, I recommend you read this book For single women out there, this book will help you realize that while you are waiting for God s perfect timing to give you a lifetime partner not a boyfriend nor hook ups, you need to focus to Him and prepare yourself spiritually, emotionally and physically I enjoyed reading this book and my view in relationship made a 180 degrees turn. From kiss dating good bye jump up to Finding your one true love i guess this book really helps me to find the ultimate romantic relationship that I longed for, and that is to have an intimate relationship with my creator It s liberating and you will find yourself agreeing to every detail of the book because you experience it on your own I ll find myself singing love songs dedicating it to the one who finds me, to the one who really knows my heart and to the who is pursuing me upto now, My ever sweet and beautiful JESUS There s no need to hurry in finding the one who God prepared for you Yes, it takes great patience in waiting But God assures us that it will be the one of the sweetest things He will do for you in His perfect time So while waiting, make every day and every moment of your life worthwhile, fulfilling and purposeful for your man and most importantly, for God. This book is a must read for women who want to live the single life with a good understanding on living that life in a Christian waywhich can seem challenging at times She leaves no stone unturned and approaches the different subjects in the book in such a way where you aren t left feeling like a failure A must read Like what i said before, I was not into books like this but I was wrong again It s worth reading because of the new insights and understanding you will get about living the single life Your new learnings will surely make you understand that waiting and choosing are good things when it comes to love Moreover, trusting in God can do wonders to your self esteem and viewpoint about love. The first time i saw this book, my eyes caught with it s title and cover After reading it over and over again, I was ashamed with my own self, i realized that there s a lot of things I need to change, i need to pursue as a Woman should be in the eyes of God I NEED TO BE BEAUTIFUL not just LOOK BEAUTIFUL The Author uses Bible Scriptures with Woman in the Bible and relate it to our present situation. |Free ☣ What to Do Until Love Finds You: The Bestselling Guide to Preparing Yourself for Your Perfect Mate (Hammond, Michelle Mckinney) ♋ The Book That Started It All Michelle McKinney Hammond S Popular First Book Re Releases With A Dynamic New Cover And All The Attitude And Wisdom That Made It A Fabulous Start To Michelle S Growing List Of Inspiring BooksIn What To Do Until Love Finds You, Michelle Offers Women Practical, Godly Advice On How To Handle Sexual Temptations Regardless Of Past Experiencerelease Expectations And Embrace Lifeget To Know God S PurposeThe Biblical Truths, Honest Personal Insights, And Refreshing Take On Love And The Single Lifestyle Are As Relevant And Remarkable Today As When This Book First Appeared In Bookstores And On The Nightstands And Coffee Tables Of Countless Single Women I randomly found this book in my room Apparently someone wanted me to read it and so I have This is one of those self help books that really promotes neither There is a list of problems that I have found with this book which I will talk about This book, from any perspective, is terrible It is terrible in the sense that it places the position of people in a passive state People are to wait for the right person, and in the meantime soul build , as it is commonly referred to, with Jesus Christ This position is one that no one should be in Men, along with women, should not solely be waiting and preparing for the right person in life We should take action in getting to knowpeople, forming new relationships Passivity is not necessarily bad but action should compliment it sometimes In almost every other applicable thing to life, we are active we are constantly changing and meeting new people We are endeavouring creatures, and sadly the author of this book would have one think that their role in finding a mate is one concerned with passive means.The next problem is that it presupposes that God exists, as well as the power of Jesus Christ It would not really matter if this insistence played a somewhat minor role in the book, but as you can guess, the whole book is centred on this concept I will admit that it is a common way to progress and to reflect something related to religion but it is not the only way I am not particularly religious so 90% of this book did not apply to me The other 10% probably due to the fact that I am male That is also another problem of this book it specifically targets females and places them into a group of their own A real self guide would take into consideration both genders and seemingly universal tips so as to maximize the potential for finding someone The fact that the author focuses on women shows that her aren t all too great, and fit only to a category of women passive and religious individuals There are also phrases that just frustrate me One of her assumptions is that men will just spew a bible verse which works to purport their image as a devoted Christian, while they secretly are not It assumes that men will try and trick women into believing that they are religious just to have sex with them Totally wrong on so many levels and can also be applied to women ANYONE The poetic excerpts if they can at all be called such are terrible They are not terrible in their message actually they might be as they assume all women feel like this or have the same thought pattern , but in its form Clich s upon clich s, unnecessary and bloated abstract language, and the poor abuse of ellipses all plague these parts of the book Anything the author doesn t like is attributed to Satan tempting you She uses the Bible to justify pre marital sex This book should be renamed What to Do, according to the Bible, until Love Finds You In the beginning the book she said that God was love Is that not enough then She speaks of gifted people who dedicate themselves to others and God without having a mate There are no such people Everyone has sexual urges, someone people simply repress or ignore them and focus on other issues in their life and some do the opposite The very definition of love is now at a crumbling fault because there is a contradiction The author says rape isn t the same as consensual sex 32 and she s absolutely right about that Therefore, her biblical references do not apply Those stories were about rape, not consensual sex Two totally different things. When I first saw this book at MLC Bookstor in Zamboanga City Philippines, I became interested, since I was still single at that year 2007 I was 21 years old that time and never had a relationship yet I started to read this book and it helped me so much I was the girl who s afraid to commit into a relationship because I was negatively thinking that I would be hurt as what I ve seen to my friends past relationship how they got hurt but in the back of my mind i believe that when you are ready to love prepare to be hurt since i was a kid I have my own standard and praying that if God allows I want that My first boyfriend will already be my husband this book become meaningful because when i am reading page 183 entitled THE FIRST REVELATION one guy whom I met 4 moths ago revealed his feelings for me and he said he was praying for me for the past three years I was so shock when I receive his message through text As I continue reading the book its says there yes this is love demanding nourishing and difficult yet it poseses the ability to make us wiser stronger than we ever dreamed and it srickes to me the quote Even though love would ask is that of what you are afraid to give GIVE IT ANYWAY That guy is already my husband and we are getting stronger each day we are already 1year and four months of being married I m blessed with this book It so meaningful in our love story. So be willing to wait Only embrace a man who has a heart for God s purposes for his life and God s heart for you Keep hope alive Since I am a fan of Self Help Relationship books this book caught my attention As I read it, It made me realize a lot of things such as being single is not merely a bad thing.I learned that God s timing is the best because he s just preparing you physically,mentally and most specifically spiritually that you should make every moment in your life purposeful and fulfilling Hammond will never fail to inspire you.She successfully encourage me to be a Woman of God at all times that it s not my role to search for love because He knows my address,schedules,goings,comings and no reason to bother at all So I want to recommend it for every woman out there,it s quite challenging to understand and apply it into our daily lives because this not popular in our generation today but I guarantee you that you will not regret doing this.