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Levando em conta que teve muitas situa es que normalmente n o gosto nas minhas leituras sou rom ntica suponho que 3 estrelas at seja uma nota boa Apenas n o combinou tanto com os meus gostos [[ E-pub ]] ✓ Darkling Seas ☔ According To The Tales Passed Down Over Generations, The Mythological Creatures Had Been Known To Lure The Unsuspecting To Their Deaths They Were So Awed By Their Discovery, So Enthralled With The Beautiful Creature They Had To Wonder, Could It Be That There Was Some Substance To The Myth They Were Supposed To Be Nothing But Myth, But The Myth Couldn T Begin To Compare To The Truth Was It Certain Death To Indulge Their Desires And, Even If It Was, Could They Resist Rating Carnal Multiple Sexual Partners, Adult Situations, Language Warning, The Breeding Practices Of The Merfolk Are Orgy Like And Take The Heroine By Surprise Forced Seduction Lost interest about mid way through and took a peak at the end The first half of the book was spent with Miles and Damien as the supposed heros In the epilogue she was with Basil and their baby What happened I did not care enough to find out. I was reading the book description for this on and had not read anything by the author, or so I thought A few pages in I thought the style was remarkably like Kaitlyn O Connor A few pages and I thought, this has to be Kaitlyn O Connor Luckily, for me I was right and my gamble on an unknown paid off This has all the trademarks of Kaitlyn s style of writing, thoughtful introspection by the protagonists, angst between male and female and also humour, particularly amongst the men trying to figure out what the woman wants and what they, themselves are feeling.Yes, the h ends up with seven men but four of them barely play a part, which is disappointing The main focus is on just three of the mermen Also as is usual it seems with the author s style, the ending is a little rushed More time could have been spent on the developing relationships between the merfolk and the h. Wow This Author has some creative Hot books The characters are hilarious sometimes Not once did I feel offended personally where it made me put the book down Actually, I COULDNT put it down Buy this and read it You won t be disappointed It has everything you like in a paranormal romance Especially if you like the mythical mermaid. too many boy toys At the end of the book the heroine had what 7 of them what even.Also, two words,Dolphin Penis. I enjoyed this book When Damien had been sent to catch a terra biped, he thought it had been a fool s errand Little did he know at the time that he would actually catch one of the mythical creatures and that the strong yet delicate creature would be femaleFor the entire review please go to the Best Paranormal Urban Fantasy Review site on the web, Bitten By Books for the review of Darkling Seas in it s entirety You won t be sorry. One of my fav from Kaitlyn O Conner It s basically what you d expect from her menage stories multiple Hs who fight over the h a lot of h musing thinking to herself abrupt unclear ending I like the world in this one a lot better than her other stories h is human, gets kidnapped by Hs mermen HEA but unclear to me who how many exactly she ends up with. This is definitely one of my favourite Kaitlyn O Connor books I loved it Just wish it was like, 50 000 times longer I loved Miles and Damien and wish I could have seen them angst a bit , and gotten to know the other men , and so on.