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!Read Book ⚦ Dahlia Black ß For Fans Of World War Z And The Southern Reach Trilogy, A Suspenseful Oral History Commemorating The Five Year Anniversary Of The Pulse The Alien Code That Hacked The DNA Of Earth S Population And The Response Team Who Faced The World Changing Phenomenon VoyagerWas A Message In A Bottle Our Way Of Letting The Galaxy Know We Existed That We Were Out Here If Anyone Wanted To Find Us Over The Next Forty Years, The Probe Flew Past Jupiter And Saturn Before It Drifted Into The Void, Swallowed Up By A Silent Universe Or So We ThoughtTruth Is, Our Message Didn T Go UnheardDiscovered By Dr Dahlia Black, The Mysterious Pulse Was Sent By A Highly Intelligent Intergalactic Species That Called Themselves The Ascendants It Soon Becomes Clear This Alien Race Isn T Just Interested In Communication They Are Capable Of Rewriting Human DNA, In An Astonishing Process They Call The Elevation Five Years After The Pulse, Acclaimed Journalist Keith Thomas Sets Out To Make Sense Of The Event That Altered The World Thomas Travels Across The Country To Interview Members Of The Task Force Who Grappled To Decode The Pulse And Later Disseminated Its Exact Nature To Worried Citizens He Interviews The Astronomers Who Initially Doubted Black S Discovery Of The Pulse An Error That Critics Say Led To The World S Quick Demise Thomas Also Hears From Witnesses Of The Elevation And People Whose Loved Ones Vanished In The Finality, An Event That, To This Day, Continues To Puzzle Pulse Researchers, Even Though Theories Abound About The Ascendants Motivation Including Never Before Published Transcripts From Task Force Meetings, Diary Entries From Black, And Candid Interviews With Ballard, Thomas Also Shows In Dahlia Black How A Select Few Led Their Country In Its Darkest Hours, Toward A New Level Of Humanity An unusual book written in the year 2028 by a journalist documenting an alien contact event Even has a bibliography of books published in the mid 2020 s It s done in an interview format of key people involved in the experience, including scientists and public figures such as the President of the U.S Also transcripts of various task force meetings and the diary of the discovering scientist At times I got a bit confused with the format as to who was talking and whether it was current or in the past Still, overall, an intriguing story but with a somewhat unsatisfying ending Would like to have learnedabout the Ascendants and the people who disappeared in the Finality Perhaps a sequel In Cold Blood as a first contact novel.Truman Capote s 1965 novel about his meticulous breakdown and analysis of a horrific murder in Kansas set the literary world on its end by crafting a non fiction novel Capote put together a mountain of evidence and detail surrounding the crime as well as exhaustive study of the murderers, victims, and the worlds that had created both Similarly, Max Brooks in his 2006 novel World War Z An Oral History of the Zombie War used a unique narrative technique whereby he described the recent zombie apocalypse by means of personal accounts from survivors Taking the template from Studs Terkel s 1984 The Good War, Brooks crafted a tale that was both personal in detail and epic in scope.Author Keith Thomas as given us an alien first contact story that borrows from these two styles to give us a unique study of an alien story that has transformed humanity.A scientist looks back after the aliens landed and tries to makes sense of the changes wrought, while paying a sympathetic eye for detail of the aliens themselves and a discerning narrative for all concerned.Most notable is Thomas painstaking attention to detail in his world building He clearly spent great effort in crafting the backstory for his tale and then describing with a gifted storyteller s voice.Good SF A free copy of this book was provided in exchange for an honest review, thanks to Atria Books. So I stumbled upon this ARC and thought is sounded kinda interesting in a fairly generic sci fi novel way Boy was I wrong Its been a very long time since I have been so into a solid sci fi story and Keith Thomas s Dahlia Black a truly unique, pure sci fi story.The year is 2028 Five years earlier the Pulse was discovered by Dr Dahlia Mitchell, an astronomer at the University of California Santa Cruz, leading to the greatest transformation of human society in history Unlike many authors before him, journalist Keith Thomas sets out to understand the Pulse from apersonal perspective of those affected both directly and indirectly by the alien code and what came after.This book is truly unique in its approach to storytelling Author Keith Thomas sets up his novel not in traditional style, but as if writing a non fiction historical account of first contact with an alien species Instead of experiencing the event as it happens, Thomas starts us off after the fact and peels back the layers of truth and speculation surrounding the events with personal interviews, diary entries and recorded interview transcripts to paint a picture of not only the event itself, but life afterward It is a masterful and powerful storytelling technique that works wonderfully well and draws you into the story deeper and deeper, keeping the reader engaged and excited right through the end.I cannot praise this book enough It is very much a top favorite of mine and one I wholeheartedly recommend for all readers, not just those sci fi aficionados. You can read this review andon my blog.What attracted me to this book is its comparison with World War Z the book, not the awful movie I loved WWZ and its then new take on the zombie apocalypse I loved that the author chose to tell the story of what happened AFTER the end of the world as we know it That it was as much a tale of fighting the zombies as one of rebuilding a life in a new reality where they existed So another story about civilization coping with a world changing event and rebuilding after it I was all in Unfortunately, the only way this book IS like WWZ is that it s a collection of fictional interviews and diary entries It is also very, unimaginatively boring I kept hoping that there would be some emotional reward or grand revelation if only I kept reading, but I turned the last page and the only thought in my head was, why waste 288 pages on THAT view spoiler The whole story can be summed up in four steps 1 There is a mysterious Pulse from space that alters human DNA 2 About 30% of people are susceptible to the Pulse and change, becoming the Elevated From those, about 1 3 die during the transformation 3 The surviving Elevated disappear from our reality into a parallel dimension during the Finality 4 The other 70% of the world s population learn to keep on living hide spoiler