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@Read Book ã Fake Like Me é At Once A Twisted Psychological Portrait Of A Woman Crumbling Under Unimaginable Pressure And A Razor Sharp Satire Of The Contemporary Art Scene, FAKE LIKE ME Is A Dark, Glamorous, And Addictive Story Of Good Intentions Gone Awry, From The Critically Acclaimed Author Of I Ll Eat When I M Dead What Really Happened To Carey Logan After A Fire Decimates Her Studio, Including The Seven Billboard Size Paintings For Her Next Show, A Young, No Name Painter Is Left With An Impossible Task Recreate Her Art In Three Months Or Ruin Her Fledgling Career Homeless And Desperate, She Flees To An Exclusive Retreat In Upstate New York Famous For Its Outrageous Revelries And Glamorous Artists And Notorious As The Place Where Brilliant Young Artist Carey Logan One Of Her Idols Drowned In The Lake But When She Arrives, The Retreat Is A Ghost Of Its Former Self No One Shares Their Work No Parties Light Up The Deck No One Speaks Of Carey, Though Her Death Haunts The Cabins And The Black Lake, Lurking Beneath The Surface Like A Shipwreck As The Young Painter Works Obsessively In Carey S Former Studio, Uncovers Strange Secrets And Starts To Fall Hard And Fast For Carey S Mysterious Boyfriend, It S As If She S Taking Her Place But One Thought Shadows Her Every Move What Really Happened To Carey Logan I have to admit I know very little about modern art or at least I did before starting this book However, this was in no way a handicap to enjoying Fake Like Me In fact, reading the book was something of an education into the movers and shakers of the art world and the physicality and science involved in creating artworks like those produced by the narrator.The author convincingly conveys the intensely personal, almost visceral nature of the process of creating art for our narrator Everything for me is about giving birth Somehow I get pregnant, and then eventually a painting comes out On the other hand, the book exposes the commercialization of the modern art world and the commoditization of the artist by agents, collectors and galleries As our narrator observes at one point, We make work and it goes in the machine.As a fan of Daphne du Maurier s Rebecca and don t get me started about the wonderful film version starring Laurence Olivier and Joan Fontaine , I loved the frequent nods to du Maurier s novel There s the fact that we never learn the first name of the second Mrs de Winter in Rebecca just as the narrator of Fake Like Me remains unnamed and all her identity papers are destroyed in the fire that consumes her studio And in both novels the unnamed narrator is obsessed by a predecessor with whom she feels she can never compete There s also a particular scene in Fake Like Me that had me exclaiming, That happens in Rebecca too The literary allusions don t stop there don t you just love a bit of intertextuality because there are party scenes in Fake Like Me reminiscent in their alcohol and drug fuelled excess of The Great Gatsby Another fake of course There s sly humour as well, including the ridiculing of pompous pronouncements about art, and the fact that events are often in opposition to the chapter headings You might be able to guess what happens in the chapter entitled Chastity.And of course I haven t mentioned the mystery at the heart of the book the events surrounding the death of Carey Logan that so dominate the thoughts of our narrator and will probably similarly dominate yours as you read The revelation, when it comes towards the end of the book, is unexpected but also completely consistent with what has come before, being the product of artistic instinct and observation by our unnamed narrator.Fake Like Me is an intense, vibrant and deliciously dark literary thriller. 3.5 stars rounded to 4I ll admit, I m less than knowledgable about anything involving the art scene I am not cool, hip, or in the know about much these days other than Peppa Pig and Blippi, but it was nice to delve into an adult story that did not feature talking pigs or a grown man wearing clothes that appear to fit a toddler This story is also being touted as a thriller, which I guess it is in some ways, but I would classify this as a literary thriller, or a dramatic, thought provoking crime fiction That s not a criticism, merely a heads up to those looking for a classic thriller Where to start This glitzy, sleek story is told in such a unique format we do not learn the official name of out narrator, who gives off an unstable vibe from the very beginning, and I honestly found this so fascinating I was intrigued to know what drove this character, what brought her to the art scene, and how someone could so seamlessly slip into the lifestyle of another person Like I said, this is really of a dark character study than a thriller, but there s enough of a vein of suspense that keeps the reader hooked and intrigued throughout I found that once our nameless girl makes it to the art retreat Pine City, that the pacing really picked up and I found myself fully invested.I don t want to say much , but if you decide to read this one, and want to discuss in greater detail AKA SPOILERS , we would love to have you join our Goodreads bookclub HEREI was provided a finished copy of this book for review via the publisher all thoughts are my own. Welcome to our June choice for the Suspenseful Clues and Thrilling Reviews Goodreads bookclub Everyone is invited to join in, and you can find the discussion threads in the 2019 monthly reading tab HERE You ve got to admit that Humpty Dumpty was a piece of art Well, then you can admit that this poor piece of art committed suicide by falling of the wall And so it was again in Fake Like Me, except that this time it wasn t Humpty Dumpty Franz Kafka saidI think we ought to read only the kind of books that wound or stab us If the book we re reading doesn t wake us up with a blow to the head, what are we reading for So that it will make us happy, as you write Good Lord, we would be happy precisely if we had no books, and the kind of books that make us happy are the kind we could write ourselves if we had to But we need books that affect us like a disaster, that grieve us deeply, like the death of someone we loved than ourselves, like being banished into forests far from everyone, like a suicide A book must be the axe for the frozen sea within us That is my belief Was Fake Like Me one of those books Nope Mediocre in its intent to promote radical feminism with all the narrative safely and securely established as the main intent purpose of the saga But yes, the idea is a popular trend, actually, a small percentage in the big world out there, and yes, it has its moments But no, it did not rock my world at allYou represent women You shouldn t route the trafficking of our identity politics through some gaudy money dump that only exists as decoration for the world s richest people, I insisted For the first time in my life, I had buckets of money, and I put every cent into Rich Ugly Old Maids, the show that I was making for Milot I spent the next two years on seven paintings Humility, Obedience, Chastity, Modesty, Temperance, Purity, and Prudence They were an exorcism of the words that named them, from the guilt that had dogged me through years of wondering how I was supposed to be a person who pursued only her own interests, who was never aligned, who was never part of a family, who did not wake up every day ashamed of herself for being childless and alone I was not pure of heart, chaste of body, obedient to authority, humble before others, prudent in my actions, temperate in my behavior, or modest in my appearance and I no longer felt bad about it I was free from the burden of being only a girl I had become an old maid, a woman of my own, a master of my medium They were my crowning glory And all seven of them were in my loft on the day it burned to the ground. Our anonymous narrator and protagonist lost her paintings and had to suck up to her super rich and influential friends in the art world to save her budding reputation and lucrative income While receiving their assistance in unimaginable ways, she constantly attacked them for being privileged That was a kind of deal breaker to me But alas, she persisted and she came up trumps in the end.I actually enjoyed the book An easy read, with a touch of mystery and sleuthing going on The bouts of word dumping, like a bad cold, got to me from time to time, but was tolerable I loved the author s way with words This paragraph gave me the wordy thrills It was almost a shrieking I heard it all so quickly Wind battered the trees birds screamed at each other Cicadas rattled their exoskeletal cages like a jailed Christmas choir, and somewhere behind me, the vast, empty lake beat against its rocky shore The outside world shrank and fell off the edges, like a twig going over a waterfall, and I had the sudden sensation of total solitude These were the deafening sounds of human absence.For the wordsmithery a star is added to the rating I m in a good mood.More discussions can be viewed in this grouphttps www.goodreads.com topic show Join and enjoy. 4.5 A no name painter no name as in not famous , but also literally, as she remains nameless throughout the book is on the verge of a career breakthrough She is nearing completion of her series Rich Ugly Old Maids, a set of large scale oil paintings loosely based on the seven virtues Then the loft in which she has been living and working burns down Her insurance won t be paid out, because she wasn t supposed to be living there her management still expects the show to be delivered on schedule, as she d claimed the finished works were in secure storage As she sees it, there s only one way out She has to recreate the work, via the single item she managed to salvage a notebook containing meticulous notes on the process used to create each painting.In the background of all this, there s another important character Carey Logan, the narrator s hero Until she killed herself at the age of 37, Logan, a sculptor and performance artist, was an art industry darling She was the most famous member of a five person collective, Pine City the group went on to establish a residency of the same name in upstate New York As the narrator secures a place at Pine City and gets to know Logan s collaborators, the parallels between the two women become worryingly clear.Every turn of Fake Like Me is remarkably well handled There s a sense that the narrator is stepping into Carey Logan s shoes, but she doesn t lose her identity, and her own art never ceases to be important Her surroundings, from the fashionably ramshackle Pine City to her wealthy friend Max s astonishing modernist home, easily spring to life in the mind s eye As do her paintings I had guessed the twist well ahead of its reveal, but I didn t care I think that s the best way to do a twist, really it doesn t matter that it s reasonably obvious to the reader, because it s still immensely satisfying to watch everything finally click into place for the narrator.Smart and authentic and incredibly gripping, Fake Like Me isn t just a step up from Bourland s debut, I ll Eat When I m Dead it s several flights of stairs up The narrator and her art are utterly believable creations If you enjoyed What I Loved, The Strays or The Ecliptic, I urge you to add this to your wishlist It s a literary art novel laced with enough elements of the psychological thriller to make it feel taut and compulsive a brilliant concoction.I received an advance review copy of Fake Like Me from the publisher through NetGalley.TinyLetter Twitter Instagram Tumblr