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4 StarsI m on this Omega binge read and I have been reading pretty decent reads Alpha Breeds is slightly different from the last few I have read I find it tamer and less steamy, but still smutty and erotic.I m not sure on the low ratings, because nothing jumped out of this book that I could call bad I liked the characters and the storyline The pacing was good and the flow worked for me Kingsley is a regular college girl until she wakes up one day not on her planet She s a little difficult to endure during the beginning because she kept on saying how she s tripping on drugs Once that ended, the book picked up a bit.Loven serves the king I like the world building in this one Omegas are not to be bonded and they are shared I guess in a society where there s five Alphas to one Omega that is the solution to the problem The thing is, Kingsley isn t an Omega right She s human So why can t Loven keep her for himself.I liked the interaction between the two It s funny as Kingsley tries to figure out Loven s world and Loven tries to figure out how to get into her pants Overall, a decent steamy smutty read. This is the second book that I have read by this author, and the second book that I loved This was so cute Love was so alpha To the point it was funny He was arrogant, but it made him endearing because he was constantly trying to throw his weight around with Kingsley and she wasn t always having it So he would cave because even though he expected obedience he wanted her happy Loven was an alpha leading other alpha s His horde follows the King s orders and the King sent them to check out a possible slave trade ring with rumors of Omegas They went to investigate and took over the stronghold While there the device that was being used to find and transport Omegas transports Kingsley right into Loven s room view spoiler There was one thing that confused me a bit Maybe I just missed the explanation but I didn t understand why or even when it happened When they were in the market maybe His armor Why did he shed his armor Was that just part of bonding Did I miss that part I m tempted to go back and reread it because one second he had it and then he didn t, but he was really cryptic, I thought, about the reason hide spoiler 3.5 StarsI m sad to say, but I m finally reading a series by Milana that I m not sure if I m going to enjoy I had a hard time with the alien setting, as well as how some of the characters behaved Especially Kinglsey who didn t seem quite as freaked out by her alien abduction as I feel would be warranted I m just not as excited to get back to this world as I was for her Beast Mates and Ice Age Dragon Brotherhood series I m definitely going to keep reading in hopes that I get sucked into the world building that Milana is so notorious for, but for once I m feeling slightly wary Hopefully things look up for me with this one Received via Author and reviewed of my own accord. I like this one the hero had some dominant characteristics was Alpha but was Not an abusive ass I also liked the h I enjoyed the plot.Negative was that the hero sounded as if he was from this century Characters Sound juvenile at time. This is a general review for all 4 books in the Alpha Horde series Loved em This is a sweeter version of an Overse The Alphas aren t as Alphahole and the O s are all Earth girls swept up in an alien world about to be changed by their presence It s got all the usual Overse tropes with some unique characteristics thrown in too Of course I lurve the protective possessiveness of all the Alphas A sprinkling of light humor throughout keeps this a fun read, versus the usually darker A O dynamics I like Original without trying too hard.I did think the Earth girls settled into their new surroundings a bit fast, but then I think I d be complaining if the acclimation process was dragged out too shrug It all worked for me Fast paced with some sweetly hot sex scenes Yum 3.5 STARS I got rec for this book from Omegaverse FB group as my first read from Milana Jacks and I enjoyed it Plus it has alien theme Why the hell not The freakier, the betterI just couldn t fathom what happened to Kingsley to be teleport to alien nation Of course, she thought someone spike her drink because she was to be in a frat party Suddenly there s a huge green figure and Kingsley is sure she was high as kite.As an Regha Alpha for the Horde, Loven was infamously ruthless on battlefield He didn t claim Omega because it belongs to the King Not until the human came.Their banter was so hilarious Imagined the two different species with a whole new things between them Surprisingly, Loven is a attentive lover He is a man on mission to make Kingsley happy and agreeable I almost forget that Loven is an serpent like alien Again, I really enjoyed their intimate moments especially with the sex Oh, how much I liked how kinky is Loven He loves to spank and use toys on her Whew freakin HOT However, the story is not always about sex Alpha Loven is protective with Kingsley when she is identified as an Omega There s a group under the King called Collector Their purpose is to collect all Omegas for the King Alpha Loven bravely fought for Kingsley even when he s without power I m really root for this male alone Also Kingsley is easily likable person She s undeniably cute and amazing in her own ways Overall, I really enjoyed this book for fun Nothing is too complicated. CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW TO SEE THE COVER RELEASED TODAY ALSO HURRY UP ND JOIN THE FREE GIVEAWAY IT WILL ONLY STY FOR LIMITED TIME MehThis story left a lot to be desired The plot in the blurb sounded great but that didn t come across in the actual execution of this book The writing was disjointed, and sometimes the language made the author come across as juvenile to me. {Free Epub} ⚣ Alpha Breeds (Alpha Horde, #1) ⚸ Omegas Belong To The King But This One Belongs To Me Kingsley At The Frat Party, Someone Must Have Spiked My Beer, Because I See A Bright Light And Find Myself Sitting On A Bed With A Huge, Green Monster Looming Over Me I Screech And Throw Every Sharp Object Within Reach But You Know What S Really Weird I M Terrified And, At The Same Time, There S Something About Those Black Eyes, That Scent, That Purrrr That Makes My Body Come Alive Loven I Fight For The Honor Of Someday Owning An Omega A Rare Breeding Female Reserved For Alphas Hand Selected By The King For Years, Fighting Alone Has Been Enough Until I Scent This Alien Female, And My Body Emits A Mating Call Omegas Are The King S Property If I Don T Deliver Her To The Omega Compound, I Ll Lose My Life, The Lives Of My Horde Alphas, And Risk Starting A Full Scale Rebellion And Yet, I Can T Part From Her This One Belongs To Me Science Fiction Alien Captive Romance With Mf Omegaverse Flavor Inside The Pages No Cliffhanger No Cheating Barbaric Unapologetic Alpha Male Who Loves HARD Dystopian Dark Totalitarian World Ah well, Alpha Breeds by Milana Jacks.A nice short read, without any big expectations if you are bored and need a short doable Alien romance The heroine is not annoying lolThe plot nothing you haven t read before, but not bad.The Alien is actually an Alien.The world building is a bit limited.The next book in this series is about different characters, I would have read a sequel.But I am not interested in the same basic story with just new characters.