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3.75 rounded upWe are told over and over again that secrets don t stay secret forever, and that s no different for Johnathan I m still thinking about his character and the quote that stuck with me the most was, This situation needed a good bad guy or a bad good guy You can decide where you ll put me in this story It makes you wonder if a person is only one thing.What I loved about this book Carly was one of those characters who you can easily sympathize with and root for throughout the book Although her character had to grow up quicker than anyone else her age, her growth and strength was one of the things I liked the most I enjoyed her character s personality and all the tiny observations she made While others often underestimated her, she used her ability to notice what others didn t to put them in their place While the plot is somewhat predictable, it was unique I like when an author takes and event from our history and incorporates that into the story It makes the bookrealistic and usually sends me down the Google rabbit hole for awhile spoiler alert, I googled I also really liked the epilogue and felt it wrapped up the novel well Where it doesn t give you specific details, it gives just enough detail to come to your own conclusions This whole novel was spun off of a viral video and it emphasized how social media can effect your life and the wellbeing of those around you I feel this is an important message that needs attention, especially with the younger crowds So many people downplay the negative effects it can have and how it can change their lives forever.What kept me from giving this book 5 While reading this book I found it bit to descriptive at times While I enjoyed the writing style of the author, there were parts that could have been cut or shortened By editing those parts I would have found itenjoyable I also found most of the characters unlikable which was necessary for aspects of this book and that caused me to have a hard time relating to this book Maybe if there had beenabout Carly s Mom or friend, I would have feltconnected Overall I still enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone who enjoyes domestic drama or thrillers.Thank you Netgalley, Gallery Books, and Jamie Mason for a review copy in exchange for honestly review All opinions are my own and a positive review was not required. To be honest, I couldn t finish this book Maybe I expected too much, but the writer s style irritates me on a level I cannot explain with words The descriptions about the characters feelings and other stuff are extremely redundant and also annoying after some point, especially as they don t have an added value to the story maybe they re just there to fill the pages This novel is not for me Thanks for Gallery Books for the ARC. @READ DOWNLOAD È The Hidden Things ⚹ A Hair Raising, Atmospheric Thriller From The Acclaimed Author Of The Ripping Good The New York Times Novel Three Graves Full, Inspired By The Real Life Unsolved Theft Of A Seventeenth Century PaintingTwenty Eight SecondsIn Less Than Half A Minute, A Home Security Camera Captures The Hidden Resolve In Fourteen Year Old Carly Liddell As She Fends Off A Vicious Attack Just Inside Her Own Front Door The Video Of Her Heroic Escape Appears Online And Goes Viral As The View Count Climbs, The Lives Of Four Desperate People Will Be Forever Changed By What S Just Barely Visible In The Corner Of The ShotCarly S Stepfather Is Spurred To Protect His Darkest Secret How A Stolen Painting Four Hundred Years Old, By A Master Of The Dutch Golden Age Has Come To Hang In His Suburban Foyer The Art Dealer, Left For Dead When The Painting Vanished, Sees A Chance To Buy Back Her Life And The Double Crossed Enforcer Renews The Hunt To Deliver The Treasure To His Billionaire Patrons Even If He Has To Kill To SucceedBut It S Carly Herself, Hailed As A Social Media Hero, Whose New Perspective Gives Her The Courage To Uncover The Truth As The Secrets And Lies Tear Her Family Apart It was an art theft that went very wrong, but that was years ago and who would think that one man s twisted greed would backfire when a home invasion and attack on a young girl exposes the truth.THE HIDDEN THINGS by Jamie Mason is a tense and alluring read as greed meets revenge head on and one man s big secret is caught on video and goes viral Proof that in today s technology, nothing is private, double crossing powerful people is dangerous and Karma has no expiration date.Taut and edgy throughout, prepare to get familiar with the edge of your seat as this twisted plot unravels at the hands of a teenage girl.I received a complimentary ARC edition from Gallery Books This is my honest and voluntary review.Publisher Gallery Books August 13, 2019 Publication Date August 13, 2019Genre Mystery SuspensePrint Length 352 pagesAvailable fromBarnes NobleFor Reviews, Giveaways, Fabulous Book News, follow This was an ARC from Netgalley and I would definitely recommend it At the same time, I m realizing how hard it can be for me to click the 5 star button I liked this one I would recommend this one It kept me hooked and reading and I enjoyed it But it didn t 100% live up to my expectations and convince me to click that fifth star That s ok It s still excellent and you should still read it.I really liked this author She has a knack for showing not telling, so that you get really sucked into the book and it feels like a movie playing in your head My favorite kind of writing I lived in Boston, so have been aware of the heist for awhile, and really enjoyed the Art Forger I get why people are so interested in the whole thing it was pulled off by people who seem to be relative amateurs and there have been no reported signs of the paintings The podcast Empty Frames also discusses the heist., although I ve only listened to the first episode or so In addition to the the robbery itself, it seems crazy that people could afford artwork that valuable just to keep hidden So this book jumps into that blank space with a very large splash.It focuses on one, much lesser known, piece from the theft and where it is today But it is much less a book about art and the heist itself, anda cat and mouse game between the few people who recognize this painting and are trying to get their hands back on it Carly s character is fresh, the way the story is un spooled so we can get a handle on who each person is and what they want is well done.Those looking for a fast paced mystery thriller that can t be neatly categorized into one or another subgenre will like this one It feels fresh, even though it follows a reliable addictive thriller model Personally, I think I expectedof a tie in to the actual heist itself, which didn t come full circle for me I also found most of the characters to be a little less complex than I ideally would have liked It works for the genre, it worked for this book, but it kept it slightly short of an absolute favorite, 5 star read, for me. Working on my WWCD what would Carly do bracelet. When 14 year old Carly is attacked at her own doorway, the entrance camera capturesthan just her fighting off her attacker bravely The footage becomes viral, everyone meeting her on the street salutes her for her bravery and strength But some viewers areinterested in the painting shown hanging at Carly s foyer rather than her heroic actWhat an idea I picked this one up without second thought The plot did not disappoint The characters are a complete puzzle, from smart and sexy to daredevil and pitiful, I couldn t get enough of them Thank god for multiple POV s I ve seen people commenting on the social media aspect of the story and I couldn t help but notice that the book touches the issue, indeed, from a very subtle yet meaningful aspect Nothing stays hidden, not even illegal artworks hung in your foyer A very intriguing book, perfect for those who seek a modern mystery with a twist.Thank you, NetGalley for this ARC This started out as a really interesting novel about a stolen painting that is mistakenly caught on a video of young Carly being randomly attacked at her home after school As her stepfather is the only one who knows its history, he then becomes frantic as he worries about who will see the video and who will know it s in his possession But of course, in this day and age anything unusual goes viral almost immediately so those that were involved in the scheme years ago see it and the hunt begins Many twists but I just got bored for some reason in the middle The end was satisfying though so I count it as a good read Thanks to NetGalley for this ARC I love everything about this book the characters and their relationships, the complex plot and syncopated pacing, the red herring that launches everything, the credible conflicts and mounting tension, and especially the small observations and clever turns of phrase that give the prose so much depth and personality The story flirts with being ludicrous but never falls off that cliff, imbuing a sense of fun to the whole endeavor, punctuated with poignant moments of raw emotion A rare combination of action filled page turner with beautiful writing about genuine characters. Received this book from Goodreads for an HONEST REVIEW I m barely giving this a 3 BARELY.Takes way too long to make a point on what s going on Redundant REDUNDANT There is no meat to this story Takes 3 or 4 pages to describe a tiny event and then repeats it over and over again It is not a page turner Although I did fast forward really fast On to the next book.