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A peculiar listen, that is incredibly difficult to follow at times, especially while being a recording in a room full of people talking I liked the idea but it felt slapdash and incomplete, and left me a bit disappointed. Typical millennial half assery This Audible Original purports to be a recreation of a feast Twain dreamed about upon returning to the US from international travel A Tramp Abroad I was expecting a literate discussion of the food of that period, much like Mark Kurlansky would do Cod, Salt, The Big Oyster, etc Instead I get a hipster chef creating the meal from a food truck and serving such Mark Twain experts such as Nick Offerman, Wanda Sykes, and Jeff Tweedy And of course some of the people were vegan, etc They why did you accept the invitation when the menu was meat laden The idea of the meal quickly went by the wayside, so the producers had to fill with some twain bio, his views on African Americans, Native Americans etc.This is in fact a repackaged podcast that is poorly edited Offerman once mentioned next episode there were many black spaces, as if that is where the commercials should go Half assed productions are de rigeur for podcasts, but this was not a cheap podcast to make I suspect expensive fiascoes like this are what caused Audible to drop their original podcasts.Avoid Get a Mark Kurlansky audiobook or book instead. I wanted to like this Mark Twain Awesome History Love it Food I m all about that And then and then came 4 hours of lackluster and poorly edited disappointment I didn t have to spend any money one it but, ugh, can I get my time back Oh Snatched a two star rating from the jaws of a certain one star rating Mark Twain, culinary magic, and Nick Offerman what the heck could go wrong All I can say is the first half or of this book was nothing but political minutiae and racial tension slathered with environmental negativity I can t freaking even with this garbage any You can t turn on a comedy show without it turning into a racially and politically charged cringe fest here s looking at you, fricking NETFLIX , and apparently you can t get a free Audible special marketed about Mark Twain s favorite foods and how they relate to him as a person without needing Prozac AND caffeine to keep you awake The first half to two thirds was flat, pretentious, and boring The second half to one third finally started pulling together something resembling the marketing blurb Even then, too late to salvage I m irritated Friends, I understand topics like race and politics are important There are a time and a place we are obligated to talk about them We should talk about them But the fact the world is squeezing them into everything and anything and literally LYING about the content to force these conversations on people in inappropriate context, this is exhausting to me I m tired and want to hear positivity and a cuppa cheer now and then DON T TELL ME I M GETTING A CUPPA AND THEN PURPOSELY SERVE RACCOON AT A DINNER PARTY TO MAKE A CONVENIENT SEGUE INTO RACE I m over it You know what For wasting three hours of my life with negativity and not delivering on the promise in the premise, you re getting a one star rating after all You let me down, Swanson You let me down Sidebar, the audio editing on this project was crap There were parts of it so dead, I picked up my phone to see if it died And others where there was so much background noise you could barely hear the speaker All in all, a poorly executed project that initally held so much promise I d rate this book a PG 13 for language and adult themes. Essentially it looks at a few things in Mark Twain s life, but doesn t give the real picture It s entertaining, but can be a bit crass There s stuff you don t hear most places so that s cool though What a yarn What I thought to be a twofold tale of a man and his feast turned out to be so much True, both man and feast are well covered here in a culinary biography like no other see my review for Jim Harrison s A Really Big Lunch , but most of all it is a story of America after its Civil War until at the turn of the 20th century The people of this time and traditions are nearly lost most especially the food thanks to prohibition, WWII, rationing, freezing, microwaving, and other great crimes against food But thanks to the late great Mr Twain, ne Samuel Clemens, we receive a bold snapshot of some of the culinary traditions, and with them, the social traditions of than a century past.One without the other and this book would still be good But tied together, they are great I especially love the input from the many great Audible guests and collaborators who made this story exceptional. I get a strong sense that this was originally conceived of as a podcast, but it works in this longform too I enjoyed most of it and learned a ton It s about Twain than about food It even made me want to maybe pick Twain up again, considering it s been almost 20 years That urge will probably pass.Also LOL at the reviewers complaining that a work about Twain would discuss race and racism, as if that is so irrelevant here it s not. Based on Mark Twain s extensive favorite foods list, this audio documentary provides a brief glimpse at American culinary history, discussing many regional cuisines and imparting socioeconomic insight as to why many dishes no longer exist It s also a snapshot of Twain s life, his writing, and an ever changing America This Audible Original is narrated by massive Twain fan Nick Offerman and food journalist Andrew Beahrs, who penned the print version Very enjoyable {Free Pdf} ⚛ Twain’s Feast é Mark Twain, Beloved American Writer, Performer, And Humorist, Was A Self Proclaimed Glutton With The Help Of A Chef And Some Friends, Nick Offerman Presents The Story Of Twain S Life Through The Lens Of Eight Of Mark Twain S Favorite Foods As We Explore These Foods Role In Samuel Clemens Life, We Also Discover A Surprising Culinary And Ecological History Of America The Biggest Celebrity Of His Time, Twain Was A Witness To A Transforming Country, And With Historian And Writer Andy Beahrs As A Guide, Beahrs And Offerman Take Documentary Excursions Across America, Illuminating Each Dish And Bringing To Life A Broad Sampling Of Twain S Writing Twain S Feast Is A Rollicking Information Packed Journey Into The Rich Culinary History Of America, With The Sharp Eye And Unmistakable Wit Of Mark Twain HimselfThis Production Contains Hilarious And Racy Content That May Not Be Suitable For Children Audible Originals, LLC P Audible Originals, LLC not my cup of tea