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Mini Review One book to go I m not sure if the next book is the last for this series but it s the last I m willing to read for now The story went a bit sideways and took a turn for a melodramatic approach Two thumbs up for making each of the band members a different type pulling it off The sex scene ideas have promise but the writing isn t really meeting the potential The could be hot scenes come off as steamy rather than sizzling. [[ READ BOOK ]] ⇱ Idol Worship (H3RO #2) ⇯ A K Pop Reverse HaremThe Hardest Part Of Being In Love With K Pop Stars Is Having To Share ThemI Had One Job Get K Pop Group, HRO, A Number One Single Then I Had To Open My Mouth And Promise Two It S Only Because Of A Technicality That The Vice Chairman Of Atlantis Entertainment, AKA My Demon Spawn Half Brother, Sejin , Didn T Terminate Their ContractsNow, Than Ever, HRO Need To Keep Their FocusTae, Dante, Minhyuk, Nate, Kyun And Jun Are Idols, Working Hard To Maintain Their Rising Fame Caught In The Public Eye With Fan Meetings, Promotions And Performances, Somehow, No One Has Noticed Their Attention Is On Me Even If I Wasn T Their Manager, I Know I Need To Back Away A Dating Scandal Will End Their Careers Quicker Than Sejin The Guilt Is Eating Me Up, But I Can T Stay AwayAnd Neither Can They IDOL WORSHIP Is A Full Length, Slow Burn Reverse Harem Novel There Are Steamy Scenes, Super Hot Korean Idols, And There May Or May Not Be A Cliff Hanger Idol Worship Separate Review I didn t like this book as much as the previous one The relationships got tested , and things just were tense, which wasn t as enjoyable However, it was overall a solid read, and I moved right on to the next book 4 stars H3RO Trilogy ReviewI really enjoyed reading this trilogy I know almost nothing about K Pop and Korean culture, so it was really interesting for me to learn about I also very much enjoyed getting to know each of the characters, and seeing how their relationship with the main character, Holly, formed Dante, Nate, and Jun were probably my favorites of the six Throughout the series, I enjoyed seeing Holly form of a relationship with her father, and I am okay with the outcome of the issues with her brother view spoiler where he was sent to China, as it makes some sense, even if it is annoying I m glad it shows how her dad, and the whole situation, aren t perfect hide spoiler This series is so much fun Things are heating up for Holly, as she finds herself and entagled with each of the members of H3RO, the K pop band she is managing for her father s entertainment company Between the fan frenzy and overeager tabloids, to her scheming half brother, it seems like every time something goes right something else goes wrong Poor Holly can t seem to catch a break, or than a few winks of sleep for that matter Plus there s the pressure to deliver two 1 chart toppers in order to secure the continued existence of the band.The plot moves quickly, from one crisis to another In Holly s brother, we have an evil villain that s easy to hate Despite his efforts to sabotage their comeback, H3RO has proved that they are talented, capable musicians Their fanbase is perhaps a bit too possessive, though, and they seem to want to take their animosity out on Holly If only they knew one by one the band members reveal their true feelings to her, but how can she possibly choose just one of them Each has their charms, insecurities, and sex appeal, and who could say no to that The world of K pop is fun and exciting, and the entertainment company J S Lee has created for us promises many stories Bands and performers are mentioned in passing, or play a supporting role in this tale Not only am I excited for the conclusion of H3RO s trilogy, but I can t wait to read about all the other wonderful people we meet along the way The author s love of K pop music is evident in every word she writes, and her characters leap to life from the pages The reverse harem theme is so unexpected in this world, and such a wonderful treat.In case you re not familiar with the world of K pop, the author has conveniently provided a short glossary guide to the terms and customs surrounding the culture.This book is the second in a trilogy I would definitely recommend reading Idol Thoughts before this book It introduces the characters, and you ll feel like you ve been plopped into the middle of the story if you try to read this one first.I volunteered to review an ARC of this novel. I really rate this 3.5 Because this is the second in the series and didn t, like the first book, have to mess with setting up the world creation, this book is even, if possible, ridiculous than the first That doesn t mean it isn t, at times, fun It certainly is an easy, quick read I enjoy the addition of the crazed fan adding tension to the plot but it just needs depth As I already read the first book, the writing style was expected so the simplicity and lack of detail didn t seem so bothersome Like the first book though, I thought this book would benefit from added length in order to develop the characters and incorporate additional descriptive elements There were editing errors in this book than in the first book.I need to start my year reading better books. Idol Worship continues where we left off from book 1 and things are heating up left, right and center We see that H3RO and Holly try to overcome every obstacle that came their way, which mostly by her stepbrother s doing However, it only serves to cement her relationship with each of the guys But with their crazy fandom and Holly being the boyband s manager, I m dying to know how the author will close this one There are scenes in this book that got me squealing like a highschool girl It is safe to say that this book brings out the fangirl in me I highly recommend this to all KPOP lovers out there I received an ARC and I am voluntarily leaving an honest review. I enjoyed reading about H3ro The group is finally starting to get the recognition it deserves, but there s still the half brother from hell trying to mess things up I had to very reluctantly take off one star because of Holly I like her, but I didn t like how she was with all the guyseven though it is reverse harem, it felt like cheating and that made me feel bad for the guys I love the story though, and I like how well written it is Let s see how the final book turns out, especially now that the cat is out of the bag and we have it all out in the open between the guys I devoured book 1 and quickly did the same thing with book 2 This series is wild Holly is the new manager of the K Pop group H3RO, a group that was close to being disbanded because they were not popular With Holly s help they have now soared beyond what they had hoped for Now if only Holly can figure out which of the 6 group members to choose to be her one and only because things have gotten very complicated If only she didn t have to choose Maybe she won t We will have to see in book 3 The drama continues Quality of writing and editing dropped dramatically in this one I wonder if Lee is trying to push books out too fast Holly s terrible behavior ensues, and no one really finds out about it until the VERY END Whaaat And somehow she manages to make everything about herself instead of about the band she is supposed to be managing Yes, her half brother is a dick, but clearly his dickish behavior towards the group preceded her arrival and isn t all about her. I moved directly from Idol Thoughts, book one, right into Idol Worship, and was glad I had the second book on hand due to the prior books clifffhanger ish ending The story picked up right fro the end of book one, and was a fast moving storyline I love the progression of the relationships and the additional character development.