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Another excellent prequeldefinitely whets my appetite for the first installment, especially after that little preview at the end Pippa DaCosta is one of my favourite authors so when I found out she was writing a new series under the pen name Ariana Nash, it went straight to the top of my wish list Sealed with a Kiss is only a short story but boy does it introduce us to this new world with a bang Here we are introduced to main character Eroan, an elvish warrior who works hard to protect his village from the dragons that are slowly destroying his realm We don t know a lot about the world yet but this little taster did a perfect job of whetting my appetite for the first full length book, Silk and Steel, which is being published in January.This is an m m series and Ariana Nash takes no time in raising the heat levels between Eroan and a messenger who has arrived at the village with important news Seriously, this is short but it s scorching and if this is any indication of what s to come in the rest of the series I can t wait to continue reading.This story is available to purchase on or you can get a copy for free by signing up to Ariana Nash s newsletter so you have no excuses not to give it a try If you like your stories hot enough to melt your kindle then you re going to love every minute of it 3.75 Stars Ariana Nash is the pen name of Pippa DaCosta, and Sealed With a Kiss is the prequel to the dark M M fantasy series, Silk and Steel.This short story is a great introduction to Eroan s world of elves and dragons and danger It s a tale of first times and accepting who you are And it s heckin sexy The messenger, he s fans self To me there s a slight New Adult vibe, and that may be because Eroan and his friends are I think late teens and early 20 s, and still learning things about themselves Eroan s a warrior, there s no question about that, but at this point of his life I think he s still working out who he truly is I understand book one takes place when Eroan is older and confident, and features a slow burn romance with him and a new character I m looking forward to learning about this world, Eroan s story, and his relationship with the dragon prince, Lysander. When Pippa first mentioned on FB that she plans to write a dark fantasy m m book I had some serious reservations Mostly because every other m m book I ve read had made me feel squirmy inside and not in a good way when I get to the sex scenes The explicit they are the uncomfortable they make me feel As a result, I generally skip those scenes or read only the dialogs In a way I have higher expectations from m m books because I read them strictly for the story and not for the smut So I was pretty surprised when I not only liked the story and this has a lot plot than most smut novels have D but I found myself mostly enjoying the explicit part of Sealed with a Kiss I still had some moments when I wasn t comfortable with what was happening but as a whole I enjoyed this a lot than I expected It s on the lighter side, especially for a Pippa story I liked seeing this little backstory and to get to meet Eroan in this pivotal moment of his life I believe this will make it easier for me to connect with him once I have the main book in my hands. The perfect little taster to the up coming M M fantasy Silk Steel, Sealed with a Kiss introduces us to Eroan, an assassin guard of the Elven Order who is stunned by his attraction to the messenger, Trey The perfect introduction to the world, characters, and sexual revelations I can t wait to read. What can you expect in this super HOT and sexy m m short story Don t you just love waking up to surprises I got to enjoy the lovely prequel to the soon to be released Silk Steel book 1 before anyone in the house was awake and I am torn between re reading it about six times or harassing the author to move up her release date The story of a young elven assassin Eroan who just discovered that he is attracted to his own sex thanks to a gorgeous messenger visiting from Cheen Trey the messenger is a fantastic character and I hope he pops up in the regular series because I enjoyed his personality a fun mix of snark and seduction When Trey takes it into his own hands to make the first moves it leads to this fun little scene which I think is my favorite view spoiler Shit I m I I misread you I m That was Trey blushed and rubbed at the back of his neck, and all Eroan could think, all he could see, was the male s mouth, and how he ached all over to feel that sudden, all consuming lust again Because it had never never been like that before It s a good thing I ll be gone in the morning, the messenger mumbled hide spoiler *Kindle ☜ Sealed with a Kiss (Silk and Steel #0.5) ↡ Sealed With A Kiss Is A Fantasy M M Short Story Min Read Time You Can Have All Of Me For One Night Only Say No, And I Ll Leave, But Say Yes And I Ll Give You A Night You Ll Remember Forever As One Of The Few Remaining Elven Assassins, Eroan Ilanea Doesn T Have Much Time For Pleasure Until A Messenger Arrives From A Nearby Village And Suddenly Pleasure Is All He Can Think About The Kind Of Pleasure He S Never Surrendered To Before The Messenger Is A Tease, A Vision Of Elicit Delights, And He Ll Be Gone In The Morning This Night, Eroan Just Might Say Yes Sealed With A Kiss Is A Short, Sexy, M M Story That Takes Place Several Years Before Events In The Novel Silk Steel To Be Published In Genre Dark Fantasy Heat Level Scorching Pages Read Time Minutes Ariana Nash Is A Pen Name Of International Bestselling Author Pippa DaCosta Her Ariana Nash Books Are M M Adult Reads Wow I knew this would be good but I didn t realise it would be THIS good Very few can write a story where there is STILL a story as well as all the lustful intimacy Fun, passion, love, lust, strength fantasy Pippa you ve cracked it I CANNOT WAIT for the next one Well written, intense and beautiful Intriguing story, bittersweet in a world of chaos and challenges To find comfort and companionship where possible Looking forward to Silk Steel, another promising series by this author.