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!DOWNLOAD E-PUB ♠ The Chrysanthemums ☨ Krysantemum Utspelar Sig I Den Dalg Ng L Ngs Floden Salinas D R John Steinbeck F Ddes Och V Xte Upp, Och Som Ocks Blev Till Sk Deplats F R S M Nga Av Hans Noveller Och Romaner Vackert, Med L Gm Ld Symbolik Och St Mningsfulla Milj Beskrivningar, Tecknar F Rfattaren H R Bilden Av Elisa, En Ung Bondhustru P Talet P G Rden I Dalen V Rdar Hon Med Best Mda H Nder Sina Krysantemum, Men V Xternas Lena, Livskraftiga Ber Ring R Inte Ofarlig Elisa F Rm R Bara Inte Uttrycka Den Besv Rliga L Ngtan De V CktDen Lilla Roadstern Skumpade Fram P Grusv Gen L Ngs Floden, Fick F Glarna Att Lyfta Och Kaninerna Att Hoppa In I Buskaget Tv Tranor Flaxade Tungt Fram Ver Pilarna Och Landade P FlodbankenL Ngre Fram P V Gen S G Elisa En M Rk Fl Ck Hon F RstodHon F Rs Kte L Ta Bli Att Titta N R De K Rde F Rbi, Men Blicken Lydde Henne Inte What lovely flowers are chrysanthemums And this story is like them several petals of symbolism There are things which are left unsaid than the said ones Short stories must be hard to write So many things had to be trimmed and arranged so they convey the message with least possible words.The strong, beautiful, brilliant yet neglected lady, the normal, mediocre tinker and the husband, they re all the story has The isolated, closed valley with lid on , the lack of sunshine in winter portraying lack n hence longing for happiness Elisa, hardworking, talented and full of energy and gifted hands but rarely acknowledged by her husband in a way she does wish An arrival of stranger in valley by accident and igniting spark in her life Her desires soon thrown away by the stranger like he throws her chrysanthemums plants and also by her husband Finally Elisa succumbing to the last resort of tears and hopelessness.Things which are never perfect in real life always make for perfect piece of writing, don t they Lo he le do y lo he vuelto a releer nada m s terminar Una forma sutil de retratar el papel de la mujer en un mundo de hombres, un papel que impide elegir una vida diferente al cuidado del hogar o explorar nuevas posibilidades Y el cultivo de los crisantemos se convierte en el refugio de Elisa, y lo hace francamente bien, pero tambi n se da cuenta que es completamente capaz de realizar cualquier tarea que se proponga, si tan solo le dejaran intentarlo This was a lovely little short story of a day out on a ranch in California where the Wife grows beautiful Chrysanthemums.Enjoy and Be Blessed. I was very disappointed after reading this short tale the story wasn t engaging enough and it lacked the sort of excitement that you would otherwise find in the author s most famous work, such as The Grapes of Wrath and Of Mice And Men I did enjoy the relationship between the couple Other than that, I believe the tale is rather incomplete. Una historia muy cortita tiene poco m s de 50 p ginas en la que el papel de la mujer es el eje central Hasta que no lo terminas no te das cuenta de la cantidad de cr ticas y reflexiones que quiere transmitir el autor, tanto abiertamente como de manera simb lica.Os la recomiendo.Rese a Steinbeck does a great job of creating an insightful story that portrays ideas such as feminism, gender inequality, patriarchy and gender stereotyping And considering this was written in the 1930s makes it all the impressive Steinbeck was clearly aware and understanding of the plights women faced and still face today I d strongly suggest taking the short time to read this Although written decades ago this story is still relevant to today s society and culture. Ge enlerde bo luktan Pucca okudu um i in hakl olarak g lm t n z, 300 veyahut 500 sayfa s z gelimi be endim ya da nefret ettim hi fark etmiyor nk pop ler k lt r arac ve unutulmaya mahkum Bu tarz kitaplar n size verebilece i hi bir ey yok b t n yle anlams z, bombo.Oysa okudu unuz Steinbeck roman ho unuza gitmemi bile olsa genel k lt r olarak yan n za kar kal yor Belki ucundan k y s ndan bir his yakal yor, iki fikir sahibi olmu oluyorsunuz Herkese ve her ya a hitap ediyor.Bu b yle Yani Bence. Filled with metaphors and symbolism, The Chrysanthemums is an overwhelmingly realistic portrayal of a woman s struggles in a patriarchal world where intelligent women are sadly overlooked With simple, narrative language, Steinbeck brings Elisa to life a middle age woman married to a man who has absolutely no understanding of what she needs Throughout the text, it is apparent to readers that Elisa seems to be at conflict with herself During the first scene when she is first introduced, she is gardening as she wears her gardening costume which completely masks her femininity It is ironic that gardening, an activity often associated with domestic femininity, is significant in highlighting Elisa s masculinity.However, as the tinker arrives to the scene, it seems that Elisa s character takes a sudden shift No longer an angular, masculine figure, Elisa is now revealed as a feminine, attractive figure, as represented by her physical change as she takes off her gloves, tore off the battered hat and shook out her dark pretty hair Kneeling on the ground in front of the tinker, Elisa is in a sexually submissive position, which underlines to readers the alienation and loneliness she suffers Her use of blatantly sexual language and position to a mere stranger stresses the vulnerability of Elisa, who is desperate to find her equal This makes the tinker s brash, direct refusal damaging to Elisa s feelings and needs In response to the tinker s refusal, Elisa tries to show him another side of herself her witty, strong side, as she banters almost playfully with the tinker She even gives a part of herself, the chrysanthemums, to the tinker Similarly, after the tinker leaves, Elisa once again shows a pretty, feminine side to Henry, her husband Instead of some heartfelt, articulate sentiment of appreciation, Henry comments to Elisa s transformation with a mere so nice , indirectly turning down her feminine side This contrasts with the later scene when Elisa sees that the tinker, the one she holds so much hope and expectations for, has thrown away the pot of chrysanthemums, just as her own husband does Hence, Elisa s multiple, conflicting characters is vital in emphasizing her tragic isolation Both her feminine side and masculine side have been turned down by the male characters in the text, starkly bringing light to Elisa s destroyed hopes, which is symbolized by the abandoned chrysanthemums. Through the use of a lot of symbolism John Steinbeck the 7th American who won the Nobel prize for literature and champion of the poor, the downtrodden and the oppressed at least in fiction directs his attention to the archetypal housewife of rural America So here is Elisa, still young and attractive, apparently childless, living in a farm successfully run by her husband, with her fenced flower garden where she grows chrysanthemums among other flowers and that is all she does, tend her flower garden and be a wife to her husband and look after the house One day an itinerant repairman of broken pots and pans stopped by when she was alone in her garden and they had some light talk, about his dog who got intimidated by her dogs, his job, the chrysanthemums, and she experienced a stifled joy when the man got interested in her flowers and, make no mistake about it, there was no sexual innuendo here, in this review or in the story itself The repairman leaves, her husband arrives, she gets herself pretty for their date and and they drive off to have dinner and movie Along the road they pass by the repairman s caravan and she took effort not to even glance at it She hides her tears from her husband as she was crying weakly, like an old woman.