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`PDF ☇ Thawing Addiction ↠ Thawing Addiction The Tip Of The Iceberg Is The Th Book In Don Carter S Thawing The Iceberg Series Addiction Comes In Many Forms And While Each Of Them Has Their Own Idiosyncrasies, Recovery From Them Is Generally The Same Process Carter Believes What Works For Most People Works For Most People The Than Twelve Step Programs Available Today Are Testimony That What Works For Addiction Is The Twelve Step Recovery Process In The Vast Majority Of Cases But Beginning A Twelve Step Journey Begins AFTER Transition From A Lifestyle Of Addiction To A Lifestyle Based Upon RecoveryIn Thawing Addiction, The Author Draws Upon Than Years Of Service In The Treatment Of Addiction To Outline The Most Critical Issues To Be Faced During The Transition, Stabilization, And Early Stages Of Recovery Anyone Struggling With Any Type Of Addiction Will Benefit From Understanding And Addressing These Critical Issues Carter Lays Out The Issues In An Organized And Systematic Way Culminating With A Universal Step One For All Addictions That First Step Is Based Upon All Of The Knowledge Outlined In The Preceding ChaptersAs With The Other Books In The Series, Thawing Addiction Begins With A Presentation Of The Authors Iceberg Model Each Book Then Zooms In On A Specific Aspect Such As Complex PTSD, Childhood Abandonment Issues, Adult Child Syndrome, Toxic Relationships, And In This Case Treatment And Recovery From All Forms Of Addiction Including Codependency In Thawing Addiction, Carter Outlines How Codependency Is An Addiction To The Outside Of One S Self He Demonstrates How The Signs And Symptoms Of Codependency Follow Those Same Signs And Symptoms For Any AddictionDon Carter Has Over Three Decades Of Professional Experience As A Licensed Clinical Social Worker Helping People Recover From Addiction, Toxic Shame, PTSD, Codependency, Adult Child Syndrome, And The Relationship Problems Resulting From These Issues His Iceberg Model Is A , Foot View Of The Big Picture As The Model Synthesizes Addiction, Codependency, And Adult Child Syndrome Into One Systemic Model That Is Easily Understood By People Who Have Grown Up In A Less Than Nurturing Or Otherwise Dysfunctional FamilyThe Iceberg Model Is Presented In Each Of The Other Books So That The Reader Can Start With Whatever Aspect They Are Most Impacted By Without Having To Read The Other Books First In Other Words, Each Book In The Series Stands Alone Thawing Addiction May Be The Fifth Book In The Series But If Addiction Is At Issue Then It Is Definitely The One To Start With Because Healing The Issues Outlined In The Iceberg Model Must Proceed From The Top DownAddiction Is At The Tip Of The Iceberg For Many Reasons Most Of All, Because If One Begins Working On The Most Painful Issues First, It Can And Usually Does Stir Up A Compulsion To Seek Comfort And Relief The Only Way The Addicted Person Knows How By Engaging In Their Addiction Of Choice Thawing Addiction Is A Complete Guide To The Many Critical Issues That Must Be Addressed During The Transition And Stabilization Period Of Early Recovery One Must Develop A Lifestyle Of Recovery With All The Supports In Place To Achieve Abstinence And Possess The Coping Skills And Resources To Face The Deeper IssuesThe Author Defines Addiction As An Unhealthy, Primary Relationship With An Object Or Activity Designed To Produce The Desired Mood Swing On That Brings Momentary Comfort And Relief Thawing Addiction The Tip Of The Iceberg Presents The Issues Relevant To Anyone In Early Recovery From Any Addiction