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!Ebook ☦ Tied (All Torn Up, #2) ⚖ Two Hearts Tied Together By Hope And TragedyAn Unexpected Smile A Touch On Scarred Flesh A Kiss On Waiting LipsAn Undeniable Love That Overcomes All Doubt My Childhood And Innocence Were Stolen When I Was Kidnapped At Five Years Old And Held Captive For Eleven Years Now, At Eighteen Years Old, I Don T Know What Love, Happiness, Or Hope Feels Like Any I M Numb And Lost, Clinging To A Childhood Fairytale Of A Happily Ever After With The Prince I Hoped Would Someday Save Me I Had No Idea My Prince Would Come In The Form Of A Scarred Recluse, Covered In Tattoo S, Who Won T Or Can T Speak A Word The Moment Our Eyes Met I Knew He Was The One My Prince The One I Knew Would Save Me He S Possibly As Lost In Society As I Am, Scarred Just As Much On The Inside As The Outside Just Like Me Haunted By His Tragic Past, He S Sentenced Himself To A Lifetime Of Loneliness He Saved My Life That Day He Found Me In The Woods, And Although He Doesn T Speak Or Smile, I Can T Stop Thinking About Him I Ache To Hear His Voice And See Him Smile And I Want Nothing Than To Be The One To Break Through His Walls Together, We Found Love, Happiness, And A Closeness That Once Felt Impossible To Have But Can I Save Him From Himself, And The Twisted Past That Ties Us Together Can Be Read Stand Alone This Is A Slow Burn Romance It Is Not Erotica, Nor Are There Lots Of Sex Scenes This Is About Two Lonely, Damaged People Learning To Trust, Love, And Find Happiness Their Story Does Not Revolve Around Sex There Is No Cheating In This Book While The Heroine Was Kidnapped And Abused Mentally And Physically As A Child, I Do Not Give Any Graphic Details About What Happened To Her Out Of Respect To Survivors Who May Read This Book This Book Focuses On Hope And Moving Forward And I Felt There Was No Need To Include Graphic Details To Get The Point Across Tyler was scarred, wild, and rough but Holly could not find it in her heart to fear him For in his penetrating gaze she sensed a savage pain she longed to soothe Holly was facing her own demons too and suffering from PTSD and other long term effects generated by her long kidnapping by a paedophileIn Tyler s eyes, I see the man behind the scars and the mask The man he was before life tore him apart and drove him to hide in the woods Before some tragedy made him a man who could strangle someone to death Just like me, there s a person hiding in there who had their very soul stolen from them, and I see him, trying to let me in I see him trying to get outHolly These two broken souls were perfectly matched The characters earned each other s love, and that was refreshing for me Tyler was respectful and admired Holly Holly also accepted the hero as how he was I loved how they got to know each other, the slow burn toward sex The slow build up of their relationship and the pain and sweetness of falling in love keeps the reader going One aspect of this story was utterly heartbreaking I felt the pain and anguish that both Tyler and Holly faced I loved the fact that love blossoms realistically and intensely, and the sexual content wasn t the focus.There are ways in which this book could have become a five star with a complete resolution improve family relationships and a longer HEA where we see the couple putting back together a new life, but the story is very good as it is I fell in love with CC s writing It s magical, truly made me drowning into the characters world They were so alive I really enjoyed this one In short Hero 5 5 Heroine 5 5 Plot Point, Originality 4 5 Writing Style 4 5 Steam 2 5 Romance 5 5 Angst Suspense 3 5 Darkness 3 5 Humor 1 5 Secondary Characters 3 5 Drama Conflict 5 5 Mystery 3 5 Twists 4 5 Pacing Fast Action 3 5 LIVE epic stars 3 Is it possible to wish someone right out of your heart into existence Yes.Yes, it is.Now we just have to find each other again Such a beautiful,unique,emotional and intense story.I was hooked and I couldn t put it down.Tied wasn t exactly what I was expecting it was so much Ty and Holly are two broken characters and when they find each other it is so beautiful.I loved watching them trying to have a normal relationship first as friends and then in something.I ached for both of them and I was hoping from the beginning to see them happy.Their love is unique and epic I have no idea what love is supposed to be like,but I can t imagine it can be any better than what we have right here This is my first book by Carian Cole and I can t wait to read I love the writing and the plot is refreshing.If you are looking for an intense and heartwarming story Tied is perfect for you. So good People need to read this book. Not a paranormal nor are there wolves It s a love story of two broken people. It was all about Tyler for me He was EVERYTHING It s not to say that I didn t like Holly or that I wasn t sympathetic to her plight because I definitely was She was kidnapped at the age of 8 and eventually rescued by Ty 10 years later So I felt that Her and Ty were tied to each other in ways than oneShe s everything My past My present My future My twin flame the one who shares the path of my soulShe was Ty s perfect match, in every way Their slow build that evolved from rescuer rescuee to friends to soulmates was a thing of beauty and it was all due to Ty He was ultimately swoon worthy and romantic I only wish I could have seen some sort of resolution to the distance between these two and their families Holly and her brother seemed to be on the right path, but the same couldn t have been said for her little sister or her parents As for Ty, there was no doubt that his family loved him to pieces but it would have been nice to see him embraced back into the fold I would loved to have seen him re establish his relationship with themI m going to love all of her the good and the bad, the smiles and the fears, the pretty and the dirtyRegardless, what Holly and Ty found and shared was than enough for most people and I was happy to enjoy their journey to love with them Release DateJune 26, 2017 GenreContemporary Romance POVDual 1st person Heat3.5 out of 5 TypeStandalone Book 2 of the Devils Wolves series I won t be rating this book because I honestly don t know how to rate it.I m really torn about it and can t seem to make up my mind I felt like the heroine was really too broken and I honestly don t know how she ll be able to be with hero after everything that has happened to her Their first kiss doesn t happen until 68%They don t actually have sex until 98% I was liking the hero view spoiler until he went to hotel and paid a escort to have sex with him but instead of the escort, it was his sister, I guess the sister is having sex with men for money So if she wasn t his sister then he probably would ve sex with the escort hide spoiler 3,5 to 4 starsAn ARC has been kindly given by the author in exchange for an honest opinion I love Carian Cole s stories She can feature either perfect or broken heroes meeting their ideal female counterparts She gives us sweet romance stories spiced up with some bearable angst As Carian is a real animal lover she always features some pet to my great delight.I ve read and loved Torn, the first Devils Wolves book I was intrigued by Tyler, the broken and elusive savage of the family and could not wait to read his story I wanted to know what happened to make him so wild and weird shunned by the whole town I love few things than books with a broken hero finding his salvation As you can guess I had great expectations for Tied Maybe too much.In Tied gave I learned what happened to him to make him a recluse He also met his perfect match in Holly a very loveable heroine Add to it two pets instead of one a fox and a puppy I should have been in heaven.So why not 5 stars Certainly because of my too great expectations but also as I would have expected something else given the beginnings of the story.Within the first pages we are thrown into dramatic circumstances Literally sucked into the story Tyler discovers a girl hidden with a puppy They are in a hole in the middle of the forest It s obvious she s been held captive and to free her he has to kill her abductor She is scarred mentally and physically, malnourished Holly has been captured ten years ago forced into seclusion and abused by her kidnapper Tyler is seen like the local addict, the weirdo Instead of being congratulated as a hero he is thrown into jail The police officers believe him to be her abductor Very intense and promising beginning right That s what I thought I was utterly capivated by the tone of the story Holly has been so isolated that she s never learned anything and had no chance to have a normal childhood Many things can trigger a panic attack The only way she endured her inhuman ordeal was reading her fairy tale books I loved the power of books They gave her hope She s always known her prince would come and free her Tyler severely scarred, burned and tattooed is her prince She is determined to find him again but her parents chose to send Holly to a special facility dealing with victims of abuse One year later they meet again As much as Tyler tries to discourage her to come back Holly is determined to befriend him Not easily discouraged she will help Tyler to fight his demons and he will help her as well It was obvious based on their traumatic pasts that they were the perfect match I loved Holly as she has been abused but is determined to be her own independent person She wants to take fate in her hands, to face her fears and overcome them She also retains some innocence and was refreshing compared with jagged heroines.Tyler came as a jackass in my books As much as I love broken heroes his trip in guilt land became tiring as he needed a very long time to pull his head out of his ss as his brother said I could not help comparing Tyler with Vandal from Ashes and Embers another broken hero Vandal was broken and twisted He has some kinks but let s just say Vandal is a better fit to my love story with broken heroes Unfair for Tyler Certainly but life s not fair On the other hand I ve never been in his shoes Maybe after what he lived I would be bratty Maybe I would become a hermit and be riddled with guilt Maybe I would snap at everyone trying to help me Maybe.What I did love was his care for animals and his little Christmas tradition He also made Holly feel capable That s a huge plus point Now to get to the crux of my unmet expectations I would have loved reading about the abuse, PTSD, etc Carian did not exactly brushed it under the rug, far from it but there was a little something missing for me to really feel overwhelmed by the story Give me flash backs with sweat and galloping hearts Give me torture sessions maybe not so graphic but Give me I think Carian made this conscious choice to rather focus on the romance and healing of two damaged souls than to delve into post traumatic stress disorder In this she is true to herself and I respect her choice But I can t help feel like the traumatic experience is only used as a prop for the love story and hasn t been exploited to its full potential.Anyway these are my personal expectations and tastes I know Carian fans won t be disappointed with this story as she once delivers her magic touch A sweet sometimes angsty story about two lost souls helping mend the other.Oh and just to be clear I love Carian Cole as an author and certainly as a person She is one of the most caring and generous souls I know and my love story with her books is to be continued Find me on Wordpress Beware Of The ReaderFacebook Beware Of The Reader Facebook besties Best Reading Blogs Ever Instagram bewareofthereader Twitter BewareOffReader REVIEW ALSO ON MY BLOG TIED KITTY KATS CRAZY ABOUT BOOKS TIED is the second book in Carian Cole s Devils Wolves 2 series but can be read as a complete standalone Spoken in Dual Perspectives Tyler Grace and Holly Daniels meet in the most unconventional way, he s the Prince that came to her rescue The forest is where Tyler Grace can drop all his inhibitions and be at peace within himself, an outcast of the township at the age of sixteen because of his appearance, scars and cuts mar his body and his voice is rough to the ears due to a severed vein in his throat Due to being pushed into a fire at a beach bonfire at a party he was at and the cuts come from a motorcyle accident where he flew through someone s window whilst high as a kite Walking through the forest one day he s alerted to a strange noise that sounds like a deer huffing, but what he does find is beyond his wild imagination, following the noise he stumbles upon a young scared, malnourished girl trapped underground clutching a backpack and a small white dog, it was the dogs whining that alerted him to the underground well like shelter After pulling her and her dog out he realises they aren t alone, turning around he sees a man coming at them with an eight inch blade clutched in his hand Without consciously thinking about it Tyler takes matters into his own hands and strangles the life out of the manThe man choking him was an animal with long, messy, blonde hair and wild eyes, his muscular arms and hands covered with brightly coloured tattoos His voice rough and raw Holly Daniels had her life stolen from her as an eight year old and was held captive for ten years until the prince like one of her mystical characters in her books came to save herLosing myself in the stories until I became a part of them That s how I found out the prince would come and save me It was all in the books, clear as day So I waited as patiently as I could for him to come One would think that her parents would be over the moon to have their daughter back amongst them wasn t the case, how they acted towards Holly broke my heart, instead of taking her home to heal they placed her in a facility that helped victims of similar cases to hers Weeks and months and a year goes by and slowly Holly is healing, she s able to do for herself, going back to the forest where she was held but this time on a mission to find the forest santa, a magical santa that decorates a pine tree and leaves 6 gifts under the tree once a year The next day she ventures into the forest again and takes a different path that leads her to her Prince again, the one that saved her The most beautiful prince in the world, just like the ones in her books From this point onwards she goes back to visit him and slowly they heal each other, piece by piece the girl in the hole and the prince finally have their HEA MY THOUGHTS This is the second book I ve read by this author, and I was blown away by how it unexpectedly took me on a path I wasn t prepared for, the Prologue was a setting for a unique thrilling read but it s not until you hit that first chapter that things took me by surprise, and I was hooked, my heart broke into tiny pieces and instead of the author putting a bandaid on that bitch the further I went into the book my heart got shattered into smithereens, even though Holly was hindered by her experience and she came across a lot younger than I pinpointed her to be you still connect with her character on a emotional level than you could imagine This took me on such a unique heartfelt, heart jerker of an unputdownable read. 4 Forver Linked Stars My first book by this author and it was so good It was an emotional story with a slowly building love story Two very broken people were tied together in ways they never saw coming and yet they were meant to be Ms Cole took care with the sensitive nature of the story and their growth was very realistic because of that I would have a loved a bit drama towards the end, but I was left with a huge smile on my face and a warm feeling in my belly I m going to go back and read the first book in the series now because I just loved her writing and these characters ARC provided to A is for Alpha B is for Books for honest review.