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Excellent read from Living Apostle of Jesus ChristResonates, simple, relevant, practical and true I recommend it to all earnest disciples of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. A quick but strengthening read that is a reminder that each of us have an intricate plan of salvation and all the coincidences we experience form a tapestry of divine design in our lives He is in the details of our lives This book coincides with a recent conference message on the same topic I love the quote from Elder Neal A Maxwell that Elder Rasband references in both None of us ever fully utilizes the people opportunities allocated to us within our circles of friendship You and I may call these intersectings coincidence This word is understandable for mortals to use, but coincidence is not an appropriate word to describe the workings of an omniscient God He does not do things by coincidence but by divine design Looking for these patterns in our life assists us in being grateful in all things. DOWNLOAD ⚖ Led by Divine Design ♀ Every Sunday During Sacrament Meeting We Hear The Promise That We May Always Have His Spirit To Be With Us DC But What Does It Mean To Always Have The Lord S Spirit With Us And How Can We Recognize The Presence And Guidance Of The Holy Ghost In Our Lives Paired With Both Inspirational And Personal Photography, This New Book Brings Together Some Of Elder Ronald A Rasband S Greatest Stories And Counsel About Recognizing The Divine Hand Of The Lord In Our Lives Get To Know Elder Rasband And His Teachings As He Draws Upon Personal Experiences From His Younger Life And His Ministry As An Apostle Through His Own Experience, He Helps Us Learn First How To Seek The Spirit And Then How To Recognize And Respond To Divine Guidance In Our Families, With Friends And Colleagues, In Our Church Service, And During Times Of TrialEach Of These Short Quotes, Heartfelt Stories, And Brief Messages Is An Important Reminder That The Lord Is In The Small Details Of Our Lives He Is Interested In Our Success And Eternal Happiness, And He Has Provided The Holy Ghost To Offer Divine Guidance And Lead Us Back To Him This was a perfect evening devotional Every night, I d read and ponder a chapter I found the counsel on how to recognize, seek for, and have the companionship of the spirit helpful None of this feels new, but it was really easy to read and the life examples helped to conjure something tangible I found myself thinking about what I d read throughout the next day. This book contained beautiful pictures, inspiring words, and true life experiences from Elder Ronald A Rasband I loved that the book also included pictures of his family and people he has met throughout the years. This book was quite delightful and definitely just what I needed Normally I m not a big fan of apostle s books, especially if they re a compilation on talks, but I loved the personal stories and reality of God s hand in his life and how it reminded me of how often I see God in mine too. There s no such thing as a coincidence God is in the details of our lives, even if and when we don t even see it ourselves. This book helped mefully understanding both how to recognize God s hand in my life and also gave meinsight into this apostle Life changing. A quick read, mostly a compilation of thoughts and stories from past general conferences There were a few new stories that I really enjoyed I enjoyed the book, but I think I was wishing for a bitdoctrine, and definitely a heavier read I think it took me about an hour to read the whole thing It is a beautiful book, however, with lots of beautiful photos and call out quotes. This book is filled with inspirational stories that confirm my belief and remind us, our Heavenly Father is aware of each of us Rasband shares his miraculous personal experiences and ability to serve, which reminds someone like me, a no one from a small town by the sea , understand and know I can be part of a Devine Design.