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Thanks to Penguin for allowing me to read an ARC in exchange for an honest review.I am always looking for new cozy mystery series and was intrigued by the premise Overall, I liked it and would revisit the previous books in the series I haven t read any of the prior books, but I wasn t lost I got a good sense of the characters and dynamics The mystery was wrapped up a little too quickly and it dragged in parts, but I enjoyed the journey. Both entertaining and mouthwatering, i would have probably given it five stars if it wasn t for the fact that I had to go back and make sure I wasn t re reading this because it was similar in aspects to a book I had just finished I loved the characters and despite never having read another book in the series I didn t feel like I was lost.I received an e arc in exchange for an honest review from the First to Read Program. [Download Epub] ♹ Cookies and Clairvoyance (Magical Bakery Mystery #8) ☬ Baker Katie Lightfoot Serves Up Enchanted Delicacies And Tracks Down A Malicious Murderer In The Newest Installment Of This New York Times Bestselling SeriesHedgewitch Katie Lightfoot Is Juggling Wedding Preparations, A Visit From Her Father, And Home Renovations On Top Of Her Long Hours At The Honeybee Bakery, Where She And Her Aunt Lucy Imbue Their Yummy Cookies And Pastries With Beneficial Magic But When Firefighter Randy Post Is Accused Of Murdering A Collector Of Rarities, And His Prints Are On The Statue That Was Used To Kill The Man, Katie Steps In Randy Is Not Only Katie S Fianc S Coworker, But Also The Boyfriend Of Fellow Spellbook Club Member And Witch Bianca Devereaux Bianca And Declan Are Both Sure Randy Is Innocent, And So Is Katie However, To Prove It She Ll Have To Work With Ornery Detective Peter Quinn Again And This Time Around He Knows She S Than Your Everyday Baker review to come I was all set to fall in love with Katie Lightfoot, but this book felt like the author couldn t decide what type book to write so she just put in elements from everything she s interested in The magic is both the biggest element and the least explored The murder and solving it are a it of an afterthought to what Katie is living through and an excuse to explore the magic of the world without ever really getting into it In the end, it felt too much like a mishmash of elements I m willing to admit that it s possible that all of the things that felt unexplored to me have been explained in previous volumes, but I often read a book far into a series and rarely have this problemI will say that there are some interesting points and I can see why so many people love this series, it just never found a solid spot for me to latch onto and enjoy. Thanks to Penguin s First To Read Program for a digital ARC of this book to review I really enjoyed this book This is the first entry in the Magical Bakery Mystery series that I have read, although it is the 8th entry With that said, I can say that this book can definitely be read as a stand alone There are many references to events that took place in earlier books, but none are of such importance that they impact this one It might be beneficial to start with earlier books so that you can become familiar with characters and background information if that s important to you Katie has moved from Akron to Savannah where she works in her aunt s bakery She has recently learned that she is a witch after her mom kept magic out of the equation while she was growing up She has a familiar pup and is getting ready to marry her firefighter boyfriend Declan When a patron of the bakery is murdered, Detective Quinn reluctantly calls upon Katie to assist him in the case There are so many elements to this cozy mystery The story touches on various forms of magic and spirituality including witchcraft, shamans, Native tribal beliefs, and even leprechauns It s all quite interesting and adds some oomph to the book overall The characters are quite likable and exude southern charm and hospitality Further, the setting of Savannah is awesome since it s considered to be one, if not the most, haunted cities in the United States The mystery itself at times seems to take a bit of a backseat to other subplots in the story but I was okay with that The ending ties up rather quickly but feels complete.I intend on going back to the beginning of the series and reading them from start to finish after reading this entry.I would definitely recommend this book to others who enjoy light, cozy mysteries with some supernatural elements The added bonus of recipes from the bakery is a nice touch as well They all sounded pretty yummy This is the eight book in the series, and I ll admit I haven t read the previous books I did feel like I was missing a little something in regards to the backgrounds of the characters, but it wasn t enough to take away from my overall enjoyment of the story I enjoyed this book It was a nice blend of mystery and magic, although at times it felt like the magic elements were just an afterthought The mystery was wrapped up a little too quickly, but overall it was an enjoyable read.Fans of cozy mysteries who enjoy a bit of the paranormal mixed in would enjoy Cookies and Clairvoyance I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC from the publisher This is the 8th book in the Magical Bakery Mystery series a cozy mystery featuring a bakery and witches in Savannah, GA Although I haven t read any of the other books in this series, it s easy enough to catch up with all of the characters Katie Lightfoot is called in to consult for the police for a murder of a collector of paranormal items Unfortunately the prime suspect is a friend of her fiance I enjoyed how the author was able to incorporate a bit of magic with yummy baked goods in her writing.Thanks to First to Read Penguin Books USA for the free copy of this book. Katie Lightfoot is a baker and a hedgewitch A hedgewitch works with herbal lot and crafts plusTend to have a green thumb.Katie is a partner with her aunt and uncle in the Honeybee Bakery Her aunt and her use magic intheir bake goods.She has a familiar named Mungo who is a Cairn Terrier.One of their customers is murdered He has a collectionof native artifacts plus articles of rogue magic andwitchcraft.Homicide Detective Peter Quinn requests Katie s help.When a mutual acquaintance of Katie s who is herfianc s coworker plus the boyfriend of a member of her spellbook club, Katie starts her own investigation.She finds herself up against dark magic Will she beable to clear her friend Will she be able to fight backagainst the black magic being sent her way Artfully created characters, colorful, vivid, quirky addflavor to the tale.Besides Mungo, the Cairn Terrier, some other familiarsto the coven were Honeybee the orange tabby who inspired the name ofthe bakery , Anubis the Great Dane, Heckle the parrot,Puck the ferret, Rafe the striped King Snake andJackson the Terrier.A well plotted murder mysteryThis is book 8 in the Magical Bakery Mystery series.I can be read as a stand alone This is the first I readand I will be reading of this series.I volunteered to read Cookies and Clairvoyance.Thanks to Penguin s First to Read Program for the opportunity My opinion is voluntary and is my own. True Rating 3.5 stars Cookies and Clairvoyance is the eighth book in the Magical Bakery Mystery series and in this story, there were many wonderful occurrences taking place in the life of Katie Lightfoot A few years ago, Katie had left everything in Ohio to start the Honeybee Bakery with her aunt and uncle in Savannah Since arriving, she had helped grow the bakery business, discovered her witchy powers, became part of a coven that connected her in ways she never anticipated, fallen madly in love with the most wonderful man, and was extremely ready to take the next steps with her fianc , Declan McCarthy.With the countdown to marital bliss and a home renovation on the forefront of her mind, the last thing Katie wanted to see was the one thing that always seems to precede a death, a dragonfly Despite her deepest desires that her sighting of a dragonfly would be nothing than a mere coincidence, Katie would soon find herself disappointed as she was called in to consult on a murder of one of the bakery s patrons Katie s involvement was due to the crime scene containing a large number of magical and spiritual paraphernalia Since she had been outed as a witch to detective Peter Quinn, she was the one person he knew he could rely on for straight answers of the paranormal variety.Except that in this investigation, Katie found that her level of occult knowledge was not going to be enough to give the quick answers that Detective Quinn was looking for What had occurred in the home of Kensington Bosworth was complex and not what it seemed From the start, Katie was disinclined to involve herself with this case but she quickly realized that the wrong guy was being targeted and that there was something magically sinister taking place With the pressure on from all fronts, Katie would soon find that this mystery was going to take dark turns and that she would have major obstacles to overcome before the killer could be unmasked.Cookies and Clairvoyance was an entertaining read with plenty of twists and turns around each corner Katie was being pulled in many different directions in this story and that was a bit distracting because nothing she participated in, magic, wedding planning, time with her coven, was delved into too deeply because there was no time for than light touches on each subject I would have preferred a narrower focus but it did keep the story moving at a fast pace and that will appeal to many readers The murder itself was very interesting and took turns that I was not expecting which is exactly what I love in a murder mystery Overall, Cookies and Clairvoyance was a nice blend of cozy mystery, foodie fiction, and fantasy This review is based on a complimentary book I received from Berkley Prime Crime It is an honest and voluntary review The complimentary receipt of it in no way affected my review or rating.