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Asterix in Switzerland Ast rix 16 , Ren Goscinny, Albert Uderzo Kuckuck Heutzutage sind die Schweizer haupts chlich mit den Werbungen f r Ricola Wer hat s erfunden und f r Appenzeller in den Medien Die Uhren und die Reinlichkeit, die in diesem Band den Schweizern zugesprochen werden, haben sich etwas verlaufen Doch ein paar der liebevollen Klischees, die in diesem Asterixband pr sentiert werden, haben sich verselbst ndigt und sind heute noch als running gag beliebt ich sage nur Stockhiebe, Peitschenschl ge und mit einem Gewicht an den F en in den See Ich kann kein K sefondue mehr essen, ohne daran zu denken.Insgesamt empfinde ich Ast rix chez les Helv tes mehr als einen reifen, aber nicht berm ig w rzigen Emmentaler Da es in der Reihe schon kr ftige, jahrealte Greyezer gab, erkennt man gewisse Einschr nkungen, was die Pointierung der Scherze angeht Dennoch ist ein leicht schw chelnder Asterix immer noch besser als die besten Exemplare vieler anderer Reihen und das Bild, wie Ob lix seinen H uptling auf dem Schild mit Hinkelsteinpoliertuch ber dem Arm wie ein Kellner ein Bier durchs Dorf tr gt, ist mit eins der gro artigsten Highlights dieser Reihe. Asterix in Helvesiis vir my een van die heel beste stories in die Asterix kanon Die eerste twee bladsye is van die heel snaaksstes, veral in Anthea Bell en Derek Hockridge se Engelse vertaling soos ons nou al van Sonya van Schalkwyk Barrois gewoond geraak het, buit sy die Afrikaanse taalidioom voortreflik uit om ook in Afrikaans knetterend plesierige taalspel te skep.Die avontuur, met die reis na wat ons vandag ken as Switserland om n edelweiss blommetjie te pluk om n Romeinse Quastor van vergiftiging te red, is vol verwysings na die Switserse stereotipes stiptelikheid, netheid, skoonheid, en hul volkskultuur, wat alpehoringspel en jodel insluit En fondue met gesmelte kaas Natuurlik eindig alles goed en reg en plesierig, en die re ls kan soms effens buig en nee, dis nie ter wille van Liederlix nie.This Asterix adventure is one of the best in the canon, and Sonya van Schalkwyk Barrois plays Afrikaans like a virtuoso to create a translation that is just as much fun as the original story, with its humorous depiction of the precise and clean Swiss. I love Asterix I think it s one of the best comics ever Laughing Riot Oh those Swiss are sooo organized A character or setting in this book was interesting to me and why A character that was interesting to me was Asterix because even though he likes to have fun, he also takes responsibility about what he does and tries not to get into bad situations and he uses his brain. Asterix in Switzerland is another one of the books that we didn t actually have when I was a kid, we had the cover, and a page or two, but the rest was missing like Obelix and Co., and Asterix and the Cauldron This is one of the best I ve read for story, in that there s a twista Roman who s an ally, and needs help againstanother Roman The Roman Auditor arrives in the midst of an orgy, to review the accounts of a wealthy province of Gaul that pretends to be poor the money we see ends up in the pockets of the Governor and his subordinate but has a lavish palace.The auditor is poisoned by the governor, and the auditor reveals to his bodyguard driver that Caesar often complained of the Gaulish village and their druidGetafix The bodyguard is dispatched to find our Druid, and hopefully be able to save his boss.When he arrives in the village, Getafix agrees to help, because as a druid he must help everyone he tells our heroes They go with him, and he arrives in time to diagnose the poisoning, which he keeps to himself, until explaining to Asterix that he s taking the auditor hostage while AO go look for a necessary ingredient in the Swiss Alps, so that he s not murdered while recovering The Governor is far too willing to agree, because he figures either way his problem is gone.So Getafix, the auditor and bodyguard return to our village, and Asterix and Obelix go to Switzerland, where they run into swiss cheese, yodelling, fondue, neutrality, and a banker with tight vaults that he doesn t ask questions about Zurix is his name So there s some jokes about the Swiss, and the boys eventually find their specific ingredient on top of one of the Alps, which they climb roped together with other Swiss, because Obelix is hung over and sick from the cold and all the cheese So they also invented tying in to your climbing partner.When they arrive back in the village, the governor Varius Flavus is already there, and nervous because he expected the auditor to be dead by nowthe auditor Vexatius Sinunitis recovers and knocks Flavus into the sky, promising to expose his corruption and send him to the Colosseum and Lions.In a new turn, the first time ever, a Roman is invited to the village banquet, something we have never seen before in Asterix books.Between that, the ally Roman, and the serious nature of attempted murder, this is one of the adult Asterix books, and probably why it holds up so well. ^BOOK ↝ Astérix chez les Helvètes ☠ The Governor Of Gaul Has Always Been A Creative Accountant Now He S Under Investigation By Vexatius Sinusititis, Or He Was, Until Someone Poisons The Investigator In Order To Heal Vexatius, Asterix And Obelix Set Off To Locate A Special Flower That Grows Only In Helvetia