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Elizabeth Safleur knows how to write a BDSM scene effectively, I ll give her that I normally stay away from Dom sub stories because most of them end up being unintentionally comical This was not the case here.The setting in a Washington, D.C full of bloodthirsty socialites and kinky politicians was interesting and different That was what made me buy the book because it would not be your typical corporate billionaire college girl story though H was indeed from a wealthy background, and h a poor little college girl, but somehow did not feel like a FSOG derivative fanfic Sadly, it was the story that was weaved around those very hot, very vivid scenes, that were lacking for me Neither the romance plot did it for me, as both protagonists were unlikable Not did the suspense plot hold my attention view spoiler It didn t sit right with me that H was with his long time mistress the day after he proposed an exclusive relationship to the h That he did it to slake the lust h has aroused in him was very barftastic and in contradiction to the numerous times the author hammered the point that H is a Dom who is loyal, honest, responsible, and respectful towards his subs He was obviously not respectful to the OW that he used for his own purposes knowing he was going to imminently dump her, nor was it respectful to the h after he went to great length to assure her it would be an exclusive relationship.Nor did it feel plausible at the end of the story that h teamed up with H s two OW to save the day, kind of like a makeshift Scooby gang, before the Evil Villain could achieve his scheme to destroy H politically,in a blackmail vendetta subplot that frankly had me skimming h was TSTL beyond belief, especially living in an environment that should have made her hyper aware of the duplicity of people.Worst of all though was the use of mental illness as a plot twist I am not saying the author used this serious issue in a trite way to advance the plot, as so many authors do I just personally don t think she got it right To make the ultra bitchy, Regina King like villain of the story end up as a victim of her mental illness at the end, going so far as having Mary Sue h taking the blame for not recognizing the signs and not getting her friend help, and preventing criminal charges from being charged against her after she SHOT a congressman because he has spurned her advances, was NOT plausible at all to me There is a difference between a person suffering from a mental disorder and needs help before he or she self harms or unintentionally harms others, and a narcissistic personality raised all her life with a sense of entitlement, who simply becomes unhinged and reacts accordingly when things don t exactly go her way.I am not a psychologist or psychiatrist However, I have been brought up in a family where these narcissistic personalities abound in numerous members and it is a frightening thing to see how much they victimize others quite intentionally and cold bloodedly Then can cry crocodile tears as fast as if a magic wand put a spell, with impeccable timing and effect, as soon as they have pushed things just a bit too far and feel that their victims could turn on them.It s like the Texas mom who recently made headlines when she shot her two daughters in cold blood and people who can t accept the fact that evil people come under all kinds of different titles including mom , just wanted to say she was mentally ill Not in my opinion and if she has survived her horrible crime and then her defense attorney suggested she should not be criminally prosecuted because she is mentally ill, I would have not bought it hide spoiler This is a story of love that just can t and shouldn t be.This story falls between 3.5 and 4 stars for me I would have loved to have given it as I felt it could have been so much , but I did feel the ending was so so corny and rushed I love a HEA, but this I felt was a little too much It s so sugar coated I loved the story about congress, the lobbying and the political agenda, backlash to public life Being a Brit, I found this aspect of the story fascinating and in a way it transported me to another world.This is a story of a 30 year old congressman, who s running for office, who s heavy into the BDSM lifestyle, but keeps this aspect of his live very secretunderstandably He has a sub, who s he s liaising with, when Chrissie is first introduced to the life style, when she over hears the interaction play.The congressman brook meets Chrissie at a party, and falls head over heels for her We are introduced to her introduction, and subsequent training into becoming the congressman s submissive.I felt uncomfortable at first that she didn t consent to a lot of what she was introduced to, including her punishments, but after all the acts, the congressman goes over the fact he d asked her if it was ok to perform certain actsis this consent, did she understand what she was being asked, I wasn t totally sure.She s not introduced to a safeword till well over half way through the book, which too concerned me till this point But she wasn t made aware of how and why to used this safe word It was a safe word given to her, not one of her choosing.These aspects had me questioning the book throughout, and I would have felt better if they d been dealt with at her introduction to the lifestyle.But over all I did infact enjoy this book and the story line It is well written and edited, and I will definitely read from the authorshe has promised from Jonathan Brook and Christiana I personally look forward to this, this story does not end on a cliff hang ending, but a promise for great.I was given this book by the author for the BDSM TBR read, in exchange for an honest review. Copy provided by the author through the BDSM Group TPE Bar in exchange for an honest review Rating overviewWriting Story Characters Overall 1.33 I wanted to like this novel, I really, really did but unfortunately the outcome was quite the opposite Regrettably so because I was actually in a mood for an easy going, nice BDSM romance.So here is my first main pointWhen Seattle turns into Washington, Christian into Christiana, view spoiler a family friend into a step sister hide spoiler Wow this was what I would call a holy shit, I can t believe how good this is, kind of book When you see the word dom , in any book you naturally expect some kinky, steamy, kind of book Although, this book did have this in there, there was alot Christiana Snow is a college student who is a little unsure of herself and awkward at times I have to stop for a moment to mention a very important factor, she s not a virgin Most erotica books I have read always have the woman as an innocent being preyed upon by a dominant man Speaking of dominant men congressman Jonathan Brond, is a hot, handsome, melt your panties right off kind of man and there is an instant attraction when the two meet For Jonathan, this is a bad idea It s election year, she is only nineteen years old, he should walk away, but he doesn t, he wants her and offers her the opportunity to spend the summer with him Will she take it Ah, but of course, she will. I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review Wow Where do I start This book, Lovely , was an exceptional book It isn t just a story about sex and a dom sub relationship It is an erotic journey with a plot that went above and beyond what I expected I loved the storyline Well written The way it played out was filled with such emotion and the growth of the characters was like a flower blossoming I know, sounds lame, but I don t know how else to describe it The characters were great Yvette and Sarah play a big part in the way this story unfolded Christiana is such a great character I love her loyalty, her big heart and her overall beautiful soul She grew into the person she was meant to be Like I said, well written The BDSM aspect was tastefully descriptive and well executed I loved Jonathan s character He is the epitome of a true Dom I can not wait to read of Jonathan and Christiana s story I look forward to reading Yvette s story in Holiday Ties Elizabeth SaFleur did an amazing job in creating a book that will stay with me A must add to your tbr list Highly recommended. This is a sweet and spicy story that kicks off the Elite Doms of Washington series and it s a corker of a start.Congressman Jonathan Brond is the master of his own universe, someone who rules all aspects of his life with an iron fist making sure his desire kink for sexual dominants is kept well away from the political word he inhabits and thrives in.Let me tell you about Congressman Brond I wouldn t mind ratifying his amendment image error kfforever 4.5 Stars Reviewed by Sharon Th r se at KindleFriendsForeverConsidering I m rather partial to covers like this one, my appetite to read Elite was whetted, but what about the blurb When I read billionaire politician and college student, what came to mind was the likelihood of a juicy scandal, making me want to read this erotic romance even Ahh, but was I in for a surprise or three Never did I imagine there would be such steaminess and a plot so well construed SaFleur is a new author for me, her descriptive writing overflows with vivid scenes and literally evokes all the feels, be good or bad I had no problem with age difference between Jonathan Brond, a successful congressman and Christiana Snow, a student who can hardly make ends meet He has a long term plan for the future however, is it really his true vocation His feelings for Christiana grow, making him put everything in perspective But things aren t as easy as they sound Drop dead gorgeous, Jonathan is a ladies man through and through He charms the pants off even the most snobbish nonetheless, his tastes in the bedroom are known to just a few of his trustworthy confidants It s all about being in the right mindset That inborn talent he has to do right for his party and constituents is unquestionable but importantly, to his father and to the family name Hmm steering clear of anything that could rock the boat becomes a cat and mouse game because all said and done, his every move is in the eyes of many and could well cause his downfall The setting in Washington brings to light just how cutthroat US politics are, but I took the author s poetic license into consideration to a certain degree and I m still not sure whether I should adhere to it So, did I like him It took me a while to come round, I thought what he asked of Christiana which was bordering on selfish, a conundrum in itself Could he have his cake and eat it You will see Christiana I couldn t help falling for this timid gal and quite honestly, how she got managed to do what she did I found beyond mind boggling I won t go into her family affairs as I have no wish to spoil the read for you I will say this She deserved the moon and the stars, and all the time the reader is kept guessing as to whether or not she ll get what she s looking for And I hate saying this but I thought that in the equation of things, what she wanted was difficult, seeing as she was in a situation above her standing There is no doubt that Jonathan confuses her He s rich, powerful and generous and can have anyone he wants Why then would he lean toward her affections when her bestie is in the know how and much better suited, beautiful, who has a jealous eye on him and would never be seen dressed in hand me downs like Christiana I loved how at no moment in the story there were no conflicting interests She s smitten with the man who she wants to please without demanding He ll try his best to make sure she s kept out of the public eye even though I didn t like what she had to support Say no Christiana s best friend Deary me I hope you have the same sentiments as I did and want to strangle her with your Kindle charger cord Avery will bring out the worst in you and definitely adds spice to the read And she s not the only one, either A couple of characters made my blood boil to the point that I couldn t carry on reading since I was literally seething with anger Yes, dull moments don t exist in this scorcher of a read Now down to the nitty gritty This is a very, but very erotic stand alone To be quite honest with you, it s not even my chosen genre but I would be fibbing if I said I didn t enjoy it Yes For me, what saved the day was the plot It is strong, has a solid argument and never in a million years have I felt like a voyeur Although it pains me to admit this to myself, the sex scenes weren t difficult to read as the romance and suspense kept me involved throughout the story SaFleur s narrative explicitly expressed another level to me of love that has no boundaries in or out of the bedroom Bravo ma am This is the first story I ve read by this author and the first in Elizabeth SaFleur s series of Washington Doms.Christiana, at college, young, very inexperienced sexually, but curious as to the snippet she overhears with one Congressman Jonathan Brondokay, by end of the first couple of chapters I thought there s a very familiar pattern to FSOG plotso is this fanfic The Dom character, Jonathan, his past treatment of women, he uses them for sexual needsmaybe mutually, but their emotional involvement he does not want, they are disposed of when he s inclined, and his non disclosures control people tooto start with I wanted to smack him upside his head I m a pacifist too Yet, as the story progresses the Congressman playing his political games with poise and aloofnesswhile appearing to care, well, his past gradually reveals his life s damage too How parental manipulation can harm their offspring with what the parents want for their child regardless of what the child wants By the end, which was somewhat rushed in my opinionbut I felt he was becoming a little human and maybe caring to Christiana.Christiana, sex once, dives straight into intense BDSM sessions, no safewordand isolated in a place no one knows about from her side All the things newbies are told to not to do, she seems to do.Christiana also has a lot of past mess and trauma in her life to deal withand her best friend is the world s worst example of the meaning of friendbut the writer has her reasons, and there are a great many Avery users in this world, and it worried me at the end, that in gun carrying countries so often the end actions actually occur Overall, seems like a FSOG copy cat, but with elements of its own story plot is the impression I m left with Hence 2.5 to 3 is best it gets from me.There s some typos Needed better editing Yet, I might read another of her books, see if they are better. (Download Kindle) ⛏ Lovely ⚪ Everyone Knows Jonathan Brond As The Playboy Congressman They Don T Know He S Hiding A Second Life One He Only Shares With Select Women Christiana Is Tired Of Trying To Stay Afloat At Work, At Home, And With Her Socialite Best Friend She S Desperate For Something New, Something Different But She And Jonathan Shouldn T Be Together They Shouldn T Have Ever Met He D Be Crazy To Give In To His Desire For Her She D Be Crazy To Accept His Indecent Offer A Proposition Her Best Friend Would Kill ForThey Are One Step Away From A Scandal That Could Bring Both Their Worlds Down, But Some Temptations Are Too Great To Refuse Stand Alone And Part Of An Interconnected Series Not A Cliff Hanger This Book Was Formerly Titled Lovely Christiana works hard, waitressing at the Oak brings excellent tips and every once in a while she delivers room service Her best friend Ashley, on the other hand is part of all the drama and fund raising that goes on in Washington, often recruiting Christiana to attend with her to fight off boredom.When Christiana literally runs into Congressman Jonathan Brond at one such event, she doesn t realize until later that his is the voice she heard while delivering room service A voice that had her wanting the domination the woman in that room was getting.Unfortunately she restrains from pursuing any action on this because Ashley has set her sights on him Ashley is a far suitable companion for him, she has the money and the upbringing that would be required of a Congressman s companion or wife.Jonathan on the other hand, only has eyes for Chris at least until he discovers her age As a thirty year old congressman he really shouldn t be dallying with a nineteen year old.A very interesting relationship develops behind the scenes of the normal Washington kerfuffle Secrets and half truths, become a daily part of Chris life.Unexpected twists, kindle melting heat and a very interesting outcome.