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I infamously reviewed Game of Thrones as a spoiler free viewer Let me tell you, it was brutal I had to wait until the end of the series run to start reading the books, and now when I find myself confused or tangled in the in depth world building, I thankfully have this fabulous guide It s fun, insightful, and an easy way to dive deep into this fabulous world that I hope we getof Thank you Kim Renfro for this and all of the insightful articles you ve written about GoT for INSIDER over the years This was a fantastic look at the Game of Thrones TV show The author gave us a lot of information about the show, diving into details about the seasons, the cast, wardrobes, memorable quotes, etc All of it was given to us in a well researched and engaging read I personally binge watched Game of Thrones a couple months before the premiere of the final season so everything was still really fresh in my mind and Renfro did an amazing job of examining the connections between the characters and events but also giving us new information about the process of making the show Renfro also compares the show to the books and the ways in which they diverge as well as exploring why certain changes were made to characters and scenes I think that this book is perfect for anyone who loves the show and wantsdetails of the whole experience of Game of Thrones.Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. My copy of this book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review and I thank the the author, the publisher, and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review it Game of Thrones Everyone knows it Or, at least, they think they do With this book readers will get to know all about the show and how it is connected to the books The author, an entertainment editor and fan of both the show and books, really did her research and gives us a treasure trove of knowledge about the show Unfortunately, that treasure chest might be a little too fully packed At times, the book seems to get a bit bogged down in detail and minutiae This might be somewhat of a problem for the casual GoT fan hard core fans will eat it up with a spoon And, if you have read the books, you will be over the moon with the details, explanations and comparisons As a casual Game of Thrones fan, I found the book interesting butdetailed than I wanted I also found all the production information beginning to make my eyes glaze over and run together in my mind About two thirds through the book, I was wishing for a condensed version Also, I found the illustrations a bit bizarre and wish they had not been included. It s easy to get lost in the world of Westeros and the stories behind A Song of Ice and Fire and it s titular series Game of Thrones I was enthralled in the show and the books and I eagerly await Winds of Winter And as millions turned on to view the episodes, many people did not think about what went into each episode or season and who was involved in leading us through this fictional world This book was a useful guide through hidden moments, highlights, and facts that even the most ardent fan would have missed This book used interviews and previously written work to identify and explain the framework that held up Westeros and its characters While useful for a GOT fan, it s not a genuinely captivating book Interesting, yet not enthralling It s an unofficial guide, so many innermost details are not captured this is not Renfro s fault, but it is nonetheless a few points off the total grade A fun read, but also quite challenging to those not ready to fight and die for a noble house of the seven kingdoms. This book contains a wealth of trivia and behind the scenes information about Game of Thrones The vast majority comes from previously published interviews and articles however, it is useful to have this data gathered in one place There are two major problems for me here 1 The illustrations accompanying the text are uninspiring, especially to someone familiar with the wonderful GOT ASOIAF fanart out there 2 the author is too much of an apologist for a pair of incompetent showrunners Yes, opinions will vary about the ending, but the terrible pacing and the misuse of major characters for example, Dany turning into a madwoman overnight and Jaime suddenly during a 180 on his redemption arc will never make narrative sense. The Unofficial Guide to Game of Thrones is a post show compilation of theories, facts, and interviews about the much discussed franchise While the majority of the information here can obviously be found in endless Reddit threads or anywhere else on the internet, I was appreciative of the author s deep knowledge of the books and how she was able to weave together that lore with the HBO series However, if you re already a fan of the franchise and have followed it for a while, you may not exactly learn anything new here, but it s a nice book to have on the shelf to glance at occasionally I was given a copy of this book by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review My thanks to Atria Books. Thank you to Net Galley and Atria books for an ARC of this title This book was written by someone who knows the books, the series and how to weave them together, giving us so much information and insight at the same time With something as broad in scope as GoT, this is an accomplishment I d read a couple of similar books, and I always came across disappointed, because they had information that was easily discovered online This book, especially the chapter on the music, is full of information that just boggles the mind If you re a GoT fan, a fan of the books, or just want to see the kind of work and thought that goes into a production like this, I d highly recommend this. A collection of fun facts and behind the scenes details about the entire run of HBO s hit series Game of Thrones, from one of the best GoT beat journalists out there If you ve read George R.R Martin s books multiple times and followed the media discussions of GoT during its run as I did , you might not learn many new things here, but it was still fun to revisit If you re acasual fan, I imagine this could be muchrevelatory Renfro largely sticks to a fun facts tone, but occasionally puts on her critic s hat, when discussing the show s controversial final seasons and, with especial fire, its decision to largely abandon the Stark direwolves. Princess Fuzzypants here My family have long been fans of both the books and the series As we wait impatiently for the final season to come out on BluRay so we can watch the entire oeuvre, this book is a delightful trip down memory lane of many of the high points of the show.It delves into the genesis of the stories and the original books that planted the seeds in George RR Martin s fertile imagination There have been rabid fans since the books first came out and when Benioff and Weiss discovered the treasure trove, they first had to pass George s test They had to tell him who was Jon Snow s mother It told Martin that they had not only read the story but they got it.There are lots of background stories but my favourites by far describe the various themes in costumes or music or any number of other touches that foreshadowed or supported what was going on I am going to be lookingdeeply at the details The stories are told with such love and respect It even deals with some of thecontentious issues particularly in the final season that led to much wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth on the internet Now I want to pull out my BluRays and the books and revisit it all This is a must for fans of the series.Five purrs and two paws up. ^READ E-PUB ⇲ The Unofficial Guide to Game of Thrones ☈ The Everything You Missed, Wanted To Know About, And Can T Get Enough Guide To The Game Of Thrones Television Series From The First Episode To The Epic Finale Valar Morghulis Spanning Every Episode Across All Eight Seasons,INSIDER S Entertainment Correspondent Kim Renfro Goes Deep Into How The Show Was Made, Why It Became Such A Phenomenon And Explores Every Detail You Want To Know It S The Perfect Book To Look Back At All You May Have Missed Or To Jump Start You On A Second Viewing Of The Whole Series As An Entertainment Correspondent, Renfro Has Covered The Show S Premieres, Broken Down Key Details In Scenes, Explored Characters Histories, And Interviewed The Cast, Directors, And Crew In This Book, She Sheds New Light On The Themes, Storylines, Character Development, The Meaning Of The Finale, And What You Can Expect Next Some Of The Questions Answered Here Include What Was The Night King S Ultimate Purpose How Did The Show Effect George RR Martin S Ability To Finish The Book Series Why Were The Final Seasons Shorter Why Did The Direwolves Get Shortchanged How Were The Fates Of Jon Snow And Daenerys Targaryen Foretold From The Start Was That Really A Bittersweet Ending Winter May Have Come And Gone, But There Is Still Plenty To Discover And Obsess Over In This Behind The Scenes Fan Guide To The Game Of Thrones HBO Series