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Intermediate, strong girls, friendship, period, support Everyone who is, has been or has contact with a middle school girl should read this LOVED it The Baby Sitters Club meets the First Rule Of Punk in this fierce novel about sisterhood, friendship, and standing up for what s right When the Red Club an after school, student run club for middle school girls to ask all their weirdest questions about periods and other aspects of puberty without shame gets shut down after anonymous complaints of it being too inappropriate , Riley and her friends must investigate the real reasons why their club was taken away And they just might start a feminist movement in the process.What I would have given for a book like this or even better, an actual Red Club in middle school I think I will be passing this off to every middle schooler, middle school teacher, middle school counselor, parent of a middle schooler, etc that I know This is going to be a book that s referenced over and over again as the years go by and one that, down the road, I think we ll look to as the start of leading a new generation of women who don t try to hide their tampons up their sleeves as they race to the bathroom What a world that will be, right E ARC from Edelweiss PlusRiley is an investigative reporter for her very realistic and small school newspaper She loves to write and wants to make the world a better place by shining light on misinformation and injustice She is also, along with her friend Cee, instrumental in keeping the Red Club going at her school A group of girls who have reached puberty meet once a week in the library, and have an emergency locker with sweatpants and sanitary supplies that anyone who needs them can use The girls ask each other questions and support each other, as well as any girl who might need help Riley s mother and grandmother are muchtraditional, so she doesn t get the information or support she needs at home When Riley s mother comes home from a school committee meeting and tells her that there will be some changes at school, Riley is still surprised at the changes The school dress code is now enforced, and leggings are no longer involved The newspaper advisor, Ms Bhatt, is replaced by Principal Pickford, all future issues are put on hold Not only that, but the Red Club is forbidden to meet Riley thinks her mother, or possibly the mother of a new girl, might be behind it, and she knows that Brody Scruggs mother has complained that he can concentrate because of the way the girls dress Angered by these changes, Riley gathers her friends to effect some changes They decide to shed light on the issues facing girls, and plan several protests Girls carry tampons openly in the hallways on one day, talk openly about menstruation on another, and everyone is supposed to wear leggings on another day Cole, another newspaper reporter, is very supportive of Riley and her endeavors, and offers to carry a tampon and even wears leggings, along with several other boys There is also a large art installation of various pads that the girls put up in the gym, and even though it is taken down quickly, people hear about it In the end, the girls open insistence that their needs are heard and met gets a positive response, and the culture of the school slowly changes.Strengths Riley s actions were all realistic, reasonable, and well though out Harrington clearly investigated how schools work in order to write this book While my school no longer feels we can address any clothing choices, I know that many schools do have stringent requirements about short length, strap width, etc., and they are almost exclusively aimed at what girls wear The characters are especially well drawn they are multidimensional and well meaning, even if Riley disagrees with them, and there are some fun twists with Principal Pickford and the formal, white haired Miss Nancy Riley s relationship with Cole was especially charming, and I loved that she was willing to pass on hanging out with him at the dance in order to support a girl who was dress coded at the dance wearing the same dress Riley was wearing, but filling it out differently It was good that Riley had Ms Bhatt and Cee s mother to support her in ways her own mother didn t This moves along quite briskly and doesn t let the political message slow down the story Weaknesses Miss Nancy should have been referred to by her last name, and I was a bit appalled at the waste of all the pads in the gym What I really think I found this a little uncomfortable, and would have been mortified by it as a middle school student, but it was ultimately compelling If students can read it, perhaps they will live differently and be better able to support others than I am I will definitely purchase. Fantastic I loved everything about this the girl power, we re not going to take it any story and the excellent characters both female AND male, and kids as well as adults as well as the many messages let s normalize periods, let s consider the messages dress codes send to kid, giving teens a voice in the things that impact their daily lives, etc I can t recommend this highly enough I wish there had been some additional notes for readers about how to start their own Red Club, as well as some of Riley s articles essays that would have been this even better. Sure, the problems in the book resolved themselves a little too easily, and it was clear from the beginning who had complained, and the club should never have restricted who could join, and I cringed when they were sticking the pads on the wall because seriously those things are expensive and now they can t even be used But this is an enjoyable little book all the same I d like to think the next act of the Red Club would be to donate menstrual products to people in need, and I was surprised the book didn t include any information about period poverty in an afterward It s a global problem, and you can learn a little bitabout it here. I really loved the premise of this book but had to quit after the first few chapters because of the writing style A little too heavy handed for my tastes.A day later I was curious, and I really wanted to like the book so I picked it back up I m glad I finished it I think I like it well enough to buy it for the classroom Maybe even to offer it as an option in my upcoming Activism Today unit we ll see. Serious girl power Tackles many issues that middle school girls face, and does so in a positive and empowering way Here s hoping this book inspires a Red Club at every middle school And parents this is a must read for you, too My new book Coming October 22, 2019 `Free Ebook ↠ Revenge of the Red Club ↸ A Tween Reporter Discovers An Important And Beloved Club At School Is Being Shut Down And Uses The Power Of The Pen To Try And Activate Some Much Needed Social Change In This Period Positive And Empowering Middle Grade Novel About The Importance Of Standing Up For What You Believe InRiley Dunne Loves Being A Member Of The Red Club It S Than A Group Of Girls Supporting Each Other Through Aunt Flo S Ups And Downs It S A Hawking Middle School Tradition The Club S Secret Locker Has An Emergency Stash Of Supplies, And The Girls Are Always Willing To Lend An Ear, A Shoulder, Or An Old Pair Of SweatpantsBut When The School Administration Shuts The Red Club Down Because Of Complaints, The Girls Are Stunned Who Would Do That To Them The Girls Shock Quickly Turns Into Anger, And Then They Decide To Get EvenBut Wallpapering The Gym With Maxi Pads And Making Tampon Crafts In Art Class Won T Bring Their Club Back Only Riley Can Do That Using The Skills She Has Cultivated As Her School Paper S Top Investigative Reporter Okay, Only Investigative Reporter , She Digs For The Truth About Who Shut The Club Down And Why All The While Dealing With Friendship Drama, A New And Ridiculous Dress Code, And A Support Group That Is Now Focused On Fighting With Each Other Than Fighting BackCan She Save The Red Club Before This Rebellion Turns Into A Full Scale War