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An antiques dealer agrees to work on a film and gets involved in a murder.I found the central character sexiest and annoying the story when it got started was reasonable, but the narrative was a bit of a mess.Overall rating 2.5 The caper to end all capers This is a big, brash Lovejoy caper, and as wonderful as it is, I wouldn t recommend this to be read before any other books in this wonderful series This book s plot and the huge caper are very complex, and Lovejoy has really bitten off than he can chew in this one Lovejoy is recruited to act as a consultant for a film about a robbery from the British Museum Lovejoy knows all along that he s a pawn in some crook s game, but he can t figure out why they need him Lovejoy, you re too modest not only are you a divy, but your reputation preceeds you Anyway, Lovejoy ends up mixing up with some very bad people, and he even finds himself in between two mob bosses that are after each other s blood I love all the books in this series, but I would have to say that this particular book is my favourite so far It is the very last gambado the big score , just as the title states. return return return The Very Last Gambado is about a criminal raid on the British Museum, disguised as a movie about a raid on the British Museum which is this book s lovingly described exotic venue It was written some way into Lovejoy s TV appearances, and one wonders if the dissolute and past it male lead was no, never mind, that s unfair But there are a lot of interesting observations about the madness of a film set, particularly involving stunt men, and the thought experiment of trying to raid the British Museum is an intriguing one anyone who knows that corner of London at all well will end up scratching their heads at the complexity of the problem return return Meanwhile we do also get a fair bit of Lovejoy on his home ground in East Anglia, fighting off amorous women with varying degrees of failure, and encountering a forger s workshop located on a second hand bus, which is an arresting image And I m glad to report that our hero has acquired two new budgies after the awful fate of the ones in Gold from Gemini return return This book also has a moment which makes the classification of the series as non genre rather than fantasy very difficult Lovejoy is a divvy he has an astonishing ability to tell real antiques from fakes One can usually handwave this away as well honed observational skills and intuition I can look at a tray of objects and guess how many there are to within 15 20% I used to be able to date a medieval manuscript to the correct half century at a glance Lovejoy s skill as an extension of that sort of thing seems OK But here, Lovejoy actually detects a genuine antique within a sealed container, unable to see it, but it makes his heart beat faster just to be near it It s not all that important to the plot well, it might be, but I had some difficulty following so I will still classify The Very Last Gambado as non genre in my end of month and end of year tallies But I have a lingering doubt. In every Lovejoy book there is a plot, but that hardly seems to matter as the real reason for reading any Lovejoy book is Lovejoy himself, listening to him go on in his broad Anglican accent if you re a fan of the one time show, you might hear Ian McShane s voice about birds who can really figure them out and antiques he has a metaphysical connection and money lack of it and rozzers always out to nick him for nothing and other dealers they re not nearly as smart as they think they are Along the way, you ll get quite an education about what s valuable or not, how to forge antiques, the best defense when hauled into court for giving a knight on display in a museum a decent burial, the way to burgle a house, the best scams to make an auction room do what you want it to, and how bloody unfair life is to Lovejoy In amongst all that is the thread of a plot, travelling from beginning to end, even when you don t see it especially when you don t see it In this book, the plot is about some scoundrels even bigger ones than Lovejoy using the making of a film to cover the theft of the Magna Carta ffrom the B.M that means British Museum, so don t snigger so much, you American types with the unwitting assistance of Lovejoy The book is broadly humorous because that s the way Lovejoy is himself, and since he s the narrator everything and everyone is seen through his extremely skewed perspective As an interpreter of events and motivations, Lovejoy is as adept at cutting through the crap as he is at being baffled by it It s classed as a mystery or suspense novel only because publishers have to call it something, but it s really a Lovejoy novel, as unclassifiable as Lovejoy himself If you like eccentric mysteries with broad helpings of humor, crime, history and pithy observations about the human condition, you might want to give this book a try A word of warning Lovejoy is addictivebet you can t read just one. Our favorite woman hitting, philandering, misogynist Lovejoy goes Hollywood and as usual is beaten up, skint and divvying his beloved antiques.The final act was slightly ridiculous If he knew what they were planning why not just not go A great title leads into a typical Lovejoy book, which means it has almost none of the fun and charm of the TV show.Don t know why I keep reading these things, in the hope that the next one will be better.I ll just settle for renting the DVDs of the show. First one of this series I ve read I remember enjoying the television show, but had forgotten much of it But the book s Lovejoy I find enjoyable than the television series, because there is knowledge, confidence man, and humor than I remember in the show There is still the randy to use the British slang nature to his character, but there is much information on antiques I assume it s correct than I remember from the show The one deficiency and the reason for not giving it five stars was the combination of complex climax which I didn t quite keep up with and the British slang not sure if it s cockney or if East Anglian But once I got used to it and looked a few words and expressions up on the internet it became understandable.I can see myself reading other books from the Lovejoy series in the future A good and quick read. *Download ⇖ The Very Last Gambado ⇗ Amazing Book, The Very Last Gambado By Jonathan Gash This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book The Very Last Gambado, Essay By Jonathan Gash Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You Audio abridged fortunately I didn t have a clue what was going on for most of the time The narrator wasn t to enuthusiastic either Don t think I could have ever read as the printed page Long time since I have read a Lovejoy Enjoyed it but seemed dated.